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Luna enters through your window and tells you that there's something wrong with the town and its people. You, apparently, want to keep sleeping... mezame odangoatama!! Choose Yes, then Yes again. Exit Serena/Usagi's room after the fade. And I'm going to be calling the characters by their Japanese names, since they are in Japanese in this game... PLUS I'm used to them, and I don't know Hotaru or Haruka or Michiru or Setsuna's names in English (I think Haruka was Helen, and Setsuna had some random, REALLY UGLY name...). Bah, stupid English dubs... ANYWAY!

If you enter Shingo's room and talk to him, he'll tell you to leave, and talking to Usagi's mom only gets you a comment on how early you've woken up. Just leave the house. Outside, the merchant boy will restore your HP whenever you talk to him (but you don't need that now). You can't really buy much of anything at the moment, and there are no enemies wandering about, so you can't level up, either. The only places that are open are the Clock Shop and the Game Center, where you can apparently learn more about how to play the game... orrrrr you could click on How to Play up at the top of this page to learn more. You can't leave the neighborhood yet (Luna stops you if you try), and no, the cars won't kill you or anything. The 24-hour store is also open. Enter the OSAP (Naru/Molly's mother's jewelry store) (after leaving the area where the merchant boy was, go right, up through the gap, left a bit, up through the gap, then right, then past the column thing in the middle of the street), and find that both of them are being attacked by a Daimon! (as Naru flaps like a bird...) Luna tells you to transform. Now, here's your first "Boss" Battle!

Boss: Persian-Cut / セニシエンタ
HP: 21
Attacks: physicals
My current level: 1

One thing I want to explain before moving on: there is a difference between "My current level" and "Recommended level." A friend of mine using one of my walkthroughs said that it would be helpful if I had the "Recommended level" things for all bosses, so that she could know what level she was supposed to be at. Before, I'd just put "Recommended level" for bosses that I thought needed them. So... "My current level" is the level that I have at that point, and "Recommended level" is generally the minimum level at which you should fight that boss.

Anyway. Use Moon Tiara Action, since you don't have Moon Spiral Heart Attack yet. After you run out of EP (I'm guessing that stands for Energy Points), use physicals, and use a Nigiri in the Items menu (rabbit icon) to heal if needed.

Afterwards, head upstairs and down the hallway. Enter the room at the top. Open the chest to find an Ancient Doll. There's a Luna-P Ball in one of the other rooms if you really want to save right now. Leave the store, and Usagi... wants to take a nap. ^-__-^;;

The scene goes to Mamoru's room, where he is snoozing away. Kunzite visits him in his dreams (Kunzite, Jadeite, etc., were Prince Endymion's bodyguards way-back-when, if you'll remember...). Kunzite tells Mamoru about a comet changing destiny... After Mamoru wakes up, some crystal that is NEVER explained apparently starts shimmering. And the scene cuts to Rei, Makoto, and Usagi. Ami appears, and everybody ends up gossiping about boyfriends... *sleeps through the scene* Honestly... sheesh. At some point Minako comes in, minus Artemis for some unknown reason, followed by Yuuichirou, and more boy-talk ensues. *yawn* Ami leaves after a bit, and the whole troop decides to follow her. After you get off the bus, go right and into the Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station

After some rather childish antics, you get control of Usagi. Talk to everyone for the scene to shift to Ami in front of the train. You then hear a scream, and Makochan stops some guy, who says that there's a monster that trapped some kid (yes, Uruwa, you guessed it). Head to the back. After reuniting with Ami, the Inner Senshi transform. Head left and enter the train. The enemies in here aren't all that difficult, especially with... FIVE PEOPLE in your party. Use normal tech attacks, and the guy's finished. You all level up! You might want to start creating links soon.

After the second Combater... you all level up AGAIN! You find Urawa in the next car, who seems to recognize Ami, even when she's Sailor Mercury! How is that possible?! I mean, they look nothing like their regular selves when transformed! Really! He must be psychic! (... actually... he is psychic...) ahaha.

The scene cuts to Ami and Urawa in a room in the Hikawa Shrine. Urawa also talks about destiny. It seems to be the only thing everyone's talking about... Cut to the rest of the Inner Senshi in the Shrine, where you get your first "glance" of Sin, and Rei gets sooty. Haruka calls while Rei's in the bath, so go left, out the door at the top, then left again. Talk to Rei's grandfather to get the phone. And Haruka calls you a dumpling. She also tells you that Hotaru is "ill"... Head south, pass through the room with Ami and Uruwa in it, and exit south. Luna decides to check some things out, and leaves you. Head south again to exit the Shrine. Head left to enter the town. You can buy stuff now, although you probably don't have a lot of Yen. You can buy Bracelets and Tiaras (Attack UP and Defense UP, respectively) in OSA-P (Naru's mother's store). In the Otayafukuya store, buy a Manicure or two. Keep going left to reach the Juuban Hospital.

Juuban Hospital

Talk to the nurse, and she'll tell you Hotaru's room is on the third floor on the left. Go there, since there's nothing else of interest in the hospital. Talk to either Haruka or Michiru to start a conversation of sorts, including a part where Usagi jumps up and down. Hotaru talks about Destiny as well... and then a nurse walks in... or is she?

Boss: Palmacon
HP: 95
Attacks: physicals

If you bought bracelets at OSAP, then equip them on Usagi. I equipped three on her, and one Moon Spiral Heart Attack did 180 damage here! *yawn*

Afterwards, more talk, then a scene where you first see... Apsu and the Oppositio Senshi! (and Anshar) And I don't care what you say, Sin is hot. After that scene, Usagi, Michiru, and Haruka are talking outside the hospital. They decide to check out the town, but Hotaru stops you. Seems she wants to tag along. Haruka wants to be the stern, overprotective parent, but gives in once Michiru sides with Hotaru. This girl knows not to argue with one's girlfriend. Anyway, walk around on the street outside the hospital for a bit to level up before going back to Usagi's house (that way, you can buy more stuff) ^~__~^ Get the Outer Senshi (i.e., everyone in your current party who's not Sailor Moon) to about level 4, then go to Usagi's house (from the hospital, go right to get back to town, then down to the bottom of the screen, and left to enter the residential area. Her's is the second house). You can heal at the lost merchant boy along the way.

"Bunny" comments on how relieved she is that everything's OK, then, right on cue, you hear a scream. Follow Shingo upstairs and into his room. Talk to the youma.

Boss: CureneyGreen
HP: 224
Attacks: physicals
Recommended level: 4

Shouldn't be all that hard. Shingo tells you that the youma was after the Ginzuishou (which means silver crystal, a.k.a. the Imperium Silver Crystal that Sailor Moon has). Leave Usagi's house. Outside, you get a call from Luna, who tells you to go to the Hikawa Shrine. Head to the top street and go right to reach the Shrine.

Hikawa Shrine

Enter the fire room, and Usagi transforms. Luna is there with the previously-absent Artemis. Somehow, Artemis has used the Crystal Palace's computer to figure out that the Oppositio Senshi are from the future, and that they used the Time-Space door to get to the past. He proceeds to show you a "vision" of Sin... that's less of a vision and more like the real Sin! And she's apparently gotten ahold of the other Inner Senshi, and Chibi Usa. She calls Chibi Usa "Lady Serenity", although who knows how she knows... You've got to save them! After much discussion, in which the tactical-mindedness of Neptune and Luna are heavily outnumbered, Neptune gives in, and Uranus will probably end up sleeping on the couch tonight, judging from their dialogue... Leave the Shrine and head left til you get to the Junior High School.

Juuban Junior High School

The Oppositio Senshi are on the roof with Chibi Usa. There is one Inner Senshi in a room on each floor. Go get em!

  • Floor I

    The second room on the right contains a Luna ball. Sailor Mercury is in the first room to your left.

    Boss: Muhreed
    HP: 208
    Attacks: Toxic Mist
    Recommended level: 5

    Not hard at all...

    The next room to the left has the wandering merchant boy.

  • Floor II

    Sailor Mars is in the first room on the left. No matter what you answer, you'll have to fight the youma.

    Boss: Muhreed
    HP: 185
    Attacks: Toxic Mist

    Rei falls to the floor to avoid answering questions.

  • Floor III

    Sailor Jupiter is in the middle-right room. The youma blabbers on, as Sailor Moon pushes Sailor Jupiter out the door. ^O__o^

    Boss: Jarcock
    HP: 200
    Attacks: Toxic Mist

    ... what kind of name is that?!

  • Floor IV

    Sailor Venus is in the middle-left room. The youma drops from the ceiling after the dream sequence.

    Boss: Jarcock
    HP: 200
    Attacks: Toxic Mist


    Venus tells you Chibi Usa's on the roof. Luna decides to stay behind to look after the Inner Senshi. There is a Luna ball in the last room on the right on this floor. The stairs are on the left. Be sure to unequip all of your accessories before going up, though. You'll see why soon enough.

  • Roof

    After some debating, and despite everyone's warnings, Usagi decides to give Sin the Ginzuishou in return for Chibi Usa. *thunk* TUXEDO KAMEN! ^O__O^;; What a cheesy picture he's got. Oh geeze, they actually said "Tuxedo Kamen-sama"... ROFL ... Anyway, Tuxedo Kamen/Tuxedo Mask shows up and gives his usual lecture, but both Tuxedo-boy and Bunny Moon get caught in the dream spell thingy... Chibi Usa wakes up, and the Oppositio Senshi all say "Die" (and other colorful phrases) (Ishtar: "Please die now ♥ "), but Tuxedo Kamen wakes up! And gets hit by some shadow bubble thing, which makes Sailor Moon snap out of her trance when he screams. Sailor Saturn wanders up for some unknown reason just to say "Hey", which gets her a shadow-smackage of her own.

    The scene then cuts to Chibi Useless, I mean, Usa, and Usagi in Mamoru's room. Haruka and Michiru walk in, berate you, then send you off. After some self-degredation, they follow you out. There's a general Senshi meeting going on in the living room, and then... hellooo, ... protectors of the Earth Prince (or Shittenou, if you prefer). Yes, as I explained earlier, these dudes were Mamoru's guardians in a past life (during the time of the Moon Kingdom). The anime doesn't cover it, but the manga explains how Beryl manipulated them to betray Endymion and join her. Anyway. Invoking the Power of Positive Thinking (or something), they tell you to fly off to various places to recover the Hi stones ("Light" stones, so your party can counteract the darkness of the enemy). You get Zoicite, Jadeite, Nephrite, and Kunzite's Kage (shadow/darkness) stones. Everyone splits up: Ami for Switzerland, Rei for Nepal, Makoto for Canada, and Minako for Turkey (although how in the name of Shinigami they plan to get there is beyond me). Haruka and Michiru go off to look for the enemy hideout, Usagi stays behind to nurse the sick back to health, and ding-bat Chibi-Useless wanders off to go look for the Barazuishou.

    Chapter II: Searching for the Stones (Sailor Mercury)