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You have control of Sailor Mercury. Put her in Arrow Formation, in the place on the top row right before the tip of the "arrow". Go ahead and equip some of that stuff I had you unequip from your other chars onto Mercury, while you're at it (if you'd not unequipped your other chars, this stuff would have stayed with them and you might not have any accessories left to equip on Mercury). After the fadeout, a bunch of youma appear, and you fall off the cliff. How brilliant. Hans takes you back to his house.

Kainess Village

Leave the room and talk to Hans, then leave the house. Outside, Zoicite's Kage stone begins to react to something. Could it be... his Hi stone? (duuuh) Re-enter the house, then talk to Hans. He says he needs someone to go to Andeng Village to fetch the doctor. You miraculously got a Schwartz medicine (for storyline purposes. It won't appear in your menu). To the right of Hans' house is a store. Buy a couple of BathMedics, and LOTS of IceShards! (restores 4EP!) Hopefully, you have some Bracelets and Tiaras left over? I usually do two Bracelets and one Tiara per character... Leave Kainess by exiting right. Head north, then follow the path. Get up to around level 9, then take the right route where the path splits.

Andeng Village

Check the buckets at the bottom left for a puzzle piece. Enter the house to the right of the buckets to find out that the doctor is in a cave to the north. There's another puzzle piece in the buckets to the right of the entrance to town. Leave, and take the north path. Now that you're at level 9, you can replace the Tiara with another Bracelet for more attack power. After you get to level 11, enter the first cave. Take the north path to find a Luna ball and some Sapphire Earrings in the chest. Equip them. Take the right path to find Doctor Schwartz. Who is rather deaf. And a disgusting pervert. ICK. Open the chest at the bottom for a Sapphire Ring (equip it). You can't enter the back room yet, so don't try. At level 12 you can change your Formation by putting Mercury at the arrow tip for even MORE attack power. ^~__~^ At around lv 13 leave the cave and return to Kainess.

Kainess Village

Enter Hans' house. Doctor Schwartz says she needs Halyomoss. After some annoying comments about how Mercury can't go because she's a girl (although she already went once...), Hans goes with you. Go back to the cave. Of course, Hans is no help on the battlefield... *sigh* Ah well, at least he's not like Kyle Madigan in Parasite Eve 2 (Kyle runs up and down the screen with his gun in one hand, while your character is being attacked by NMC's (monsters). And he doesn't do a damn thing about it. And all he does is run up and down the screen. And if he dies... game over for you). Anyway, back to the current game. Take the right path inside the cave and enter the previously-"forbidden" back cave. *snicker* Way to go, Hans... Oh well, at least he unblocked the cave with Zoicite's Hi stone in it. Ooops. Bye-bye, stone. Oooh, I wonder where it went indeed. Maybe it fell down the hole? Geeze... It doesn't really matter which route you choose, Hans' mother will be cured either way. If you choose no, you'll have to fight Nabu now, so skip down to the boss battle. I think the "No" ending's funnier, though ^~__~^ Just make sure that you're at least lv 14 before you fight Nabu (so in other words, don't choose no if you're not at lv 14). Picking yes also allows you to go buy more IceShards before the end of Mercury's mission.

If you choose yes, make your way back to Kainess Village and re-enter Hans' house. Talk to Dr. Schwartz. A scene follows, and Mercury decides to leave, but Hans stops her. Awww, how... sappy. Go back to the stupid cave-section, but this time go right from the entrance to the cave and up to reach another cave. Take the stairs down, then go north. Try to get to level 14, as mentioned previously, or the coming boss battle'll be kinda tough. Use the Luna ball if you wish, then continue south.

Boss: Nabu
HP: 150
Attacks: Tempest, Toxic Mist

One Shine Aqua Illusion took care of her. Heh. Stupid Nabu. Stupid flashback. Stupid... Eh??

Boss: Nabu
HP: 220
Attacks: Tempest, Toxic Mist
Recommended level: 14

Yep, she's a lot harder this round. Be careful, and don't waste your BathMedics so quickly. Hit her with Shine Aqua Illusion, and use IceShards whenever you run out of EP. The thing is, Toxic Mist won't do jack if you're already under the influence... or whatever it's called. Heal when you're down to about 45HP, unless you're poisoned, in which case do it around 70HP. At level 15 this really shouldn't be much of a problem, but at level 13 she's rather difficult.

If you're at level 12, she is quite difficult (I think it's the same for level 13, as well). BUT there is a way! Use a Manicure in the first round, then keep hitting Nabu with Shine Aqua Illusion. If you get hit with Toxic Mist, don't use a BathWater, just stick it out, because, like I said before, Toxic Mist can only hit you if you're not already afflicted. Watch your HP, and when it gets around 60 use a LifeWater in that round, then IceShards for the next three rounds, then another LifeWater, and go back to hitting Nabu with Shine Aqua Illusion. She dies after about 4 or 5 of these. *Note: If you don't use a Manicure, your attacks only do about 2 to 6 damage (which isn't anything at all). You CAN beat Nabu without a Manicure, it just takes around two hours and a half, and ALL your LifeWaters (believe me, I should know, it's how I beat her the first time around...)

Please note that if you're playing the Japanese version for whatever reason you'd have for doing so, the only tech that actually does any damage, even at lv 15, is Shabon Spray. ... yes, I know, I don't get it either. The only possible explanation is that whoever did the English translation also made the game easier. ^O__o^;; Why anyone would do that, though, is beyond me.

You get Zoicite's Hi stone after the battle. Mercury regrets not being able to see Hans again and heads back to Japan.

Chapter II: Searching for the Stones (Sailor Mars)

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