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Remember to change your Formation (put Sailor Mars in the position right before the tip of the arrow), and equip accessories. Sailor Mars feels a "surge of evil energy" and, after confusing some random guy, establishes that it's coming from the temple. There is a Luna ball just inside. Head around and to the back. Inspect the ruby on the stand, and get attacked by a bunch of youma/monks. Just use Burning Mandala, and they should be dead shortly thereafter. You get attacked by more of them, who freeze you, then knock you out. But, have no fear! Faregg is here! (anybody want an omelette?) After the introductions, you promptly faint.

You wake up in Faregg's house. Leave and go north to the store. A sidenote about the Yaga Soup: It's a menu-only item. It does NOT appear in your battle menu, ever. You can only use it from the regular items menu. So keep that in mind before you blow all your cash. If you're low on IceShards, buy some Lipstick (restores 3EP). Enter the big building at the top right of the village (the elder's house) and go into the room to the left to get a scene. Faregg keeps blocking your way out. Too bad you can't Mars Snake Fire his ass the heck out of your way... OK, enough with the sexist crap! Argh! Exit to the northwest. Mars has REALLY BAD defense, apparently, so give her a Bracelet and TWO Tiaras. (...)

Take the left path and follow it til you get to Lasa (DO NOT ENTER ANY CAVES!! If you find one you've gone the wrong way! ^>__<^!! ). Buy some LasaWater if you want (cures 80HP) and anything else you want/need at the shop at the bottom-left. If Mars is at level 10, you can replace a Tiara with a Bracelet now... Talk to the guy in front of the Takra Kuhp Temple and answer Yes. He gets scared and runs off. ^~__~^ Return to the room with the Gemetus Ruby, and inspect the statue that looks different from the rest. After a scene...

Boss: Daisoujou
HP: 250
Attacks: Toxic Mist
Recommended level: 10

Same as last time, don't bother healing with a BathMedic from the Toxic Mist. Use Mars Snake Fire, and the thingy should be dead soon.

After the battle, Nergal appears, attacks Faregg, banishes Deimos and Phobos (Rei's ravens), and abducts Faregg. Now there's a girl that gets things done! ^O__o^;; You get some random token, and now you must find Kritayuga. But first, return to Yaga... It's in ruins. Enter the elder's house, and get the Ruby Bracelet and Ruby Tiara out of the chests. Equip, equip, equip!! If you walk near where Faregg's house was (north of the bottom left house), there's a bit of a funny scene with Mars throwing a hissy fit.

Return to the path, and go north this time. There's a Luna ball here. Enter the cave, and you find Phobos. At level 12, go ahead and switch Formation. Where the path splits, go north and right. When it splits again, go north (going south is just the long way around to the same place). Choose to use the token, and you break the wall. Again, try to get to at least level 13 or 14. The enemies outside the cave give better EXP, by the way. Now, enter the Temple grounds and inspect the statue of Jadeite. Enter the Temple itself and take the stairs up to the top floor.

Boss: Nergal
HP: 300
Attacks: WhirlwindCut
Recommended level: 14

WhirlwindCut takes off a lot of HP, but one Mars Snake Fire takes care of her.

After the battle, there's another flashback, and you find Deimos and Faregg, who disappears...

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