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OK, Sailor Jupiter's a lazy-ass, and decides to look for the stone tomorrow (yeesh! Some friend!), then decides to make some shioyaki (sushi). George the green three-toed-sloth climbs out of the tree, and they share dinner. Awww, how... ... ... something. And, as usual, Jupiter thinks EVERY guy looks like one of her old boyfriends... ^O__o^ George tells Jupiter that the stone's around there someplace, so they leave for Medias Village. And leave the fire burning. Which is a fire hazard. And then the trees burn down, and they all die. OK, not, really, but they DO go to Medias Village, and they DO leave the fire burning...

OK, once inside the village that hasn't burned down yet for reasons unbeknownst to mankind, go north from where you are, and in the back row of houses is the Items shop. Buy stuff. Remember to change formation and equip stuff. Also, talk to a couple of girls when you see some. Go right across the bridge to see a big- ass tree. Don't go in there yet. Go right across two more bridges, and enter the big house there. Go right and talk to the girl in there. Congratulations, you get to marry the three- toed sloth! *ahem* I mean, George. Go upstairs and talk to George. He tells you Mishii Village is to the east. George's father is in the next room, but he's a big fat meanie-head, so who cares. :oD Leave the house. The other girls will talk to you now, but they don't have much to say... Go south and east to leave the village (go through the trees).

In the next area, go up and, where you see the tree stump, enter the trees going north (just behind the stump). Talk to the guy there to get a puzzle piece. Exit the trees, and level up to about level 10, then move on.

Mishii Village

North of where you are is the Item shop. Check the buckets outside for a puzzle piece, and the buckets outside of the house to the left for another one. North of there is the Mayor's house... mansion... whatever. Talk to him... OW! Why you little... *takes out an AK-47 and blows him away* *ahem*, anyway... Go left and inspect the pendant on the ground (pictured to the right). Mary calls you up, and you climb up... must've been learning tricks from the three-toed sloth, huh? And then you come up with a trick of yer own... Fufufu...

Alright, inspect the pot in the back for a Medias Herb (and what it's doing in Mishii, I dunno...), and the pot in the waaay back for a Premium Ticket. Go down the stairs, down the next stairs, grab the Emerald Earrings out of the chest, and enter the door for a Red Berry and a Blue Berry. Leave the room and go to the left to get a puzzle piece out of the bucket at the top-left. Go down the stairs.

Underground Ruins

Take a left into the next area, and go all the way to the left, past the big building, to find Jupiter's Emerald Ring. Get to level 12 while you're down here, then climb the stairs of the big building. Marduk appears, and the cave falls apart. And, somehow, you get out, even though the exit at the bottom-left was a dead end... *shrug*
Return to Medias Village, and enter the stupid tree.

The Protection Tree

Talk to Marduk again. She's in the back, and you get her stupid flashback. And then she wanders off. Alright, do one level per every two floors, until you get to level 16, and you'll be fine. At the top level, exit right and follow the path to find Marduk yet again. Who falls. Apparently, she didn't learn any tricks from the three-toed-sloth. OK, OK, I'll quit with the three-toed-sloth thing... :oD Answer Yes, and George gets the Stone... and Marduk wakes up. George runs off like a little girl, and you're left to fight Marduk...

Boss: Marduk
HP: 530
Attacks: Whirlwind Cut

What? Just use a freaking Sparkling Wide Pressure, and she's through. Now, why in the world was Nabu so hard, and these other Oppositio Senshi so. freaking. easy?!?!!!?? *SIGH*

Anyway, go right twice, and enter George's house. Go to the second floor and all the way to the right to find George's father... then go to Mishii Village.

Mishii Village

Enter the Mayor's house... wha?? Well, that can't be good for their future kids... *shudder* ... "George and Mary, be frank..." Well, hell, they can't both be Frank, then who could tell em apart?? (...) OK, OK, that was corny, but so is this dialogue, so SUE me! I mean, come on! No, you! No, you! No, you! No, you! No, you! No... JUST APOLOGIZE ALREADY!

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