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Go right and follow the path to find a Bath Medicine, a Cologne (whoohoo!), and no enemies whatsoever... and Kunzite's Hi Stone. Too easy? Yup, you got it... After the earthquake, go right to get a Sariel Flower, and a Topaz Bracelet below that. Equip stuff, change formation, etc., etc. Try leaving the area, and another earthquake hits. You fall through the hole. "So we fall down a hole..." Why, how perceptive of you, Artemis! (...)

Rias Village

You land inside a village... that's completely populated by men! ... One of em gives you another Sariel Flower, then you run the hell away. Heh. Look out, they're following you! Artemis leads the way into a house. You regain control inside. No, you can't get those chests on the right, yer too short. Enter the back room. Darcy, the androgenous fancy-shmancy dresser, walks into the room after you hide in his/her bed. And you have to talk to everybody, apparently. When you're done, Artemis'll say to head to the party (big building at the top of the screen). After a bit, Artemis complains about how much time you're spending there. You regain control of Venus. Head to the room in the back to find... Ishtar! Uh oh... Actually, this fight isn't hard AT ALL... blah. She accidentally knocks into the statue, turning everyone into stone but herself... and Artemis. *shrug* Don't ask, I don't know. Somehow, Venus turns back to normal. Go back downstairs, ignoring the plotholes... and inspect the dude right there. Leave the temple. And, yes, indeed, the whole town seems to have been turned to stone... Leave town at the bottom-left. And, no, the enemies haven't been turned to stone... rrr. Follow the path, and turn left where it splits, then left again.

Sariel Village

Go buy some more Sariel Flowers in the Item Shop. Enter the house just below it to meet Verna. She's psychic, and has predicted Venus' arrival to the Village. She leads you to the Temple of Venus. Leave the village, and head north to the big castle-thingy. Get to at least level 10 before you do, if not 12.

Once you've leveled up, go towards the back. Whether you go left or right doesn't matter, because on either side is a staircase, and they both lead to the same room. Approach the platform in the middle of this room to fight Radina.

Boss: Radina
HP: 400
Attacks: Toxic Mist

... yeah... I just beat her with physical attacks only (at lv. 12), which'll give you some idea of the difficulty of this boss. :op

Head back to Rias Village and go to the room with Kunzite's statue in it. Ishtar is back, and sends a Henchman after you...

Mini-Boss: Henchman
HP: 25
Attacks: physical hits

Two Venus Wink (Chain) Swords should be enough to deal with this character

Ishtar has run away again, and Venus uses her Crescent Beam power on the statue. Go back outside, and the villagers are recovering. And they give you lots of presents. Pressies, yay! ^~__~^ And now... a brisk run back to Darcy's house, yet again trying to evade the mob of love-struck followers. Mmm, Rias Topaz. He also tells you about Venus' ark from her former life (it's in the cave that was previously blocked by a guy and a girl who'd been turned to stone). Go there (north of Rias Village). Enter the cave and step on the green button-type thing and answer yes to board the ark.

Once onboard, head left for a Moon Shard, Topaz Tiara, and a Red Rose. Now, go right to enter the ark itself, then go south into the next room. At your right are a Toilette and a Bentou Set. Go back to the previous room, and fight off the invader!

Boss: Ishtar
HP: 300
Attacks: Fascination

... again, two Wink Chain Swords'll do the trick. Next!

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