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You get control of Chibiuseless. ... er, Chibiusa... right... Momo-chan is apparently going with her, cause, you know, fighting off the enemy is a field trip, right? ^9__9^ Don't forget to equip stuff. ... not that you actually need to right now, but meh. There's a dude wanderin around to your right, apparently the same guy hanging around in front of Usagi's house, in case you need to heal later. The room right in front of where you came in contains a Luna ball. The room to the left of that... is apparently too scary to go into. Oh boy. What a Sera Senshi, huh? On the second floor, the room on the far right is apparently the sick bay, but you don't have a key. Third floor, room on the farthest right, Momo-chan freaks out cause it's scary. *sigh* Aaah, youma! Anshar comes in and gets rid of them, but Momo-chan's been poisoned. Great. And now Anshar's pissed off at Sin. Anshar: Yuruzenai! Sin: Uh huh, yeah, whatever. *thwap* :op

Go back down to the sick bay to get the key, then go back down to the first floor and the original "scary" room. ... and... you get stuck. More joy. Let's all joy together. *joys, falls over* *twitch* *gets attacked by youma*

Boss: Boxy
HP: 0
Attacks: physicals

... boss, my left big toenail. Just kicking them gets rid of em. meeeeh. (well, it's not like you had any attacks to choose from anyway...)

Go back upstairs to the sick bay. Momo-chan is apparently being controlled by Sin now, and eventually Sin thwaps Chibiusa, who goes down like a ton of bricks. Anshar teleports her and himself away from Sin, and faints. (Somehow, y'all are inside the power of the Ginzuishou of the future. Do not ask me how in the world that's possible, cause I don't know ^x__x^ )

Fade back to Usagi. And... Hotaru's disappeared. *spazz* Enter Momo-chan to tell Usagi what happened at Muugen Academy/the Infinity School. Now, head to Muugen (yes, the game (and the manga) calls it Infinity School, but I'm used to the animae version, plus Muugen sounds betterer, so nyaaaaa). :op To get there, head to the south-left-most part of town, and take the bus from in front of Maison (Mamoru's apartment building).

Head north... and gack. It's Dr. Tomoe! ... well, you heard Luna. Head south and east to reach the Tomoe Laboratory. But, first things first. To the left of the school is a Collector's Item Shop. You can sell off some stuff here for some Yen (like the Ancient Doll and the Premium Ticket). When you find more stuff, you can come back here and sell em off. Now, head to the labs. Inside the compound (not the building), on the left there's a chest with a Nigiri Set, and on the right is another chest with a Cologne. There's also a Luna ball out here. Head inside.

Go down into the basement, and hell-ooo Dr. Tomoe! ^.__.^ ... beat up Sailor Moon, my ass. But gack, Mistress 9!

Boss: Mistress 9
HP: 500
Attacks: Sonic Wave

Ew. One Moon Spiral Heart Attack and she's gone. ... why am I writing a walkthrough again? ^>__<^

Boss: Kaolinite/Kaorinite/Kaori Night
HP: 650
Attacks: Sonic Wave

Oooh, it took two of them this time. Wow, I'm so impressed.

Sailor Moon uses the power of her Ginzuishou to return Hotaru to normal (i.e., no more Mistress 9!). Room 02 has a Luna ball in it. Head south through the door Dr. Tomoe used.

Boss: Dr. Tomoe (Gelmadoid)
HP: 1000
Attacks: Toxic Mist, Fascination, Sonic Wave

... oh ew. Kill it. Please. It doesn't even take more than two rounds. And it's icky.

And... Dr. Tomoe is being deceived by Sin, and knocks both of the senshi back. Owie. Get the Red Rose out of the chest in the back, then head down the hallway. ... man, the normal enemies are harder than the bosses! ... although not by much... Enter the first door you come to. At the back are two chests (Destruction Tiara, Application Medicine), and a Luna ball. Follow the hallway all the way to the room with Mistress 9's throne. At the left are four chests (Toilette, Apple Juice, Amulet, Harisen). Now, enter the door on the right-hand side and follow the hallway to the next door.

Choose no, and Sailor Moon uses the Ginzuishou on Dr. Tomoe. The spirit that was controlling him appears. Sailor Moon tries again, and the spirit is banished.

Choose yes, and Hotaru tries to talk to her father. Sailor Moon uses her Ginzuishou, and the evil spirit that was controlling Dr. Tomoe comes out and tries to attack Hotaru, but Dr. Tomoe takes the hit for her. And now you have to fight this thingy.

Boss: Stone Danger
HP: 1600
Attacks: physicals

... *yawn* just smack it around.

Either way, Dr. Tomoe dies. aww. And Hotaru is in Usagi's bed. merk. Now, back to the labs. Haruka and Michiru are waiting for you, and you use the Sailor Teleport to find Chibiusa (I wonder how it is that by using the Sailor Teleport they can always get to where they need to go, even if they have no clue where it is...). To the north is a Luna ball. All the way left is a Cologne in a chest. Keep heading north, and to your right is a Special Juice in a chest. A bit north of that is a Nigiri Set. Go right for a Violet Rose. Now, go back to where you came in (yes, Chibiusa is just to your right, but treasuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!! ^>__<^ ), and head right. There's that healing dude again. ... cept now he's a merchant. Meh. Go all the way right and a bit north for a Bread Roll. Go all the way north and right for the Amber Earrings. Now, go left til you find Chibiusa, and talk to her. Blah blah, go north, more blah blah, yes, Anshar's actually awake, now go right. To the north is the Diamond Tiara, right for a Life Water, and south for a Manicure. Keep going right (Luna ball and more blah- ness), and in that area is a Pork Chop (south). To the right of the Luna ball is a part of the wall that's different. Ah ha! Beryl! And uglier than ever!

Boss: Queen Beryl
HP: 2200
Attacks: Fascination, Sonic Wave, Toxic Mist

... are they ever gonna have a challenging boss? ... maybe I should stop levelling up so damn much... :op

Boss: Super Beryl
HP: 4608
Attacks: Evil Surge

... is it just me, or does she look really really dumb? And even uglier. Gack. And double gack! ^.__.^ Either she starts off with Evil Surge, killing off all your party members, or goes after them one at a time. Either way, yer dead.

After the battle, Luna has the brilliant idea of using both Ginzuishous (which, technically, is impossible, but hey).

Boss: Super Beryl
HP: 5000
Attacks: Whirlwind Cut (multiple), Illusion

What, again? Yes, again. And you can actually do more than 1000 total damage before you die this time! Actually, it's back to easy bosses again, but at least she's harder than any of the other ones. mmm, link techs. And Saturn's Death Reborn/Ribbon Revolution is the strongest thing you have at your disposal.

Tra la la, now to find the Barazuishou (which means Rose Crystal, by the by... yeah, Tuxedo Kamen's obsessed with roses... ^9__9^ ). And... Anshar steals it. Lots more dialogue, then cut back to Usagi's house.

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