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Mamoru's apparently all better now, and Usagi and Chibiusa go to Maison (which happens to mean "house/home" in french :op ) to visit him. ... and they left Ami on the fone... heh. Head to Maison, take the elevators up, and it's the first door on the left. Afer a lot of talking to Mamoru and the others and figuring out that the Oppositio Senshi have gone to the Moon Kingdom's past, everyone realizes that they don't remember anything about their past lives during the Silver Millenium.

And now, you must choose three people to go with you to find Pluto at the Time-Space Door. There's a Luna ball all the way south, and the door is to the north. Hi Pluto! ... or not. ^O__o^

Boss: Nergal
HP: 1500
Attacks: Whirlwind Cut, Illusion

Blah blah, still easy as ever

Go through the door and into the next area. Wow, this place needs remodeling. Watch out for the holes in the ground. :op At the back of the room are two warps, Playing Cards and the Garnet Pin. Right below and a bit to the left of the Playing Cards is a warp, and a bit below and right of the Pin is another warp. Go up through the middle of the room and all the way to the back wall, then go left and right to get the chests and avoid the warps. Now, use the warp on the left side of the room. Hey, merchant man! Buy stuff if you need to, then go north for a Chocolate Parfait. Directly north of that takes you to another room. Go through the door to the south, and you're back in the room with the broken holes. Use the warp on the right side this time. Use it. In this room are Original Card and Special Cake. Go through the door. Now, this room is a mess. Warp fields galore. Go left to the wall and up to get a Facial Cream, then all the way right for a Holy Berry. Go north for the Garnet Earrings, then back to the last chest, right to the first chest, and north for a Special Dish (we're doing it this way to avoid the warps, which'll take you to random places that you can't get out of). Now, from here go directly left into the warp to get to another room with holes in the floor. At the back are a Fragrance and a Luna ball. Go right to pick up a Crystal Burger (that sounds painful to eat ^x__x^ ), a Red Pupil (EQUIP ON SOMEBODY! It makes the character do MAJOR damage), and a Life Crepe. Below that is your next warp. Ack! The tree is eating Pluto!

Boss: Dimension Tree
HP: 2500
Attacks: physicals

... c'mon! Gimme a hard one!! ^>__<^

... *sung to the tune of "London Bridges"*: The Time-Space Door is falling down, falling down, falling down... oh crap. Flee!

Back in the Hikawa Shrine, after much talk about Life, the Universe, and Everything Else, Usagi decides to go to the bookstore. ... ehh?! Usagi? At a bookstore?!? ^@__@^ Ah well. Head to the bookstore! (it's in town, on the same level as Otafukuya) The book costs 300 Yen, but that should be nothing right now. :op Go ahead and sell off some more stuff at the Collectors' Item shop (like the Original Card, Special Dish, and Playing Cards). Also, after you're done selling stuff, take the bus to Harumi. Go north into the dock area, then south and right for a Life Crepe, Nigiri Set, Studio Cap, and a copy of Nakayoshi. Take the bus back to Maison, then go to the Shrine. And... you end up back in Harumi. Joy. :op ... and yet again with the splitting up. What wonderful, boundless joy. Really. Ah well, at least you don't have to have stupid Chibiuseless in your party. Bleh.

Once onboard, there's a Luna ball to your left. Take the stairs to the north, and get the Aqua Bracelet on your right, and a Toilette on your left. Go back to the entrance, and go right. If you'll notice, that thing in front of you looks like a doorway, but neither of the other two in the room led anywhere. This one's actually a warp. Use it. Keep taking the left warps til you get to the Four Sisters of Deception... who, apparently, don't really want to fight you... although they do it anyway... ^9__9^

Boss: Cooan (Catzi)
HP: 8000
Attacks: Dark Fire

If you brought Pluto along, these bosses are even more insanely easy than all the other ones combined. Her Time Stop attack will freeze the enemies for 3 rounds (actually, more like 2. ah well. and sometimes it fails, but hey...). Oooh, three rounds without using Time Stop! ... I'm about to go play Tales of Phantasia in a minute...

Boss: Beruche (Bertie)
HP: 9000
Attacks: Dark Water

It's much more fun without Time Stop. I need a challenge, dammit! ^>__<^

Boss: Karaberas (Avery)
HP: 14000
Attacks: Whirlwind Cut, Dark Bute

... *looks at game* ... *looks at manga* ... *looks back at game* ... where the hell are they getting these names from?! (yes, I'm putting the names from the manga in parentheses, and I know for sure that Catzi is her name in the anime as well... MEH!) And yay! She's even harder to beat than Bertie! *joys*

Boss: Petz (Prisma)
HP: 14000
Attacks: Dark Thunder, Barrier, Sonic Wave

Her Dark Thunder attack does next to no damage, cept on Mars. *YAWN* But, she lasts long. So meh.

After the fight, Sailor Moon is sad. :o( Aw. Time to go back to earth, by way of the door in the back. Oooh, ph33r da bad colours and all that jazz... and Apsu talking about her breasts... ^.__.^

More talk, and again the choosing of the party members... ew, Chibiuseless... erg. Talk to Radina (she's in the back of Venus' temple), and she tells you to go look for the ark... which we already know where it is. Go to the northern cave! ... and meet Crimson Rubeus along the way. Oh joy. ^9__9^

Boss: Rubius (Crimson Rubeus)
HP: 25000
Attacks: Whirlwind Cut, Sonic Wave, Illusion

Yay! Finally! Someone who's not easy as hell! *joys* Actually, I suggest you use a bunch of manicures this time around, and some COlognes and Bentou Sets. Ah yes, and Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon suck. Yes they do. Meh

Afterwards, continue on towards the ark. After much debating, the ark moves! Joy. Press A to go flying up into the nethersphere!

... now, why Sailor Moon can't go around as a Sailor Senshi is beyond me, but whatever. Luna ball! *bats at it* ... *ahem* OK! Head north into the castle. At the back-left is the Queen's chamber. Enter for some dialogue, after which you end up in the castle's entrance hall again. Head up the stairs at the back and through the curtains. The Senshi's rooms are on this floor. You can go in them if you want (follow the hallway at either side), but the senshi aren't there at the moment. Back at the entrance to this floor are three curtained doorways. Enter the left one, and at the top-left are a Red Rose and a Diamond Bracelet. Go back and enter the middle door, and head all the way to the back. Ack, temporal anomaly! *universe explodes* OK, now that we've all died, go back to the Queen's chamber, and in the back, to the left of her bed, search around for a Rainbow Feather (this is for Chibiusa). Leave, and go to the North Pole.

The enemies are hard as hell around here, so equip some Tiaras. Go right and down to get a Life Can, and waaaaaaaaay south and to the left of that is the Earth palace. Whee. Enter the castle. Wha? Huh? Err... ... anyway... The four generals are in da hauz! ... yes, you can thwap me now. Anyway. They're to your left, in the first door, in each of their rooms. They don't have anything very interesting to say, though... meh. Go back to the room with the Luna ball in it, then go up the stairs and through the curtains. And no, you can't get those two chests (YET). OK, leave the castle, and the town/village/whatever. Head all the way right and a bit up for the Amber Tiara, then a bit right, and up and follow the path to get a Confetti Candy. Continue north for some Bath Medicine. You can come back and explore some more later, cause if I start with the rest of the stuff, we'll get lost, and die, and freeze! ... or somethin... it's just a Bentou Set to your left and down a bit. Meh. Left and aaall the way north (from the Bath Medicine) is a path (a break in the ice wall). Follow it to get to the castle. To the left of the castle is a Fragrance. ... and those guys are scary. ... I don't wanna know what the - THROB THROB - thing is all about... ^.__.^

Enter the door on the left, and go up the stairs. On your right is some Holy Water (eek). Now, go back, and through the right door and up the stairs. Through the door and on the left side of the room is another Fragrance. Beryl is on the right side of the room, but she doesn't see you. After Sailor Moon's usual babbling on about love and stuff, you can go open those two chests (yay!). You get a White Rose and a Filamis Cake. Leave the castle and go back to the Silver Millenium.

Go north to get a Moon Shard, then keep going north, and "Demando" (Prince Diamond) kidnaps Sailor Moon. Oh joy. ... and this is where the game starts following the animae version instead of the manga version (there were no Rainbow Crystals in the manga). After much talking, you choose party members again. Head back to the (now ruined) Moon Kingdom and go all the way north and step on the symbol the game showed you earlier when Luna was talking about it. Move south, and gack-chan...

Boss: Black Lady
HP: 32000
Attacks: Whirlwind Cut, Toxic Mist, Illusion

... the temporal anomalies make my head hurt... but her attacks don't. At all.

Down, left, and up is ChibiMoon's Rainbow Choker (please, please choke her! *gets thwapped for bad pun* ^x__o^ ). Left of that is a Bath Medicine. All the way right is a Moon Drop. Go back, and then left some more, and Sapphire appears again. Get the Moon Pudding out of the chest, and continue left. Enter the cave to find Diamond muttering to himself. Sin tries to kill him and kills Sapphire instead. Ah well.

Boss: Sin
HP: 30000
Attacks: Toxic Mist, Whirlwind Cut, Illusion

Wow. That was actually rather interesting, at lv. 38. As usual, use BentouSets and Colognes, or if Saturn is in your party, you can use Pink Sugar Revolution to heal all party members for some HP.

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