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The Oppositio Senshi have aquired a Rainbow Crystal, and Sin wanders off with Kishal. Cut back to the Sailor Senshi, who all decide to go check on their homes, with Saturn, Pluto, and the useless one. Go back to Usagi's house, stocking up on Colognes, etc., on the way. Go into Shingo's room, and he gets abducted by Sin. And now, you must fight off Anshar's pet.

Boss: Kishal
HP: 15000
Attacks: Whirlwind Cut, Illusion

... wow, he got real ugly real fast... ^.__.^ But he's not exactly strong, so meh.

Haruka and Michiru walk in, and apparently their destinies have changed. Well gee. They leave, and you're left on your own, all by yer lonesome. Go to Hikawa Shrine. You can sell your Studio Cap at the Collector's Item Shop for 50,000 Yen, by the way... Once at the Shrine, Sailor Moon decides to go to the Future, and Pluto guides you there.

... Fiore?! Yes, the guy from the first Sailor Moon movie, who was never in the manga. Well gee some more. Tuxedo Kamen stays behind to fight Fiore, and the Senshi go on to the Future (i.e., Crystal Tokyo). After a lot of blah-blah-blah, the four inner Senshi get trapped by the Oppositio Senshi and shown a different Destiny. And now, the split. Supposedly, the inner senshi go with Sailor Moon, and the outers with ChibiMoon, but hey, you don't have to do it that way.

After splitting up, you take control of Sailor Moon's party. Enter the big castle to the north, and wander the hallway, levelling up to at least lv. 50 before moving on to the warp in the central room. You can't go north, so... head down the stairs to the south! ... meh. Head right and up the stairs, and it cuts back to a scene with Sin and Shingo. Head up the stairs... and now it's Sailor Moon's turn for a vision of a different Destiny. Afterwards, go to the back room to confront the Oppositio Senshi!

Bosses: Marduk and Nergal
HP: Marduk: 32098, Nergal: 30765
Attacks: Hell Thunder (Marduk, multiple), Fascination, Dark Fire (Nergal, multiple), H-Lame Heart (Nergal, multiple), Dark Thunder (Marduk, multiple)

Get rid of Nergal first, using single-enemy techs. If you've got the inner senshi in your party, your best bet is to just have Mars and Venus defend the whole time, then have Mercury and Jupiter attack, and have Sailor Moon use Bentou Sets.

Bosses: Nabu and Ishtar
HP: Nabu: 34750, Ishtar: 32654
Attacks: Dark Water (Nabu, multiple), Fascination, Dark Bute (Ishtar), HellFreezing (Nabu, multiple), Hell Shower (Ishtar, multiple)

Get rid of Nabu first. Yikes. Then, hit Ishtar with everything you've got! (of course, Mars and Venus still suck...)

Boss: Sin
HP: 44321
Attacks: Hell Attack (multiple), Evil Surge (multiple), Barrier,

Same ol, same ol. Grack.

Afterwards, Sailor Moon uses the power of the Ginzuishou to turn the Oppositio Senshi back to normal, who appologize for all the trouble they've caused... well, all except Sin, who vanishes. Hrm.

Back with ChibiMoon... time to level up! Whee... Alright. This is gonna be easy... Stay around this area, and when you're done, head left. You have to go to each of the five crystal things to battle the Witches 5/Deathbusters.

Boss: Eudial/Eugeal
HP: 25000
Attacks: Fire Buster (multiple), Sonic Wave

She's not all that difficult to beat, and if you use Time Stop, then she's super easy.

Now, go right and find the same crystal-type monument-thingy on that side of town.

Boss: Mimette
HP: 20543
Attacks: Fascination

What happened to Charm Buster? Ah well. Fascination pisses me off to no end. Meh to Mimette.

Now, go south from where you fought Eugeal.

Boss: Tellu/Teruru/Telulu
HP: 28000
Attacks: Whirlwind Cut, Illusion

Not difficult at all... move along now...

Go all the way right again.

Boss: Viluy
HP: 27460
Attacks: Whirlwind Cut, Illusion

Uh huh... blah blah blah...

OK! Time for one/two last Witch(es)! Go left and south (in the middle of town).

Boss(es): Cyprine and Puchirol/Petite Roll
HP: Cyprine: 25765, Puchirol/Petite Roll: 27000
Attacks: Whirlwind Cut, Illusion

... you know... it's just plain boring when every single freaking enemy in the game has the same freaking attacks! ^>__<^ And apparently Eugeal's the only one with sense enough to keep her old Charm attack... meh... just beat em up.

Alright... now... enter the Crystal Palace! (directly north) Once inside, go right and through the arches, then through the door in front of you. Talk to Mr. Dressed-in-Pink to get 10 Angel Hair Pins! (only if you've finished the puzzle, which is pretty much guaranteed by now...) Equip them on your "favourite" characters to majorly up their stats. (I'd still have Saturn with the Red Pupil if I were you, though...) Go back to the entrance hallway and go up the stairs and through the curtains. Ignore Anshar. Continue down the hall, still ignoring Anshar. In the very back you'll find Anshar, who still doesn't fight you, but ends up doing so anyway. Meh, dumb Apsu...

Boss: Anshar
HP: 35000
Attacks: Whirlwind Cut

*yawn* easy as apple pie. *never makes any sense*

... and... Anshar dies. Aw. How sad. ChibiMoon revives him with her Ginzuishou, and then they go off to meet up with the other senshi at the Time-Space Door. After choosing your senshi, go north through the door, north to have Apsu challenge you, north again to find Tuxedo Kamen chained to a wall, then either left for the merchant-guy or right for the next area, north, all the way right north and a bit left for the warp, north and all the way right for the next warp, then north to meet up with Apsu. After a bunch of blah, it's time to fight!

Boss: Apsu
HP: 72000
Attacks: Hell Attack(multiple), Dark Sun (multiple), Toxic Mist

You really should have Pluto in your party and use Time Stop, if not, then this battle can be VERY tough. If you're not using Pluto (cause yer an idiot like me and want a challenge), then put everyone except Sailor Moon and Saturn on defend for the first round, and have one use a Fragrance, and the other use an F. (Facial) Cream on one of the defending senshi. Next round, still have the defending senshi defend, and have both Sailor Moon and Saturn use F. Creams on the other two defending senshi. Then, just to be safe, repeat the process until all three of the defending senshi have had two Facial Creams. Now, hit her with everything you've got! Also, don't forget to heal!

*again, sung to the tune of London Bridge*: The Tower of Time is falling down, falling down, falling down... again. ^9__9^ And now Mercury wants to purify the comet. I don't know about you, but if the damn thing was born of Mercury, then why doesn't she go and do it herself? ^>__<^ ... and then... Sin merges with Apsu. *SIGH* blah. Grab the two chests in this room to get a Crystal Cologne and a Crystal Drop. Go outside if you want/need to level up some more. You can also stock up on stuff in the few shops that are still open. When you're ready, head back inside, towards the back where the Puzzle Room is, then go down the hall and take the door to the south. Take the small stairs down to the basement, then follow the hallway to the right. Choose your senshi, then head through the door in the back for the final battle. Here's where you can choose either of two endings: you get your ass kicked and let ChibiMoon's party beat Apsu (she's a lot easier the second time around) and get the crappy ending, or beat Apsu with Sailor Moon's party for the better ending.

Boss: Demon Apsu
HP: 120000 (Sailor Moon's party); 80000 (ChibiMoon's party)
Attacks: Hell Attack (multiple), FanDoSheckle (multiple), Sonic Wave

F. Creams and Fragrances are essential here, unless you've got Pluto in your party. If you've been bored and leveled up to lv. 99 and most of your characters have Angel Pins, then it's not all that hard. Whee.

And... that's that! Enjoy the ending!

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