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美少女戦士 セーラームーン (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon): Another Story

Sailor Moon: Another Story is a girl-based RPG (for obvious reasons). There are several Sailor Moon games out there, some for GameBoy and others for the SNES (most of them are Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat (i.e., versus battle) type games. SM: Another Story is, as I already said, an RPG, which is probably the only reason why I actually played it in the first place. It actually wasn't all that bad, but... anyway. And now I find myself without my computer... AGAIN... so rather than re-downloading ToP (Tales of Phantasia (great game!)) or CT (Chrono Trigger (another great classic!)) and RE-playing them... I redownloaded this one, since it's rather trivial, easy, and doesn't require much thinking.

The game is based off of the manga storyline, not the anime storyline, hence the weird "new" attacks for the senshi, and why Chibi Moon has her own Holy Grail Cup. The storyline for this game is also slightly remeniscent of the Sailor Stars season (animae), or an almost complete rip-off of the Super S season from the manga. Ah well.

You don't really have to work to get your techs in this game, you get them all basically at level 2 or 3. And the last boss is insanely easy if you choose certain characters to be in your party. ANYWAY, the more I think about the game, the dumber it seems, so I'm just going to shut up now and start the walkthrough, because, like I said before, I didn't think it was all that bad... (but then again...)

Chapter I: Her Destiny

Chapter II: In Search of the Stones (Sailor Mercury)

Chapter II: In Search of the Stones (Sailor Mars)

Chapter II: In Search of the Stones (Sailor Jupiter)

Chapter II: In Search of the Stones (Sailor Venus)

Chapter III: The Barazuishou

Chapter IV: Hostility and Friends

Chapter V: After the Battle

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