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Tales of Phantasia (SuperFamicom)

The Mystery of the Pendant

Of Prisons, Sewers, and Other Random Places

Blast to the Past

The Sylphs

The Tree of Life

Hangovers and the Prince



The Clay Golem, Gnome

The Moria Gallery

Edward, and Several People Who Aren't

Ymir Forest, and Fun Things to do With Ropes

The Bug in the Moon

Valhalla, Valkyerie, and Victory

That Guy From Before

Of Unicorns, Dreams, and Trees

Atlantis, or The Abyss of Thor

Time Travel Makes Me Queasy...


Odin's Tower

Origin and the Eternal Sword

Graham's Treasure Hunt

Ninja Village, Watch Out For the Traps

Moria Gallery, the Return

The Coliseum and More Ninja

The Finale