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VERY MUCH UNDER CONSTRUCTION. When I finish the game, I'll put it in alphabetical order, and the weapons/armour will be elsewhere. Food is here.

Apple Gel
A gelatin-based medication. Restores 30% of Max HP
Orange Gel
A gelatin-based medication. Restores 30% of Max TP
Life Bottle
Water of life. Revives a KO'd ally
Magic Lens
Mysterious lens that can scan an enemy's HP and attributes
Wooden Blade
A blade made of wood, but dangerous if swung
Designed to return to its owner when thrown
A wooden stick and ball attached with a string. Not very powerful
Soft Leather
Armor made of softened, layered leather that does not hinder mobility
A very generic-looking pair of boots
Panacea Bottle
A Panacea. Cures Poison, Deadly Poison, Paralysis, Petrity, and Curse
Holy Bottle
A bottle sealed with light. Temporarily reduces enemy encounter rate.
Flying Disc
A lightweight disk. Great for playing fetch with Noishe
Duel Ring
A chakram reinforced for increased durability
Hard Leather
Armor made with layers of durable leather
Leather Guard
Armor crafted with tanned leather
White Cloak
A cloak that can only be worn by those with a pure heart
Robe A robe made of thick cloth
A cute red ribbon
A fashionable hat that also protects from the elements
Wooden Shield
A shield made of durable wood
Leather Glove
A leather gauntlet. It provides little defense, but doesn't restrict movement
Gloves made with thin material. They provide little defense
A generic cape made of cloth. A standard accessory for rookies
Knight's Saber
A saber crafted for use by the King's knights
Fine Star
A colorful weapon. The harder it's swung, the more pain it inflicts
A simple rod made of oak
Long Sword
A sword made with 3 feet of iron
Spirit Bottle
Restores 30% of max TP for all party members
Acuity Bottle
Temporarily increases accuracy by 10%