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Iselia: The Village of Oracles

After the whole intro sequence and much talking, you load into a classroom during a lesson on the Journey of Regeneration. Suddenly, there's a bright light. Raine runs out of the room to see if the Oracle arrived. Talk to people if you want, then attempt to leave the room. Genis runs into the wall (er...) and tries to stop you. You have a choice now. If you choose "OK, fine," skip to the next paragraph. Choose "It's research!" and you basically get Genis and Colette to come with you. Colette and Genis joined your party! Colette is such a follower ^<__<^;; "If you're curious, I'll be curious too!" Um... sure. Whatever you say, sunshine.

If you choose "OK, fine," you stay in the classroom. The Pastor then enters and calls to Colette, then collapses on the floor. Apparently, the Desians have attacked the temple and he staggered all the way over here to warn her. The Pastor dies, and Colette decides to go to the Temple. No matter what you choose now, you all end up going.

Now, inspect the hole in the front of the classroom (back of the screen). Aha. Colette obtained the title of Klutz! Congrats! ^@__@^;; Talk to the blue-haired kid near the front of the classroom to get a Magic Lens! Press the Z button for a conversation between your party members. This impromptu conversation is called a skit (or Z-skit), and happens after you do certain things in the story. Just press the Z button whenever you see it at the bottom of the screen. Leave the room, then leave the building.

You notice that it's really quiet and that everybody's gone. Colette's father Frank calls to her from offscreen (that glowing circle you saw as the screen panned over is a Memory Circle/Save Point (SP)). Well, apparently the Desians have invaded, despite this non-aggression treaty thing. Go down and left and leave the area. The house on the left side of the screen is Genis and Raine's house. Despite Genis getting annoyed at you, you can go in and read a book on the bookshelf, but you don't really need to (it does spark a conversation between Genis and Lloyd, though). Keep following the path to reach the store (the building after Genis' house). Buy a Life Bottle and two pairs of Boots, and equip the boots on Lloyd and Colette. Keep following the path to return to the area where the school is. Go right, and in the next area is Colette's house. If you talk to Frank, he will heal you for free (good to know in the future).

Return to the school area, use the SP, then keep going past the school. Ack, monster time! This guy's really easy to beat; just keep pressing A. :oD You'll probably earn the title Tetra Slash in the after-battle screen. By the way, changing the titles of your characters can change their stats for better or worse, so check it out. After the battle, Colette compliments you. Exsphere, huh? I guess steroids come in jewelry form now. ^O__o^;; As your party members get into an argument, another monster appears. Kill! Well, you heard the screen, use the R button to switch between targets. After some talk, you can move on again. Save if you wish, then keep following the path. You find yourself in a field full of monsters. Another skit option shows up, and now it's time to beat up some more monsters! Remember: Frank can heal you whenever you need him to. Try to get Colette to level 2 and Genis to level 3 before leaving the field. Then again, levelling up will become a lot easier (and less dangerous) once you get to the Temple... you'll see why soon enough. When you get enough gald, buy some boots for Genis as well. When you're ready, enter the Martel Temple (the weird-looking thingy in the field).

Martel Temple

After some discussion in which Colette is her normal, ditzy self, your party hears signs of a struggle inside the Temple. If you chose "OK fine" earlier, then you and your party just run up to the top of the temple (after Colette trips, of course); otherwise, the Pastor comes out and calls to Colette. He approaches your party, then collapses and dies. Colette decides to continue on into the Temple. Choose to go with her, then climb the stairs to the Temple. About halfway up the stairs, the game switches to a scene between some Desians and Colette's grandmother. Apparently the Desians want to kill Colette, for some reason. I mean, yeah, supposedly if she succeeds in her Regeneration journey thing the Desians will be destroyed or defeated or something, but why would they wait til now to kill her? Who knows... Your party now arrives on the scene, and Phaidra tells Colette to run. Of course, you stand and fight.

Mini-Boss: Desian soldiers (2)
HP: 570
TP: 10
Attacks: Physicals

I think these guys are actually easier than the enemies you encountered on the field... ^>__>^;; Just beat em up.

After the battle, the soldiers run away, and now you have to deal with this weirdo? *sigh*

Boss: Vidarr
HP: 4,000
TP: 30
Attacks: physicals
Recommended level: Lloyd: 4, Colette: 3, Genis: 3
My current level: Lloyd: 2, Colette: 1, Genis: 2

One thing I'd like to clear up here and now: the difference between "Recommended level" and "My current level." See, someone was using my Tales of Phantasia walkthrough and said that it'd be helpful if I had "Recommended level" for all of the boss battles, not just the ones that I thought were difficult, so that people using the walkthrough could have a sense of what level they should be at. "Recommended level" will be what level I believe one should be at to attempt the fight, while "My current level" is what level I was when I defeated the boss (usually from a playthrough where I tried to level as little as possible).

No matter how well you're doing, the battle stops and your party's pretty much giving up. Out of nowhere a mystery swordsman appears and strikes Mr. Tusk-face down. You're thrust back into the battle, but this time you've got Mystery Boy on your team. Just keep fighting, and use Sonic Thrust to push him back if he gets too close to your other party members. If you're not getting hit too much, have Mr. Purple over there cast Fireball, otherwise just let him do his own thing. Don't worry too much about your HP, cause Mystery Boy will heal you when you need it. Make sure Genis is casting spells often, and this guy shouldn't even get one hit in onya.

After the battle, the Desians retreat and your party members can't get over how great Mr. Tall Dark and Purple is (aww, jealous, aren'tCHA?). Colette decides to continue with the trial despite the attack, and you offer to take over the job of protecting Colette for the deceased priests. Mr. Purple now introduces himself as Kratos, Mercenary Boy-Wonder. ... or something to that effect. He says that as long as Phaidra can pay him, he'll protect The Chosen. Well, fine. Ahaha, you get called a kid and basically a nuisance and a bother. Answer as any man in his right mind would: "What did you say?!" (if you answer "...Gotcha," you still go, so there's no getting out of this one) Haha, Colette comes to your rescue. Haha, Genis is all like, ... why are you involving me in this?? And Kratos is sooooo not happy. :op

Finally you reach the inside of the Temple where Kratos gives you the Training Manual after insulting your swordsmanship. Going left leads you to a monster and a dead end. Go forwards and up the stairs to find out that the way is sealed and you need some sort of ring to get through. Well, fine. To the right it is, then. Follow the path and, at the end, go down the stairs. At the bottom, your party notices the Sorcerer's Ring, and Colette wanders off on her own to find some rather large creature...

Mini-Boss: Golem
HP: 1,210
TP: 0
Attacks: physicals

He's really just like any other enemy. Just watch out for when he swings his arms around, cause he can hit multiple party members pretty hard. Demon Fang him from afar until he gets a little too close for comfort, at which point Sonic Thrust him back.

After the fight, the Golem turns into a square rock... and Colette trips and knocks it down through a hole. ... do you get it? Well, if you don't, basically, you have to keep beating up golems and dropping them down through the holes in the floor so that you can complete the path in the floor below the one you're on. Well, hop to it! Push them into these holes (the top row would be the row towards the back of the screen):


You'll end up with one box on top of another one. Ignore the new golem, and go down the stairs at the front of the screen (left side). Go right past the SP, then up, then left and push the extra box left until it falls into a hole. Run across the boxes, up the stairs, defeat the monster, then open the chest to get a Life Bottle out of the chest. Go back up and defeat the next golem. You need two more boxes (including the golem you're fighting now). These two go in the holes with the asterisks (*) next to them. Do the right hole first, then go downstairs, push the box right and into the hole, then go up the stairs, defeat the monster, and get the Panacea Bottle out of the chest. Back up stairs for one last golem, shove the box, then go back downstairs and push the box towards the back of the screen to fill in the last gap. You hear a chime (yay, task completed). Alright, up the stairs you go! You acquired the Sorcerer's Ring! By the way, you can shoot this at enemies while on the field screen, and this allows you to just go right through them. Save, run back up the stairs, then go up the stairs on the left side of the area. Go to the bottom of the screen, and on the right side of the room are three chests (Apple Gummy, Life Bottle, and 250g. And yes, I'm aware the game calls them gels, not gummies, but from the very first game they've been called gummies, and the IRL snacks are called gummies, sooooo... screw you, crappy English translators, I'm gonna keep calling them gummies. I mean, it's not like you don't have gummies here in America, like your infamous gummy bears. OK, I'm gonna stop ranting now ^<__<^;; ). Go back downstairs, then go back to the area with the holes in the floor. Back upstairs you get another skit option. Return to the door that was sealed and press X. The door now opens, and you seem disappointed. Apparently a ring destroying a magical shield isn't impressive enough. ^O__o^ Step onto the teleporter to get to the next level.

Ooh, a shiney thing... Ack, an angel! I wasn't gonna steal the shiney, I swear! ^<__<^;; He introduces himself as Remiel and says he's here to help guide Colette to heaven... mrr? Somehow that doesn't sound like the best thing ever... He says it's time to wake Martel up... and where is Raine anyway? I thought she left the classroom specifically to come here ^<__<^;; Colette accepts her role as the Chosen of Regeneration, and then you cut to a reaaaaaally tall tower. Why yes, yes it is the Tower of Salvation. We have to do what now? Ah, so the rumours of Colette being a descendant of an angel were true. Good to know. Talk to everybody, Kratos last. He then says that it's time to leave, and uses the teleporter. Colette tells you and Genis to stop by her house later, and follows Kratos. After Genis puts his foot in his mouth, you're left all alone. Skit! ... ha, yer a nutcase. Well, there's nothing more of interest up here, so use the teleporter, then attempt to leave the temple. Er... hi Raine! Whereya been? ^O__o^;; And what's so "MARVELOUS~"? Ahahaha, I'm calling Child Protective Services... Raine kicks you into a wall and demands you return to the village. Well, now you can either fight more monsters, or just leave (by the way, you only have Genis and Lloyd in your party now, so no Kratos to heal you). When you try to leave, you hear some evil laughter... scary. ^.__.^;; Head back to the village when yer done messing around.


The villagers are back! The guy with the rake tells you that, while going back to your house, if you meet any Desians you shouldn't fight them. By the way, I'd suggest you save your gald til the next time I mention buying stuff, cause you'll definately need it then. Enter the school to find Raine there. Apparently, Raine's gonna go with Colette. Aww, Genis is all upset. Genis obtained the title Brotherly Love! OK, you remember where the store was, right? OK, go behind the store and continue left off-screen. At the end of the tunnel-like grape thing, talk to the guy there and, after telling you what a good job you did protecting Colette, he gives you some grapes. When you're done messing around town, enter Colette's house.

... this is apparently the meeting that guy in the first area was talking about (black-haired guy who says something about the Mayor being in a meeting about the path of the Chosen). So... Kratos and Raine are gonna be guarding Colette? Colette and Phaidra thank you, and Phaidra gives you the Collector's Book. Ha, so you wanna see the world regenerating, do ya? And so does Genis! IT'S A PARTY! LET'S ALL GO! ^<__<^;; Orrrrrr... Kratos will repeat how much you get in the way. ^=__=^;; Children?! Why youuu... bah, stupid Mayor. ^>__<^ Well fine then. We didn't want to join your stupid regeneration party anyway! As you storm off, Colette chases after you... trips... then apologizes. ^@__@^;; It's her birthday? Aw. What a way to spend your birthday, fighting off monsters and learning that your father's an angel. Looks like you forgot about it though. Bad boy, no cookie! Especially none of Genis'! ^>__<^! A little overconfident, isn't she? *sigh* Ah well. After calling you out, Genis decides to walk you home. Now, take Genis to his house, where he opens that locked drawer. Huzzah, food? Well, he is right: you need food so you don't die. Cause, ya know, dying is bad, mmmkay? Choose Yes to learn about cooking. You also get the ingredients for a sandwich. ... and this game is making me hungry. ^;__;^ *stomach growls and scares away all of the random monsters* eheheh... Use the south exit to leave the town.

As you try to leave, the guards tell you to do something about your pet, Noishe. After you reprimand him for trying to enter the village, the guards tell you that they have a message from the Mayor. ... and what the heck is a human ranch, anyway? I really hope they're not eating people. ^.__.^;; Dog, huh? Looks more like an eagle-wolf-thingy to me. Still cute though. ^~__~^;; OK, leave already! The forest is to your left.

Iselia Forest

As soon as you enter, Noishe starts getting all upset and runs off. Go right, then just follow the path. You get another skit at some point in which Lloyd thinks Genis has a secret pet dog. ^<__<^ Continue to follow the path, then go left where it splits. Fight off the enemy, then open the chest for an Apple Gummy. Back up where the path split, go right to get a Life Bottle. Keep following the path, and when you reach an SP, Genis says that that's where he's gonna stop. ... apparently, at the infamous human ranch... the same ranch that everybody keeps saying not to go near. You decide to go with him. Well, save already! Cause you know this can't end well...

Go left, and it cuts to the inside of the Desian human ranch... *grrr* Man, I hate people like that... anyway. Go forward, then left. An old woman approaches the fence, and Genis runs to her. Genis tells her about the oracle, and you learn that the last Chosen was killed by Desians. ... oh great. Exsphere? Exsphere, Exsphere, blah blah blah! Explain, please, Lloyd? Thank you. ^~__~^;; No matter what you answer, you'll agree to ask your dad about the Key Crest for Marble. Genis likes you better if you choose "Fine" (yeah, this game keeps track of which party members like/dislike you). Soon afterwards, the Desians discover Marble at the fence. She tells you to run for it. Either way, you make a break for it, and the Desians take Marble away to be whipped. Go to the right side of the gate and inspect the ledge there (on the other side of the bushes from the gate). Jump up and to the right until you get to the top left-most ledge (the ledge on the right has a chest with an Orange Gummy in it, by the way). After witnessing what they're doing to Marble, you concoct a daring plan. Genis agrees, and gives you some cookies so that you're fully healed. After Genis attacks the Desians with Fireball, Lloyd runs off with the Desians in full pursuit. Genis trips and falls and goes "Owww" really loudly (some "Genius," huh?), causing the Desians to halt. You decide to come to Genis' rescue.

Well, the good news is, these guys are exactly like the ones you fought at the Temple. The bad news is, you're on yer own for this. Well, they're not too hard, just don't get stingy with your TP. Sonic Thrust does pretty decent damage, too, and will knock one back so both of them aren't whaling on you at the same time. After the battle, more guards come racing out of the main gate, and you take a flying leap off the cliff. You meet back up with Genis inside the forest, where he apologizes profusely. Of course, your solution is to have Genis do your homework for you. ^9__9^;; Back on the clifftop, random bad guys comment on your amazing jump of DOOM, including some weird guy with what appears to be a giant popsicle stick for an arm.

Save if you'd like, equip Genis' beret and boots (yes, you can double up on boots), then continue forward til the very back. Take a left and open the chest to get an Apple Gummy, then go back and go right this time. At the very end, inspect the tree towards the bottom of the screen to find a semi-hidden chest with a Leather Glove in it (equiiiiiip). Go back to where the path split, then go down and right and open the chest for another Apple Gummy. Go down, then right across the bridge and open the chest nearby to find 500g. Keep following the path, and where it splits just keep going forwards. When you find the branch with a bag on it, go under the branch, then left and up onto the little hill, then up the branch and open the bag to get an Orange Gummy. Back on the path, keep going forwards to exit the forest. On the map, go straight through the trees and approach the house on your right. Enter.

Dirk's House

Enter the house to find your dad. You ask if he can make you a Key Crest, and he gets all suspicious. Ack, now he's pissed. Dirk also explains why you have to hide your Exsphere. Aww... poor Lloyd's mummy... You also get a very stern lecture, and a smack in the face. ^@__@^;; So much child abuse in the first two hours of this game, seriously. You rush outside... to find half the village standing there, having heard what just transpired between you and your dad. Aha. If you choose OK, skip to the next paragraph. If you choose "Just a minute," you can go talk to the other people. Kratos will actually be relatively nice to you. ^o__o^ AUGH! IT'S A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE! RUN FOR YER LIIIIIIIIVES!!! ^<__<^! If you "talk" to Noishe, he apparently wants to meet someone (and you somehow apparently learned to understand what he's saying...). When you're done, go talk to Colette (she's near Noishe).

You apologise for not finishing her present in time, and Colette gets really depressing. After you vent about the Desians, she askes you to come to the village tomorrow... even though you just finished saying you want nothing to do with the village. ... doesn't listen very well, does she? You, of course, agree like the love-sick boy you are. :op Colette gets all cryptic again, then the Sage siblings interrupt you two.

The next morning, you've managed to finish Colette's present. Go downstairs and use the SP under the stairs, then head out the front door. You find your dad staring at your mother's grave. Talk to him, and he interrupts your apology by giving you the Key Crest for Marble. You tell him that you're going off with Colette so that you can avenge your mom, and he doesn't try to stop you. In fact, he's anticipated this and gives you two Apple Gummies, a Life Bottle, 500g, and a map of Sylvarant. Thanks, dad! Well, off you go! ... er... Genis? You're not Noishe! ... they what?? OK, OK, we're going, we're goiiiing!! Sheesh! Darned morning people!

Fire, Mutants, and Jail, Oh My!