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Fooji Mountains

Apparently, the breaking of the seals means that there's no more mana... which means it's time for a crash landing. Ouch. Well, apparently you need Volt's power to, well, power them. Oh, look, the stupid Tower of Salvation is here in Tethe'alla too. Ew. Go south for an SP and to leave the area. There's a chest with an Ex Gem Lv. 2 on the left. Two chests waaaaaay farther down contain a Cool Orbit for Genis, and a Card of Fire for Sheena. From there, go a little bit further south, then hang a left and go all the way to the end for a Misty Robe. At the exit, Sheena says that you're all headed for Meltokio in the north.

From the entrance to the Fooji Mountains, go directly south for a chest with some Super Pellets inside. Go directly west from the Mountains, then follow the path to the end to get an Anti-Magic Bottle. Go directly northwest from the Mountains to find a chest hidden in the forest, with a Reverse Doll inside. Directly northeast of this chest is Meltokio.

Meltokio: The Imperial City

As you walk through the gates, Sheena decides to run off to report her failure to her chief in Mizuho, but gives you a letter for the King. Enter the city, and a dog wanders up to Colette... aw, poor dog! *kix Colette* But yeah, since she lost her voice... no more naming the dogs for you... ack, it's... it's... IT'S THAT GUY! THAT WAS LAUGHING AT MAGNIUS AND KVAR! THAT GUY! AAAHHHHHH!! *falls over, twitches*

Anyway. The guy nearby will explain the different areas of the city to you, if you'd like. The Inn is on your left, and costs 300g (as opposed to the Houses of Guidance (Tethe'alla version of Houses of Salvation), which cost 600g... ^X__x^;; ). Anyway. In this same area, in the back (not going up the steps, but go right and up) is the Elemental Research Laboratory. Apparently, Sheena and Corrine were helping out with their research. You also learn that Corrine is a man-made Summon. ^O__o^;;

The left area is the slums. Some random swordsman mentions something about a cute flower-seller... and no, I don't think he means Aeris/Aerith/earisu... ya weirdoes... ^<__<^;; The right area has the only item shop in Meltokio. This shop also houses the Katz crew, in case you need them. Go up the main stairs in Meltokio for a scene. *bonk* well then, that chick sounds like a complete and utter bimbo... And then they make fun of Colette's angel wings. ^9__9^;; Ahahaha, *zing*! ... Zelos is kinda creepy... AHAHAHAHA, TAKE THAT, ZELOS! Oh, great, and now he hits on Raine... who steals Lloyd's line. Haha. He had an Exsphere? Ah well. Anyway. To the right is the armoury, and to the left is the weapons shop and the Coliseum, which you can't enter (competition-wise, that is) yet, although why you'd want to right now is beyond me.

On the third level is the Martel Cathedral and the Castle Tethe'alla, and the area on the right is the "rich neighborhood." Approach the castle guards, who tell you that the King is sick and not seeing anybody. They also tell you to talk to the priests, so... to the Cathedral! Talk to the guy in the back (not the one behind the altar), who welcomes you. Some pink-haired girl wanders in, dragging a huge-ass log. Aha, I think Genis is in love. Anyway. You come up with a plan... which people actually agree with, go fig (although I suspect Genis' motives... :op ). Once outside, some guy is talking to Presea, and mentions Lord Rodyle... now where have I heard that name before? Genis calls out to her after the guy leaves, and y'all eventually convince her to let you carry it for her. ... doesn't say much, does she? ... tch, leave it to you, yeah right... WEAK! :oD Return to the castle doors, and Presea covers for you guys, leaving the guards rather confused. Once inside, Presea joined your party!

Castle time... although... ya know... there's nothing in here but an SP, which you don't really need to use unless you want to stop playing for awhile. The SP is in the next area on the right, up the steps, and right, in case you need it, which you really don't... but it's on our way anyway. From the SP, go left, up the stairs in the back, and left through the doorway. Try to enter the double doors there in the back, and the guard stops you. Raine makes up something about the Pope saying it's OK, and the guard tries to enter the room to ask, when you knock him out.

Inside, you find the Pope, some pastors, the King, his daughter... and that stupid guy from before! ... Chosen?! So that's what Sheena meant when she said the Tethe'alla Chosen was an idiot... hahaha. Well, the Pope infers that you're from Sylvarant... You give the King the letter, and the Pope has one of the pastors take you to the Crimson Chamber (despite the name, it's not a torture chamber, but the high-class chamber for nobles).

After much waiting, and much discussion, the Pope, Zelos the MonkieBoy, and two guards enter the room. The Pope orders the guards to kill Colette! ... who beats the crap out of them. *snickers* After more discussion about the intelligence of Zelos, Raine offers a deal. No matter what you answer, you end up agreeing anyway, and Zelos tells the Pope that he'll tag along with your party to keep an eye on y'all. Zelos tells you that he'll meet up with you inside the Cathedral and, after flirting with the three girls (Presea: ...) (Colette: ... *KICK* ...), he goes off to report all this to the King. Well, to the Cathedral with you! Again! From this room, go down the stairs directly in front of the room you were just in, then go right and south to leave. Enter the Cathedral and talk to Zelos... who's voice sounds incredibly stupid... ^<__<^;; He sounds like a freaking 50-year old fat balding Texan! ^@__@^;; Presea reveals that she's from Ozette, and Zelos is more than slightly taken aback. ... OK, he hits on your female party members, then calls you all barbarians? Yep, that's really gonna gain him some points there... ^<__<^;; Well, OK, so we're going to the Imperial Research Academy, and dropping Presea off at Ozette on the way there. Zelos joined your party!

AUGH! OK, Presea's equipment is pretty much OK (just give her stuff from your inventory), but Zelos has NOTHING! Gaaaaaah... Beh, you'd think the Tethe'alla Chosen would have better equipment than this... ^-__-^;; Don't bother buying anything for anybody else, because we'll be in a different town with a better selection very very soon. Well, here's something interesting: not only does talking to girls with Zelos as your lead character get you free items, but he gets a new title if he talks to every single female, like, in the game. Huzzah! ... wow, for living in the slums, they sure give nice presents... ^<__<^;; ... yes, I'm ripping off the people in the slums, you got a problem with that? :oD Also, if you need customizing items, visit the House of Guidance southeast of Meltokio and talk to the guy wandering around in the yard, although he doesn't sell any silver of any kind...

Tethe'alla Bridge

... you can see the bridge from Meltokio. It's to the north. Yes, yes it is a huge bridge. Wow, 3,000 Exspheres... that's a lot of dead people. ... ^<__<^;; Zelos is such a weirdo... moving on... Talk to the guy in blue for a very short scene, then cross the bridge. In the next area is a Katz. Talking to him opens up another minigame: Red Light/Green Light. It's really easy. The trick is to press Start when the chibiKatz says Red Light, then hit No. Genis stops immediately when you do that. Also, don't bother moving left or right; just go forwards. If you beat all three levels, Genis gets a new title. ... man, how long is this bridge?!

Sybak: The University Town

Directly north of the bridge is Sybak. When you get there, Presea... complains? Heh. OK. Go left into the next area, then enter the large building in the back ("Only authorized personnel may enter, but I'm sure you'll go on in anyway"). Once inside, the researcher explains things to the party, and Colette gains a new title. Leave the room and talk to the brown-haired guy wandering the hallway to learn that the Spirit of Earth (Gnome) lives north of Meltokio. Anyway. Go right to enter a large room with a dinosaur skeleton. There's a cafeteria in the back if you need to go food shopping. Use the door at the bottom of the screen to leave the Imperial Research Academy.

Talk to the guy in the first area who's between the Katz crew and the Student Supplies shop. Zelos says he's only selling junk, and Raine goes nutsy-cookoo over everything. You spot a Key Crest, and the guy first calls it junk, then tries to sell it to you for 10,000g. ... ^-__-^;; Try to make the ripoff a little less obvious, willya? Hahaha, Zelos steps up and gets you the Key Crest for free. Wopah! Return to the Academy and talk to the guy standing in front of the door. Again, Zelos comes in handy, and the guy lends you the room you were in earlier (first floor, first hallway, second room). Whenyer done, head back to the entrance... aww, finally, she gets her birthday present.

[whyyyyyyy did something get erased out of the middle of this paragraph??? augh]

ix things.unfortunately, the Key Crest doesn't fix things. Raine suggests asking Dirk, but before you can figure out a way back, Zelos reminds y'all that he can't let you go back to Sylvarant. Your party cons him into going with you, but just as he agrees, a bunch of guards show up. They have to arrest all the half-elves... and they grab Raine and Genis. So... the truth finally comes out, huh. Not that it matters, right? Raine is Raine and Genis is Genis. ... woah woah woah, executed?! OK, so in Sylverant, everybody but half-elves are inferior beings, and in Tethe'alla, they're the lowest of the low? ... and the execution! ^@__@^;;

Raine and Genis get taken away, and the rest of you are dumped into the basement. ... apparently the girl there recognizes Presea. ... research sample? Ahhh, evil half-elf lady!! After a random ethical discussion, Corrine and Sheena show up to save the day! ... and Corrine is still adorable. ^~__~^ Half-elf lady doesn't feel like believing that you'd save Genis, but her friend convinces her. She lets you go as long as you promise to come back after saving Genis and Raine. If you do, she'll let Presea go. She reveals a hidden passage, and Sheena rejoins your party, bringing the Tethe'alla Map with her. Leave the basement through the passage, and you end up near the front of the Academy. Man... things are never easy, are they?

Tethe'alla Bridge

Hurry hurry hurry! Run across the bridge... ack, JUUUUUUUUMP! *LEAP OF FAITH*! ... *kix Zelos* Jump, boy!! Colette makes it across, but you all fall... Undine, to the rescue! ... Presea reminds me of Grobyc from Chrono Cross... ... cept girlier... zoooooom, goes zombie-Colette. Presea reminds you that you're supposed to be saving Genis and Raine... ya monkie. Time to fight! (Sheena: Time to die!) Have Colette cast Judgement, Presea doing Devastation, and do whatever you want with Lloyd and Zelos, just make sure that Zelos is casting some spell or another. His spells aren't all that great at the moment... Use a U Attack to make things go quicker.

... why does Raine sound surprised? Who CARES if they're half-elves?! ^>__<^! ... bah, stupid Zelos. Beh, make up your mind. ... aw, Presea... ... what's with Sheena? Zelos apparently has some plan or other to "pick up" the Rheairds. Well, OK then. To the Mountains!

Fooji Mountains

When you get there, your party discusses the fact that monsters have appeared in Tethe'alla (as opposed to the animals you'd encountered up til the point when you left the Bridge just now). Climb to the top of the Mountains, and Zelos goes to show you how you're going to carry the Rheairds... when none other than Yuan shows up. *sigh* Aaaaaas Zelos gets dissed by everybody, haha. Oh, great, Pronyma? Ah crackmonkies. Nuuuuuuu, she's here for zombie-Colette! ... crude? Now you're the one getting dissed. ... she spoke?! SHE LIIIIIIIVES!! ahahaha, Pronyma gets smacked by Colette. CATFIGHT! ^<__<^;; And her clumsyness saves the day. Yay! ... stop forgetting that there are enemies about!! ^>__<^!

Boss: Pronyma
HP: 18,000
TP: 750
Strengths: Darkness
Weaknesses: Light
Attacks: Aqua Laser, Dark Sphere, Acid Rain, Leonazium (equivalent of Beast), Ice Tornado, Agarazium
My current level: Lloyd 33, Genis 33, Raine 32, Zelos 32, Sheena 32, Colette 32, Presea 32

Your party for this fight should be: Lloyd (duh), Raine, Colette, and whomever the heck else you want (I say Genis, but that's just me). Lloyd should use Fierce Demon Fang, Raine should cast Photon (heal yourself with gummies), Colette should cast Judgement, and Genis should cast Ice Tornado. Have Lloyd stay on Pronyma so that everybody else isn't interrupted, and that way only Lloyd ever gets hurt. Use a U Attack with Photon and Psi Tempest/Tempest to cause a lot of damage.

After the fight, you go after Yuan, but Kratos gets in the way. ... wait, Kratos gets in the way?! Didn't Yuan try to kill Kratos?! AAAAAAHHHHH, WHAT THE CHEESECAKE IS GOIN OOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN??? ... hey look, Yuan has wings too. ... BUT BUT BUT, I THOUGHT HE WAS A RENAGADE?! ... *stabs all the Desians/Cruxis people/angels* Stop being confusing!!

... wow, you've got some pretty big goals there, huh? Kratos and Pronyma fly off after Yuan, and Genis' brain decides to start working. And yay, Colette's back to normal normal. ... normal normal normal... yes. Aw, again, poor Presea. Somebody take the poor girl home already! Well, I guess we're going to Meltokio now... again.

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