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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!


Oh, look, the mean old guards aren't letting you in. Hmph, and here I thought he actually had a plan... Oh, wait, he does have one: wading through the Meltokio sewers. ... not my idea of a holiday, but OK. ... ha, Colette's so clueless. ^~__~^;;

Once inside, follow the path til you reach one of those Ring-changer thingies. Inspect it... aaaaaahhhhh, we're small! Well, go back to the spiderweb you just passed, and apparently now you can walk across them. Go across, then step on the blue square to return to normal so you can go up the stairs. Defeat the mouse up here for a Memory Gem, then follow the path to the end and towards the box. Apparently, the door is locked. Well, open the box for an Ex Gem Lv. 3. Go down the steps you passed earlier, and under the staircase is another chest containing a Spirit Ring. Go up the stairs where the last box was, then go towards the back. Examine the switches on the machine to start it. Hey, look, a cube of trash! Grab it and push it to the left. Observe the "wall" around this platform to notice three holes in it. Push the cube through the middle hole. Do the same with the two holes in the "wall" near the stairs. Return to where you found the Spirit Ring, shrink down, then walk across the path you just made. Examine the wheel on the wall to open the door. Shrink down again to get back, then go back up to the machine. Shrink down again, and enter the hole in the wall to the left of the machine. Watch it, cause while yer small, the enemies are HUGE, and gain a ton of HP and stuff. Examine the bag to get a Great Axe for Presea, then leave, be large again, then go through the doorway you opened.

From the SP, go a tad south, down the stairs, and open the hidden chest to the left of the blue square to get a Breastplate. Now, from the SP, go left and down the stairs, shrink, then inspect the box floating in the water to ride it to the previous area. Turn the wheel to reveal another doorway, then jump to reach the ledge. Go south to reach the stairs, then go up to where the doorway opened.

Examine the trash compactor, then push the block south onto the catwalk. Push it all the way to the end, but not off. Shrink, go across the spiderweb, grow, pull the block back one step, shrink, across the same web, grow, then push it all the way to the right and off the catwalk. Go back through the doorway and down the stairs, then back to the SP. Go down the steps that were over the hidden chest, defeat the mouse, then shrink and go across the ledge. Take a left, and go up the stairs, shrink, go through the bars, grow again, and examine the door in the right-hand wall of the cage to open it. Head to the very back of the area to locate another small mouse hole in the wall. Enter, and examine the bag for an Ex Gem Lv 1.

Enter the top door again, and you realize that now there's a new spiderweb. Use the trash compactor again, and repeat the block-and-catwalk procedure, cept this time drop it off at the corner two down from the one you used last time. Now, return to the cage! Push the block into the cage and into the depression in the floor to create a pathway. Back up to the trash compactor! Yet another new spiderweb appears. Grab yer trash block and push it off the catwalk from the very last corner. Go to the block (SP room, aaaaall the way in the back) and push it through the hole in the "wall" in front of the mouse hole. Go across the metal path you released earlier, down the stairs in the back, shrink, go right across the ledge, then up and turn the valve. Go through the newly-opened doorway.

Go down and left for 2,500g, then go south, down the stairs, and go a tad past the row of blue squares. Shrink, and go into the mousehole in the wall on the right. Inspect the bag for a Thunderbolt for Genis, then leave and go to the very back. Shrink down, hug the wall, and go left across the ledge. Enter the mousehole before the row of blue squares to get a Card of Lightning for Sheena. Heal, then unshrink yourself. Ah, great. Well, they're actually really easy to beat, so meh. After you defeat them... AUGH, SOME BIG BLUE APE JUST ATTACKED ZELOS! ...Zelos, stop humping the floor, please... ^-__-^;; Presea attacks Blue-Boy, and Zelos... is all over you. ... ... ... AAAAHHHH, YAOI!! *hides under a rock* Apparently, Blue-Boy recognizes Presea... but then they retreat. ...man, why are people always trying to kill you? Anyway. Up the steps is not a chest, but one of those Fake monster-thingies again. Remember, only magic works on them. Use the rungs all the way in the back to finally exit the sewers.

Enter the Elemental Research Facility (first level, left of the stairs leading up to the second level), and a ninja friend of Sheena's greets her. They go talk to the lab people, and you tag along. ... apparently, they want you to ride in some sort of cargo ship. Oh, my bad, a modified cargo ship... ^<__<^;; Anyway, after Zelos brags about his mansion, you gain control of the party again. Well, you heard the boy, to the rich neighborhood!

Enter the large yellow house, and the butler says that he was instructed to report as soon as Zelos got back. Good butler, no reporting for you. Hah, yer his bud now, feel special. ... Sir Bud? AHAHAHA! Talk to people if you want (Genis and Presea are upstairs. Inspect them for a scene. ... aww, Genis *snickers, falls over laughing* ). Anyway. Whenyer done messing around, talk to the butler so you can sleeeeeeep...

Heh, Colette's an oddball. Anyway, use the SP in the Inn to save, if you wish, then enter the Elemental Research Facility again. Apparently, Kuchinawa has already taken the EC. Sheesh. The guy tells you to go to the Bridge, then gives you the Wing Pack for the EC. Sheena summons Corrine so he can say bye to everybody... but he just wants to get out of there. Aww. Anyway. Re-enter the sewers. Beh. ... hey, look, Quick jump lets you go to the entrance instantly! Yay, no more wading in muck...

Tethe'alla Bridge

Sheena says that Kuchinawa should be waiting on the beach at the end of the right staircase. Go there, and Presea says that it's locked. ... and when the heck did you learn to pick locks?! Go down the stairs and talk to Kuchinawa. Zelos shows you how to work the Wing Pack, and Raine has some more dejŠ vu. ... and some more seasickness. Kuchinawa gives Sheena his charm, and you get on your way. You also get an explanation of how to work this thing.

This thing takes some getting used to, so practice driving it around for a bit. Whenyer done, follow the line of the bridge to the other continent, and disembark at the pier.


Once inside, you find Kratos waiting for you. He says that he has no intention of fighting you inside the city, but takes a slice out of you anyway. He tells Colette to remove the Key Crest if she wants to live, but she refuses. Haha, looks like Zelos doesn't like Kratos very much...

Use the left-most manhole cover to get into the lab, then talk to Kate. She finally believes you about you having half-elven friends. ... Angelus Project? *sigh* Aw, poor Presea. I hate seeing people used like that... nuuuuuuu, no death for Presea! ^>__<^! Well, apparently we have to go talk to a dwarf named Altessa who lives in Gaoracchia Forest. Leave the Academy.

Gaoracchia Forest

From Sybak, take the path to the northeast. At the end of this path is the Forest. Enter, and your party comments on how dark and creepy it is. Move forwards, and you're accosted by the Papal Knights (what is this, Section XIII Iscariot? Beh...). Kill em off, then continue into the woods and inspect the Ring-changer. Now that that scene's over with, go north to end up on the field map on the other side of the forest. Go northwest, then north to find a Map Skit. Yes, if you wander around, you'll see another Map Skit, but it's on the adjacent continent and you can't reach it. By the way, I made this map of this stupid forest, cause it can be a pain in the ass (and please excuse the fact that it looks like it was drawn by a mentally-retarded monkey, since I never said I could draw). Return to the Ring-changer thing, use it, then go right and examine the thing under the tree branch to get a Drain Charm. Stand near the plants in the back right-hand corner to fill up your light meter, then go north. See the chest behind the vines? Use the Ring on the vines, holding down X until little light bubbles come out of the vines and the vines open. Open the chest to get a Phoenix Rod for Raine.

Go right into the next area, then down. On the right side of the screen is a vine blocking your path. Open it, then go south and use the Ring on the bush-type vine-thingy there to reveal a chest with a Witch's Robe inside. South of there is another vine to open, and south of that is yet another one. Continue south, then go right to vine yet another another vine, this one blocking your access to a chest with a Pretty Ribbon in it. Go back to the previous vine you opened and go right to find some of those light-charging flowers. Charge your meter up, then go back to the first vine you opened in this area (north of where you got the Witch's Robe). Go right through the vines and into the next area.

Go right for another blocked-in chest, this one containing an Angel Bracelet. There's another vine-bush-thing in this area, but it only contains a monster. Go south from where you obtained the Angel Bracelet, then take an immediate right into the next area. There's another bunch of light-charging flowers to the right. Keep following the path, open up the vines, then defeat the skull enemy thingy to get a Memory Gem. Continue south (the path right and north takes you to an area that loops on forever, like a couple of other places in this forest), open up the next vine, then go right for another vine-bush. You don't need to open this chest right now... it contains a monster and a chest that you can't open right now anyway. Continuing south takes you to two paths. Just for your information, the Sword Dancer's back (he's in the path that goes left from this junction), but don't try fighting him right now. I'll letCHA know when you can fight him. Take the right path, open up the vines, then go into the next area. Unlock the SP if you wish, then continue on into the last area.

Colette hears footsteps in the distance, lots of them. Sheena decides to send Corrine out ahead, who runs off. ... ack! It's the blue-haired ape from before!! ... although apparently he only wants to speak to Presea... aaahhh, pedophile! ^<__<^;; Wait, he wants Colette now? ^>__<^ He calls Presea a victim, and she smacks him. Haha. Time to attack!

Boss: Regal
HP: 12,000
TP: 320
Attacks: Eagle Dive, Spin Kick, Crescent Moon
Recommended level: 37
My current level: Lloyd 35, Genis 35, Colette 34, Raine 34, Presea 34, Zelos 34

Don't bother with healing magic for this fight... the time to heal is when a spell is hitting Regal. Raging Mist/Dreaded Wave and Thunder Blade work rather well. ... not much to say about this fight...

After the fight, he collapses, and Raine says that they should take him prisoner. Corrine returns, with some bad news: lots of soldiers are headed your way. Not only that, but the Papal Knights are waiting for you at the entrance to the forest. Sheena says she has no choice but to take you to the hidden village of Mizuho. Haha, Zelos has to carry Blue-Ape-Boy. ... hahaha, Colette picks him up in one hand! Eat that, Zelos! *snickers* Head south to leave the area.

Mizuho: The Mystical Village

Mizuho is really close by, but first head a tad southwest to find a Map Skit. Enter the village. ... aha, evil icky remix of Tales of Phantasia's Japon/Ninja Village theme! ^>__<^ Anyway. As soon as you enter, Sheena gets reprimanded for bringing y'all there. He takes Sheena with him, and Blue-Ape-Boy finally wakes up. Move forwards and right and talk to the little girl in orange, who was apparently a spy. She knows something about Presea and the experiments that were performed on her. Buy a Mizuho Potion from the Toyama Variety store... and you should know by now that if I tell you to specifically buy something, that you'll definately need it for something later. Get a Card of Wind while yer at it. Talk to the guy in blue whenyer done.

The Vice-Chief calls you in. He asks you what you are planning to do, and chuckles at your response. ... there's that Mithos guy's name again... Well, apparently Tiga's taken a liking to you, and decides to help you out. ... what'd y'all do with Regal? ^O__o^;; Anyway. Tiga lets Sheena stay in your party, and says that they'll locate the Rheairds soon. Lloyd gets a new title! Huzzah.

Back outside, you guys interrogate Regal. Zelos suggests having Regal join the party, and Raine seconds the idea. He agrees, and Genis threatens him with pyromania. Haha :oD Well, wander around and wait for a couple of skits. ... awww, poor Genis. Anyway, in the "Mizuho, the Mystical Village" skit, Zelos gets a new title. ... *snickers* Talk to Tiga if you want to rest. Try to leave, and Orochi tells you that the people who were after you have left the forest. Well... Ozette comes first, I guess.

Ozette: The Quiescent Village

Enter the Forest, then go north and right. Cross the bridge to the south, then keep going straight to get to Ozette. Presea runs off, and Genis demands that the party follow her. Go right, then south and down the ramp to find... that stupid guy again!! AAAHHHHHH!!!! *twitches again* ^>__<^! Genis tells her that they have to make her a Key Crest, but she wants none of that. ... I really don't like that guy... You chase after Presea, who keeps running back and forth between the bed and the cupboard. ... er? What, there's a dead body in the bed? ^X__x^;; Well, anyway, leave Ozette by the exit south of Presea's house. ... ^O__o^;; *pokes Colette*

Altessa's House

Enter the house to find some weird girl there WHO TALKS LIKE ZOAH FROM CHRONO CROSS. Altessa wants nothing to do with you people, especially not Presea. Huh? No inhibitor ore? Well, Tabatha asks you to leave, but promises to try and convince Altessa to fix Presea's Key Crest. Regal says that he can lead y'all to a mine where you can get inhibitor ore. Return to Ozette and take the "road" that's directly left of where you just came in. At the top, you get a scene in which some guy calls Presea a monster. *sigh* So much prejudice... ^-__-^;; Leave Ozette.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work We Go

Angelic Awakening

Fire, Mutants, and Jail, Oh My!

Breaking the Fire Seal

To Palmacosta and Beyond, and Back Again

Breaking the Water Seal

Breaking the Wind Seal

Asgard Human Ranch

ManŠ Ain't Just the Name of a Really Cool Band, Ya Know...

The Tower of... Salvation?

A Whole New Wooooooooooooorld