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Speak to Tiga to find out that they know where the Rheairds are. But first... Sheena must pass a test? Ah, to form a pact with V... ack! Where's she going? ... seems like everyone's got the same story, huh... (Zelos tells you more of it). Talk to the rest of your party, then find Sheena all the way to the left of the entrance to Mizuho. Aww, Corrine's so cute... ^~__~^;; Sheena agrees to try it, so head to the pier near Ozette and go directly north. The Temple of Lightning is that tower covered in plant growth that you see right there.

Temple of Lightning

What, it's not a seal? So what's the point of Tethe'alla having a Chosen? *kicks Zelos* Be useful! (Zelos says: KCCCCCCCC... *sad face* Why are you mean to meeeee??) Go forwards, and dodge the bolts of lightning emitted by those white pillars. *Note: The Shiden weapon does NOT work against the Lightning Birds around here, so just use the Saint's Rapier) There's an SP all the way to the left and up.

You'll notice that there are three narrow paths going north in this area. Go to the right one and inspect the sparking thing there, then go back and go up the middle one. Waugh! Aha... ignore the electricity that just came out of the pillar you just inspected, and inspect the one right in front of you. Go back to the first one and inspect it again, then go back and use the left-most path and inspect the one there. Return to the middle pillar and step on the button for a bolt of lightning to strike the left pillar and destroy the box there. Go to where the box used to be and use the Ring-changer. Back at the entrance, go right and face the blue blocks, use the Ring on them (yes, you can reach the blocks without going through the electricity), then go up and open the chest for a Silver Guard. Return to the middle pillar and go up the steps in the back.

Go all the way to the back and destroy the block there, then in this same area go up the stairs (there's one on the left and one on the right, and they both lead up to the top platform), then use the Ring on the blue block. Return to the door you just unblocked downstairs, and go through it. Go right and examine the stand in the back, then go left (there's a sealed SP near the entrance to this area, and destroying the blue block here just releases an enemy, by the way). To the right of the stairs going up are some steps going down. Go down these to get shocked (yes, bad me), then go up the steps on your left. Ack, darkness! Yeah, yeah, use the lightning flashes to see whereyer goin, although you don't really need the light to see... ^<__<^;;

In this area, go left into the next area, then up and right and inspect the thing in the back. Go back, then up the stairs on the right. In the back, you'll see several floors that look similar. Climb the steps to the next floor, and the first enemy you come to will drop a Memory Gem after you defeat it. After killing it off, go back to the first floor in this area, then go down the steps there and through the door on the right. Follow the path, and at some point it splits into steps going up and the path going under itself. Bypass the steps and continue following the path, cause at the end is a chest containing a Spirit Bottle (don't worry, if you fall, you just end up back in the room where you blasted the block to uncover the doorway). Go up the steps you bypassed, then continue following the path.

Follow the path, then inspect the pillar at the end. Go back to the previous area (the one where Lloyd said "This is a huge machine!"), go all the way left, then down the steps and through the door to the south. At the end of this area, destroy the blue block, then inspect the pillar. Ack! We all fall down... ^<__<^;; Anyway. Inspect the thing that fell after you destroyed the block to receive an Ex Gem Lv. 3. Follow the path left, and repeat the procedure. This chest contains a Dual Helm, and there are two blue blocks on this level. Again, destroy them, then inspect the pillar to drop down below. This chest contains a Thunder Scepter for Raine, and there is no blue block. Go through the door at the end of this level to find yourself in the same darkness area where you found the Spirit Bottle... ^O__o^;; Jump off the edge to return to the room where you blew up the blue block to open the doorway, and go through the door in the back again.

Go up the stairs on the left to find the other chest you dropped earlier, which contains an Ex Gem Lv. 2. If you noticed, the lightning is no longer striking the pillar down where the water is, so enter the water again and go right. Go up the stairs and use the Ring-changer then go back to the entrance to the Temple of Lightning. Go left, then down and destroy the yellow blocks there, then open the chest at the end to get a Shining Star (weapon for Genis). Back in the second area, take the left staircase, blow up the yellow blocks there to uncover a doorway, then go up to the top platform and blow up the yellow block there. Go right, down the stairs, then right through the doorway. Go through the doorway at the end of the path, then blow up the yellow block at the end. Return to the previous area and jump off, then enter the back room.

Go right and inspect the thing there, then go left, up the stairs, and through the door. Go through the door on the right, then make your way to the next area. Examine the pillar to have the lightning strike the pillar you raised on the lower level. Go back through the dark area and examine the machine from earlier. Choose "I want to see higher up," and notice the boulder up there. OK, go up the stairs to reach the yellow block level, then go to the very top. Destroy the two blocks on the left side, then go down two flights and do the same thing. Return to the machine and choose "Start." This causes a chest to drop down. Go back up to the third row of blocks and destroy all of the blocks, then destroy the remaining blocks on the second level. Return to the machine and choose "Start." This drops the boulder down and destroys the bridge, which is fine. Go down the ex-bridge and open the chest in the back that you dropped down earlier for a Battle Cloak for Regal. Go down the stairs and go through the door at the bottom of the screen. Use the Ring-changer, then return to the entrance of the Temple (up the ramp, right, down the steps, and right through the door, then jump down and go south).

Go right and destroy the red blocks, then go south for another Ex Gem Lv. 3. Return to the second area and go through the door on the left. In the next lit area, destroy the red blocks and open the chest to get Regal's Power Greaves. Jump into the darkness to return to the previous area, then save in the next room, go back, then go up to the top platform. Destroy the red block, then examine the pillar. Hi, Volt! ... Sheena? (press A) Ehh? (well, a small explanation about why Volt is hard to understand is that in Tales of Phantasia, Volt speaks in binary... anyway) What, that Mithos guy again? *sigh* Press A again... he doesn't want a pact? *sigh+* *kix Volt* Be pacted!! ^>__<^! Press A again, and apparently Volt hates people. ... man, the Volt in ToP was a lot nicer... Augh! Volt goes berserk (apparently again), and Corrine goes to save Sheena. Gaaaaah, he killed Corrine!! ^;______;^ TIME TO DIE, YOU ELECTRIC BASTARD!

Boss: Volt
HP: 24,000
TP: 240
Strengths: Lightning
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Spark Wave, Master Field, Thunder Blade, Strike, Cardinal Strike
Recommended level: 43+
My current level: 39

Party for this fight: Sheena, Genis, and Raine. Have Genis cast Tidal Wave, and Sheena doing Pyre Seal. Don't bother with Photon, since it does hardly any damage. Leave Raine alone to heal the party, and attack Volt! Use Rising Falcon as Lloyd's techs, and use Orange Gels when he runs out of TP (have Raine use them on people). Use a U Attack that doesn't involve anything Lightning-related when you can. This is a really difficult fight, although it is possible at level 39...

Again with the pressing of the A. Awww... Corrine's ghost... SADNESS!! ^;__;^ Anyway. ... huh... so... since you've awakened a Tethe'alla Summon, the mana flow between the two worlds has been severed. Yay! Well, I guess this means that we're going Summon Spirit hunting. Sheena gets a new title (and Raine probably got one after that last fight from using so many gummies), and can now summon Volt. Huzzah! Leave already!!

On your way out, Orochi shows up. ... haha, poor poor Rainechan... You can now rest in Mizuho again.

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