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Tethe'alla Base

From the pier near Ozette, go northeast to that island with the guide post monument on it again, then head directly east. You'll hit some snow-covered rocks (this is a fjord, in case you were wondering). Go a tad to the right and around this big-ass rock here, then navigate your way in to the middle (you'll have you make your way around to the side to find the pier inside, but at least you get some humorous skits while trying to find yer way inside). By the way, the pier isn't on the large continent there, it's on one of the rocks that you hit when you first arrive around here, cept further in towards the continent.

Approach the door to find Orochi and one of the Mizuho spies. Once inside, you notice that Zelos is missing. Tch, probably went to see if this base had any female guards like the last one... ^9__9^;; ... why does he keep calling them his "cute hunnies" if the only girl onscreen is Presea? ... NO MORE YAOI, ZELOS!! *whomps him with mallet again* ^>__<^! (Zelos says: But Lloyd's so cute! *glomps him again like in the Meltokio sewers* ^_^!!) ... *eyes fall out of skull and melt into bubbling puddles of goo* ^X__x^;;

Well, now that I've regrown my eyes (*glares at Zelos*), we can get on with this thing. Orochi tells you that you need three passcodes from three different people to open the hangar door. Fun. What is this, a scavenger hunt? Fine, let's do this thing. Talk to Orochi anytime to remember what passcodes you've already gotten, and to heal. Use the SP, then use the Ring-changer, and shop at the Refresher if you need to (don't bother buying Lemon Gels, cause the enemies around here drop them). Go south, then right through the door. To your right is a laser barrier that takes off HP if you touch it. There's also another one that blocks your way north. Push the blue block into the path of the laser to the right, then continue right and go through the door at the end. Beat up the Desian to get your first passcode: "The power of." ... hrm (actually, if you beat up the Desians in a different order, you get a different passcode). Go back, use the block that's appeared on this side to block the laser's path, go through, then pull the block left and up to block the north laser beam. Go through the north door.

There's another laser to your left, and a chest to the right and up containing a Silver Circlet. All the way right is a blue block. Use it to block the left laser's path, then go left, pull the block, block the next laser, then go door on the left side of the screen. Go left, block the laser, and continue left through the door. Go north and defeat the purple Desian for another passcode: "...the star is." Inspect the thing in the top right-hand corner of this area, then go south a bit, then left a bit to see some steps going up onto a small platform. Face the back of the room and use the Ring, then inspect the thing you inspected earlier.

Go back to the previous area, then go north, up the stairs and through the door. Unlock the SP if you wish, then go up the steps in the back for a Silver Mail. Go left, but not up the steps, and towards the back left-hand corner of this area. See those two gaps? Use the blocks in this area to fill them. Now you can go up the steps on the left, then go down (not up) the ones in the back. Go right across the blocks and open the chest to find a Lavender. ... AHAHAHAHA, man, if you've been skipping skits, do NOT skip over the "Tingles" skit when you get to it. Haha. Anyway. Right now, you're on a gray block behind the Lavender chest, no? Move back a block, then aim at the coil thing and use the Ring (i.e., yer shooting diagonally). Get back down onto the lower level and push both blocks until they're lined up horizontally right above the staircase going up to the left. Climb the stairs halfway up, then get onto the blocks you just pushed and go left for a hidden chest containing an Aqua Cape. Now, move one of the blocks onto the top right-hand corner of the blue-ish platform next to the panel that's below the coil you just activated. Stand to the left of the panel and inspect it, then choose "Raise." Push the block one step forward, then inspect the panel up here to get back down.

Go up the left stairs, then up the ones in the back. Go right, down the steps, then from the last step go left and drag the block all the way to the right. Push it off this platform towards the bottom of the screen, then get onto the block and shoot the coil. Return to the first level and take a block over to the floor panel you just activated, then raise the platform. Push the block north and push it off of the platform right in front of the chest there. Open the chest for a Tomahawk Lance for Presea, then go down, left, then follow the path to the end for a Beam Shield. Go south, activate the coil, then examine the panel all the way south to lower the platform. Drag the block all the way to the right, north one step, then push it off the platform to the right. Open the chest for an Ex Gem Lv. 3.

Leave this area, and return to the room where you found the Silver Circlet. Go through the south door, then go left, heal with Orochi if you need to, then go left through the door. Go north into the next area, then right and into the door there. Beat up the Desian for the last passcode: "... radiance of life." Open the chest for an Ex Gem Lv. 3, then go back and go north. The Raybit in this area drops a Memory Gem. Go to the back and right to find the block from earlier. Drag it to the stairs, then push it off this platform towards the front of the screen. Death to the laser! Bwhahaha! ... *ahem* Go back to the previous area, then go south, then left in the next area. Enter the first door for an Ex Gem Lv. 2, and the next door has a Card of Ice in it for Sheena. Return to Orochi.

Heal, then save, then return to the room where you got the "the star is" passcode (from the large round room go left, left and up through the door, left door, and left again). Open the chests in the back for a Lightning Sword and a Dragon Tooth (weapons for Zelos and Lloyd, respectively).

Return to the room where I had you lug blocks around for hours (the one with the SP in it). The blocks have been reset. Save, then lower the lift that goes all the way to the top platform, then drag a block onto it. Go up, then push the box north along the right-hand wall, then drop it into that niche there. Heal if you need to, then inspect the panel up here to go uuuuuuup. Inspect the panel next to the door and enter the passcode you got, then go through the door. Hey, look, the Rheairds! Hey, look, Yuan and Botta! ... uh oh. (yeah yeah, likes to talk a lot, don't he?)

Boss: Yuan and Botta
HP: 16,000; 12,000
TP: 652; 580
Strengths: Lightning; Earth
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Rock Breaker, Stalagmite, Ground Dasher, Thunder Explosion
Recommended level: 44
My current level: 40

Your party for this battle should be Lloyd, Genis, Zelos, and Raine. Leave Raine to heal, and have Genis casting Tidal Wave, and Zelos casting Eruption. You should have Lloyd's Rising Falcon by now, so use that and Fierce Demon Fang. Go after Yuan first, since he hits really hard, and Botta's really easy to kill off.

After the battle, Yuan whines in a sad, pitiful voice... then returns to his normal, annoying self and talks some more. The earth starts to shake, and you make a run for it. ... wait, breaking the mana links makes the earth shake? How odd... or maybe it's just the two worlds moving apart. *shrugs* ... what little friend? He can't be talking about what most guys call their "little friend"... can he?! ^O__o^;;

After the explanation on how to fly Rheiards, go directly ahead (West) and rest at Mizuho, then go directly southeast of the Tethe'alla base (fly high, not low) until you find what looks kinda like a very small castle floating in the sky, surrounded by a circular shield of clouds. Go there. Hey, look, it's Colette! And Rodyle! *stabs* ... dammit, it was just an illusion. ^>__<^ He insults Colette, then sics his pet dragons on you. Sheesh. And Regal's starting to sound like Zoah, with all his "Indeed"'s... ^<__<^;;

Boss: Dragon, Baby Dragon (3)
HP: 18,000; 12,000
TP: 400; 800
Attacks: Nest Crack (Dragon), something akin to Air Thrust (Baby Dragons)
Recommended level: 45
My current level: 41

OK, I know I usually have you going after the main guy in boss battles, but that stupid thing keeps popping in and out like some crazed, demonic, carnivorous jack-in-the-box. ^>__<^! Well, your party for this battle should be Genis, Zelos, and Raine. Switch Raine to first player controlled (enter the battle menu, then press Z until her face is the first one in the row), then take her to the edge of the platform and change her strategy to "Hold Position." This means that you'll have to manually make her cast spells, but this way she doesn't get interrupted as often. Switch back to whomever you were controlling (should be Lloyd). Don't use up too much TP on the Baby Dragons, cause you'll need it to do anything Tempest-related on the Dragon when the Baby Dragons are gone. Also, once they're gone, make Zelos and Genis go to the edges of the platform (any side will do), then change their strategy to "Hold Position" and have them cast spells from there. Staying at the edges of the platform has them staying out of the reach of Nest Crack, the only spell the Dragon does. Now have Lloyd Tempest-whatever the Dragon to death. Don't bother with a U Attack on the Dragon, either, cause it won't work.

Aaaaaahhhhh, Colette's mana will destroy us aaaaaaaaaaall!! ... go Presea! Although you get KO'd! Run awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! (Brave Sir Robin ran away...) ^o__o^;;; The doomed dragon's nest falls into the sea, and your party is safe and sound. Hey look, Presea smiled! ... IT'S A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE!! RUN AWAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

OK, well, that maze-thing behind you is the Temple of Earth, but we're going to do a few things before-hand (by the way, we're near Meltokio, just so you get your bearings). Fly to Meltokio to stock up on stuff if you need to, and now we're going exploring! Use the Tethe'alla Map to find things like field map treasure chests (yellow squares), skit points (blue squares), and guide post monuments (by the way, there's a Kratos one near Flanoir which is kinda amusing...). Also, take Presea to Meltokio (now that she's back to normal and not a zombie and all) and enter the house on the right in the rich neighborhood (not Zelos' house). Talk to the girl next to the harp there, then leave, and ask Presea what's wrong for a very short little scene.

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