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Temple of Earth

Enter and inspect the Ring-changer. Aaaahh, earthquake! ^@__@^;; Tch. Anyway. Move forwards until you're in front of the pillars there, then use the Ring to break them down. Talk to the Gnomelette on the bridge, who decides to let you through because "Big Brother" came back (Big Brother would be the Gnomelette you fed a potion to back in the Toize Valley Mine). After the Zelos-bashing scene (haha), go forwards, then right when the path splits. Go through the cave at the end, then open the chest for a Mithril Circlet. Go back to where the Gnomelette was, then continue towards the back a bit. You'll soon find a little niche-type area, like the one in the Toize Valley Mine when you were dodging the huge boulder that flattened the Bacura. Stand there and use the Ring to create a new path, then go down it. Go left, then use the Ring near the pillar that the chest is on to obtain a Mythril Guard. Go back a bit and take the other path on this new path and go through the cave at the end. Halfway down is a Mythril Bracelet. At the end is a short scene in which you realize that you can't get to the other side (and if you dodged the monster down there, he's in this scene, too, hahaha). Go back to the first area and enter the cave at the very back.

... no, I have no idea what that weird oscillating thing at the beginning of the bridge is... anyway. Go across the bridge and up the ledge in the back. Beat up the monster, then grab the Bellebane out of the chest. Go back a bit, then left and talk to the Gnomelette in blue. Now this is why I had you go talk to Tabatha earlier and I actually mentioned a recipe in here, instead of leaving them all on the Recipes page: you can't go any farther until you feed this stupid guy curry. If you don't have the ingredients, use the Recipe Locations page to find out the ingredients, and the Shops pages to find out where to buy them. Now, choose your cook! Choose Genis, please, cause he's pretty much the best cook inyer party, and if you choose a crappy cook, yer not gonna be happy with the result... After he eats, the Gnomelettes move out of your way, so talk to the next one. Hmm? He'll actually help you? And ask nothing in return? This almost sounds too good to be true... ... ^O______O^;;;; HE COMMITTED SUICIDE!! NOOOOOOO!! ^X__x^;;

Well, anyway, after the Gnomelette goes freefalling, go forwards. See those three wooden platforms? Well, time to get items. Stand on the platform that's the furthest out from where the Gnomelette was and use the Ring (if you went shopping earlier, you'll have to go change the Ring back...). Go forwards, use the Ring, grab the Ex Gem Lv. 2 out of the chest, Ring (yes, you fall through another level, we'll get to that in a minute), Ex Gem Lv. 1, Ring, then Ring on the platform furthest out, and keep using the Ring til you get to the very bottom. Hey, he's still alive! Oh, no, wait, that's the one from the Toize Valley Mine. Man, they all look alike... ^<__<^;; He lets you use the secret passage, which is a shortcut back to the first area. Well, first things first: I dunno if you noticed, but there's a huge-ass green dragon flyin around behind you. Use a U Attack when you fight that thing, cause it hits HARD, but gives a ton of EXP and 10,000g each time. ^O__O^ That's a hellalotta gald! Use Thunder Blade when attacking him, and Photon. When you've beaten him up, use the secret passage (yes, there's another Gnomelette behind the dragon, but they won't let you through just yet).

Ignore the Gnomelette from earlier, and go back to the platforms. Use the Ring on the middle platform this time, Ring, Ghost Shell, Ring on the platform that isn't the one right before the chest, Ancient Rod, Ring on the platform before the one right in front of the chest, Bardiche, secret passage, then go back to the platforms for one last chest. Use the Ring on the only platform up here that you haven't used it on, beat up the monster, grab the Ex Gem Lv. 3, then use the secret passage again (and yes, you can beat up the dragon each time you come through here).

Talk to the Gnomelette, and he says he'll get you through, as long as you kill off the monsters in his way (and here you thought you were gonna get off easy...). Stay ahead of the Gnomelette, but don't run off and kill all of the monsters, cause they do respawn, and he charges gald for every monster that touches him (and I mean in the thousands of gald, so listen to the webmaster!! *shakes fist*). When you get to the very bottom, let him go in before you, or else you'll've lost him... ^-__-^;;

Find the Gnomelette on the bridge, and he says it's earthquake time. Well, press X when you see the lil guy jump. About three of those will result in... the bridge breaking!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! ... ^-__-^;; Stupid Gnomelette! *kix him* He runs off, leaving you to your devices. Well, go towards the back of the screen, heal, use the SP, then keep going. ... jeeze, what the cheese kinda voice is that?! Waugh...

Boss: Gnome
HP: 28,00
TP: 682
Strengths: Earth
Attacks: Stone Blast, Stalagmite, Ground Dasher
Recommended level: 45+
My current level: 43

Start things off with Demonic Tiger Blade, and use Rising Falcon a lot. Have Genis casting Tidal Wave or Thunder Blade, and have Raine casting Photon, at least until yer HP's go down dramatically, at which point just leave her to heal. Do not be afraid to use gummies, cause you'll need em!

After the battle, Sheena makes her vow. If you contracted with Sylphs already, you'll get a longer scene. According to Regal, the next summon spirit would be Celsius, near Flanoir. Well, first things first: return to Altessa's house and go all the way left to find... another Gnomelette?! Waugh... Talk to him, and since you sent Big Brother home, he now goes home. Yay! Stupid Gnomelettes! ... sound like omelettes... *gnaws on one* ... ow, I chipped a tooth! ^;__;^

Flanoir: The Snowy City

In the first area, talk to the dude sitting on the steps in front of his house. Abyssion recognises the Evil Eye that you got from the pwnd Bacura as a Devil's Arms, and tells you about Nebilim. This opens up a whole new sidequest, which is detailed in the Sidequests and Mini-Games section of this walkthrough. Now, go right and down the steps, and approach the guy that's behind the little girl in green. He tells you about Celsius' Tear, and says that if you bring him one, he'll pay you whatever you want. Ooooh... :oD He also tells you that you need Penguinist Gloves to be able to pick the flower, which are available in Snow White (accessory shop). To get there, go north into the next area, left into the next area, up the stairs, and into the shop in the back. Talk to the old guy in front of the fire, who tells you to get three Penguinist Quills. Whelp, yeah, time to go fight some stuff outside the city (Penguinists are obviously the penguin-like people you encounter if you wander around the continent). When you get three, come back and talk to the old man again (by the way, Colette can steal some Penguinist Quills with Item Thief/Item Rover). Upgrade your equipment while yer at it, too, rest at the Inn, then leave Flanoir and go right. The Temple of Ice is in the top right-hand corner of this continent.

Temple of Ice

Go forwards, then right, and on the far right are two chests containing a Defenser and an Ancient Robe. On the left side of the area, right below where the ice starts, is a partially-hidden (depending on the angle yer looking) chest with a Mythril Shield inside. Enter the ice caves and use the Ring-changer, then go down to the bottom of the screen to get an Ice Coffin (DO NOT equip this around here, as it doesn't work on most enemies, and definately won't work on Celsius), then keep following the path to get a Mythril Gauntlet. Keep following the path, then when it breaks, go left and grab the Mythril Armor out of the chest to the left of the doorway. Ignore this exit, and go back to where the path split, then go right across the ice bridge.

Go south, then right and up and use the Ring on where the icicles are dripping water. This causes an ice cube to form. Drag the ice cube down and left and push it into the path you just came through. Go across the ice cube and go to the bottom-left portion of this overhang to look down over the water. Go back across, then south til you find some more icicles on your right. Use the Ring, then drag the ice cube left til it falls into the water. Go across and all the way left, then north a bit and choose Examine. Yep, you have to freeze the water. Well, whatCHA waitin fer? Use the Ring on where the water is gushing out to your left. ... heeeyyy, it doesn't work? Genis reminds you about the guy in Flanoir who spoke of Celsius' Tear (and ya see why I make you do things?), and you get to answer questions, even though it doesn't really matter what you say... and yah, the thing's not poisonous. Good thing you got those Penguinist Gloves, though... Anyway.

Go back to the doorway thing I told you to ignore earlier (just push the ice block up out of your way to get by), enter, then go south, use the Ring on the icicles, keep going south, then go left and around and through the doorway. Open the chest for an Ex Gem Lv. 2, then inspect the white flower growing right at the edge of this overhang. Go back outside and to the doorway back inside, but instead of going inside, go left and slide down the ice to reach the entrance to the Temple of Ice. You can now return to Flanoir to rest at the Inn, but more importantly to talk to that guy who told you about the Celsius' Tear in the first place. Choose to give him some of the Celsius' Tear, and he gives you 5,000g. It's not much, but hey... Whenyer done, return to where you tried to freeze the lake before.

Choose Examine, and the lake freezes. Use this map I drew to get the treasure (Rosemary) and to reach the other side of the lake and an Ex Gem Lv. 3. Examine the stone tablet in the back (to the right of the door), which tells you to look for a place with a view. ... well, remember that place where you looked over the lake earlier? Go there and do that again (well, technically you don't really have to, since I'll tell you the answer, but that's what they're talking about anyway). Notice the stone blocks with eyes? They're facing in these directions:


Turn the ice pillars so that they're facing in the same directions as the ones in the lake, following the table above, to open the door. Heal, then go through and approach the dais at the back.

Boss: Celsius, Fenrir
HP: 18,000; 12,000
TP: 600; 300
Strengths: Ice
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Freeze Lancer, Ice Tornado
Recommended level: 50
My current level: 48

Go after Celsius first. Use Rising Falcon, as always, and have Genis casting Raging Mist/Flame Lance. Leave Raine alone to heal, as usual. After doing a bunch of damage to her, use a U Attack, then switch to attacking Fenrir so he can stop interrupting your spellcasters. Use anything Tempest-like on Fenrir (still have Genis casting stuff on Celsius), then go all-out against Celsius after Fenrir's gone. Try to get Sheena to summon Efreet during the battle, and this should be over in no time.

ph33r my 10.00 grade... aaaand that's the last time I'll mention that. :op Leave the Temple of Ice.

Once outside, there's another earthquake, and... something weird in the sky!

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