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Er? Woah, how'd we get back to Iselia? No, sorry, it's not Iselia... it's actually Ozette. In flames. You rescue some kid who's lying face-down amidst the burning rubble, and he later tells you that angels attacked the village. ... Mithos? You mean that stupid guy we've been hearing about incessantly?! ... or not. Turns out he's a half-elf like Genis and Raine, and seems to be just as skeptical as Kate was about you being friends with half-elves. Altessa and Tabatha show up and, after Mr. Dwarf becomes all cryptic, he runs off. Tabatha stops you from following him, and explains. You choose to follow him, and to bring Mithos along (who has one of the most annoying voices ever... ^-__-^;; ).

Ahaha, the Playing with Kendamas skit is funny... (Zelos says: Why are kendamas raining on meeeeeee? T_T ). :oD To Altessa's house!

Altessa's House

Talk to Altessa to find out that Rodyle, Mr. Omigod-I-Wanna-Take-Over-Teh-World, was planning to revolt against Cruxis, and is the one who ordered the experiments to be conducted on Presea. Re-enter the house and talk to Altessa. He explains a bunch of stuff about Mithos (the hero guy, not the Colette-wannabe whom you dragged here), Yggdrasill, and cheese. ... OK, maybe not that last one. Eh? He made Tabatha? As an automated doll? ... get your mind out of the gutter. I know what you're thinking! (Zelos says: Hum, I wonder if he'll make me one of those...)

In the morning... whaaa? Raine's missing? Did she find a ruin or something? ... and I don't mean Ozette... Well, have Mithos come along, why not, right? Unfortunately, he's still an NPC... behhhhhh. :op When you're about to leave, Altessa gives you a Key Crest for Presea.

Before heading to Altamira, return to the Temple of Earth, use the shortcut, get rid of the dragon, then approach the Gnomelettes at the end. The one you found at Altessa's house returns to his brothers, and they run off. Go right, and open the chest at the end to get another Devil's Arms weapon (Gates of Hell). The rest of the Devil's Arms and how to get them will be listed in the Sidequests and Mini-Games section of this walkthrough.

Altamira: The Seaside Paradise

South-southwest of Flanoir is a random island sitting all by itself. Altamira is on this island (it's a super-fat tower-like thingy). Upon entering, Regal refuses to go inside. ... odd. Anyway. If you go down to the beach and go into the second area, the guy there says he's seen Raine and that she was investigating the Otherworldly Gate, but that she's already left the beach. The reddish-pink-haired guy in the first area of the city has also seen Raine. Unfortunately, he has no idea where she went. Go towards the back of this area, then hang a right and approach the old guy in the back... Alicia? Who? Oh yeah, Presea's infamous sister... who's dead now. ^;__;^ *sadness* George tells you to visit her grave, and gives you his Employee ID so that you can get into the Lezareno Company's headquarters. To get there, go in the opposite direction from where George was to reach the elemental railway. Talk to the guy inside the railcar and choose Lezareno Company.

Go towards the elevators in the back, and the guards stop you. Once they see George's ID, however, they let you through. Enter the elevator and choose Sky Terrace. Go left and approach the tombstone... hey, look, it's an Exsphere! Ack, a ghost! So that's Alicia... she looks nothing like Presea... weird George... ^<__<^;; So... her master, this Bryant guy... killed her?! Yeah, he's gonna be so PWND!! ... and Mithos is still weird.

Return to the first floor to find people talking about the Otherworldly Gate. They tell you that it's to the east... well, to quote Collete's battle-begin phrase: "Let's go!!" Talk to the guy next to the railcar to return to the entrance to Altamira, then leave. Regal joins you on the way out (by the way, you can upgrade your weapons and armour on the second floor of the Hotel Lezareno).

Fly directly east of Altamira to get to a smallish island with a bunch of rocks on it. Land and go towards the rocks to find Raine there... and that it's suddenly nighttime. ^O__o^;; Wait wait wait, what? Well, at least that explains why Raine always goes into "MARVELOUS!!"-mode whenever she sees a ruin... ^<__<^;; Ack! Kuchinawa shows up... with Papal Knights?! Looks like he's out for revenge... well, time to fight! ... although really, this is exactly like the fight against the Papal Knights in Ozette, so no biggie.

After the fight, more Papal Knights show up, and Sheena tries to play the martyr. As Sheena makes her way over to Kuchinawa... ack, the moon people are attacking!! ... or not? Zelos grabs her and drags her into the inter-world gate, and the rest of you quickly follow suit. The Gate closes before Kuchinawa can enter it, though... ara?! *THUMP*! ... not too graceful, areya? Woah, Sheena's pissed. Violent Demonic Banshee attack! ... weeeeh, still the same old Zelos... *sweatdrops* Awww, poor lil Mithos wants to fight with you guys... heh.


Visit Neil, who asks how the seal-breaking is going... eheh... ^<__<^;; Eeeh? Apparently Desians have invaded the Palmacosta Ranch again... *sigh* Don't those guys ever learn? Mithos gives Genis the Mithos' Panpipe, which belonged to his sister (if you stayed the night at the Hotel Lezareno, you'll know that his sister is dead (killed by humans, coincidentally)). Anyway... to the Ranch! Again! For, like, the third time!

Palmacosta Human Ranch

When you arrive, you find Botta and two Renegades poking through the rubble. ... ara? So now he wants to be your buddy... although we've fought him twice? ^@__@^;; Oh no, it's Yuan... is he gonna talk a lot again? Apparently, yes. *sigh* ... *ears perk up* Reunite the two worlds? Aha! I thought it was fishy that the Summon Spirits knew eachother! Well, apparently we have to revive the Great Tree o' DOOM. ... and Yuan is still confusing as ever. So... now y'all have joined forces. Whee? Like you don't have bad luck with people fucking you over already... ^X__x^;;

Well, anyway, before infiltrating the Remote Island Human Ranch (Rodyle's Ranch), use this map to locate all of the treasure chests and skit points you might have missed. Whenyer done, talk to Botta. Also, if you haven't contracted with Sylphs yet cause of that extra scene and all, go do so now. I'll also put up numbers for Efreet, if you waited until now to fight him. You'll notice that the strategies are exactly the same, though...

Enter the Seal room in the Balacruf Mausoleum, and Sheena attempts to form a pact with Sylphs. ... man, their voices are annoying.

Boss: Sylphs (Sephie, Yutis, and Fairess)
HP: 13,000; 12,000; 10,000
TP: 150; 120; 450
Strengths: Wind
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Air Thrust (Fairess), Wind Blade (Sephie), Wind Arrow (Yutis)
My current level: 46

Go after Sephie (the blue one with the sword) first! Her physical attacks are hell. Fairess comes next; even though she's got very high defense because of that giant shield, she's the one with the most TP, and also the one that keeps casting spells. Dodge Yutis' arrows, because they can inflict a lot of damage. This is a pretty hard fight, since there's three of them, and they keep flitting and teleporting around. Have Genis casting Dreaded Wave often, and Sheena doing Life Seal/Colette casting Judgement. Leave Raine in the background to heal people. Use Psi Tempest and Rising often. Summon Gnome if you can, and leave enough TP on Lloyd to use Guardian when you see Fairess casting Air Thrust. This fight is a heck of a lot easier this time around...

After the fight is the "extra" scene I promisedya... in which the tearing apart of the two worlds is discussed.

Here's Efreet's, if you didn't do it earlier: Return to the Triet Ruins and enter the Seal room. Sheena tries to form a pact with Efreet, who also decides to test you.

Boss: Efreet
HP: 18,000
TP: 850
Strengths: Fire
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Explosion, Eruption, Flames of Destruction, Raging Mist
My current level: 47

Same strategy as with Undine, except have Genis casting Spread or Icicle instead of Eruption and have Sheena cast S. Seal: Water on Lloyd at the beginning, then summon if you can. Psi Tempest or Rising Falcon are good choices for Lloyd to use. Do NOT go into this battle without a healer! I don't care if it worked for the Undine fight; it will NOT work for this fight AT ALL.

Rodyle's Remote Island Human Ranch, so many R's...

Angelic Awakening

Fire, Mutants, and Jail, Oh My!

Breaking the Fire Seal

To Palmacosta and Beyond, and Back Again

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Breaking the Wind Seal

Asgard Human Ranch

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The Tower of... Salvation?

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