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Remote Island Human Ranch

When you arrive, Botta says he's got work to do on the mana reactor... and tells you not to destroy this ranch too. *sweatdrop* Yeah, Raine, you explode-happy person you! :op

Go straight (duh). In the next area, ignore the two side-paths and keep going straight (the other doors won't open). Now, here's your first floor puzzle. What you have to do is light up all of the squares to lower a platform on the other side that lets you keep going. Step on the squares in the order shown below (*Note: When you see a number that's in red, that means that you'll be stepping on that block twice, so in this first puzzle, square 1 is also square 13):

Go forwards, beat up the guard, then go north for the next floor puzzle:


Once that's out of the way, cross the platform and go through the door at the end. Use the Ring-changer, then use the elevator (circle thingy in the middle) to go up. ... create a disturbance? Well, fine. Go through the door, then go around and locate the three chests in this area (they're at the corners at the front of the screen) to find a Stone Charm, a Holy Staff, and a Vajra (no, not Viagra... ^-__-^;;). Now, go around again and locate all of the gold ball-things on green pedestals. These are switches, and you need to release all four of them to let the prisoners out. Once you do, guards come running in, but you and Genis jump them. You can talk to the prisoners now if you want to, but they don't really tell you anything useful. Go through the door and choose "Go up," then go through the doorway. ... great, another puzzle. Use the Ring to call up the little platform-thingy. Now you get more of my cruddily-drawn maps, hurray! ^>__<^! Maps are here. For the first "floor" of the lift, just let it go by itself. For the next "floors," use the Ring whereever you see a white dot next to a junction point on the map, and your destinations have a red ball-thing next to them (not that you need to know, since you'll get there anyway). On the last floor, just let the lift go by itself. (*Note: The weird sparkly-type bluish-white whatever thingies on the lift paths are not items, it's electricity that gives you a status effect).

Go through the door on the right to enter another area that warrants another evil map of mine. OK, go right to find a spinny white thingy (teleporter). Use the Ring near it until it turns green, then step into it to get teleported next door. Open the chest on the right for a Saffron. Go back to the entrance using the teleporter, turn the white teleporter red, use it, grab the Ex Gem Lv. 2 out of the chest on the left, then turn the white teleporter blue and use it to get to a room with a blue, red, and green teleporter, an SP, and a locked door. Use the SP if you need to, then use the red teleporter.

You can either go left down the stairs or turn this teleporter green; either way, you'll reach the green teleporter at the bottom of the stairs. Go right and down the stairs (this door doesn't open), then go left for a Revive Ring. Go left and down the stairs, then right for Regal's Mythril Greaves. Use the blue teleporter you just passed, then go up to the very top (past another door that won't open) and inspect the thing there to release one of three locks to open the door in the SP room. From the white teleporter, go right and down the stairs at the end, then left past another door to get a Mythril Ax. Go back to the white teleporter, turn it red, go right for an Ex Gem Lv. 3, then go back. Now, use the blue teleporter.

Go left and down the steps, then hang a right for a Minazuki and an Ex Gem Lv. 4. Use the red teleporter, turn this one green, use it, then go left for an Ex Gem Lv. 3 and lock #1. Go back, turn the white teleporter blue, use it, then go left for an Ex Gem Lv. 2. Go back again, then go right, down both flights of stairs, go left for a Holy Cloak, then use the green teleporter you just passed. Turn this teleporter red, use it, go right for an Ex Gem Lv. 1, then go back. Use the blue teleporter to your left, turn this teleporter red, then go right for the last lock. Use the red teleporter, then use the blue teleporter on your left to get back to the entrance to this area. Now, turn this teleporter red, then turn the white teleporter blue, use it, heal and save, then go through the door at the back, use the elevator to go up, then go through the door on the right.

Hey, look, it's Rodyle the annoying jackass! He calls you cockroaches, and Presea gets all pissed. Rodyle then decides to flood the ranch... and drown all the escaping humans. He's also flooded the corridor leading to the Mana Cannon. Well, shit. ... ehh? He has a Cruxis Crystal? Where'd it come from? ^@__@^;; ... ummmm...

Boss: Rodyle
HP: 35,000
TP: 500
Strengths: Earth
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Gravity Well, Insanity Force
My current level: 50

Your party should definately include Genis and Lloyd. Otherwise, doesn't really matter, although since Raine should have Ray by now, you can combine it with Cyclone (or Tidal Wave, but Cyclone is a better choice for this fight) to get the compound tech Prism Stars). You might want to have Sheena in your party as well, cause she's very likely to go into Overlimit during this fight, especially if you have her up front with Lloyd. Have her summon Sylphs if she does. Let Raine and Genis hang back so that their spellcasting doesn't get interrupted. Also, you'll probably get to do another U Attack during this fight, so wheee.

After the fight, it seems Rodyle is falling to pieces. ... literally. ^@__@^;; He decides to blow up the ranch. ... man. Raine tries to stop the thing, but she says she can't do it on her own. Botta and his cronies come in and take over as you escape through a hatch. Once outside... you realize that the water is flooding the room you were just in. The hatch door is stuck, and Regal decides to try and kick down the window. Raine figures out that Botta and co. sacrificed themselves to save you... although what I don't get is why dummy Sheena doesn't just freakin summon Undine to get rid of the narfing water. ... am I the only smart one around here?! ^>__<^!! Botta says his last words and closes the shutter to the window. ... oh now what?

Boss: Baby Dragon (3)
HP: 8,000
TP: 900
Attacks: Fire Ball, Air Thrust
My current level: 50

... oh give me a break. We've fought these things before. No big deal.

After the fight, more dragons show up. Genis decides to play Mithos' pipe-thingy... woah, dragon got pwnd! Say hello to Aska! ... more pwnage! :oD Mithos shows up... somehow... and apparently borrowed a Rheaird from the Renegades. You all head back to Palmacosta... bad Genis, no cookie! No breaking Mithos' sister's flute! ^>__<^! Well, you heard em, ya gotta go tell Yuan about Botta. Leave Palmacosta and choose "Okay, let's go" to jump there. Mithos says he wants to be alone for awhile, so you go in without him. You break the news to Yuan, he decides to re-open the inter-world portal, and Raine returns Mithos' Rheaird. ... eh? *pokes Yuan*

You end up back in Tethe'alla and drop Mithos off at Altessa's house. ... ha, apparently nobody told Regal about Alicia. (Regal says: ... I am always out of the loop... -_-;; ). Er... what's with Zelos? Ara?! OK... to Altamira it is!

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