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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!


Head to Altamira, and at the entrance Regal asks you where you heard about Alicia. Go to the Lezareno Company... eeh?! Vharley apparently invaded, and you find him threatening George near Alicia's grave. President? Um? And Kuchinawa shows up, too. Wonderful... ^-__-^;; He poofs Vharley and himself away... wait wait wait, Regal Bryant?! Alicia's ghost appears again, and the whole sad (and semi-repetitive) story is told. Choose what you will, doesn't really matter. Regal gains a new title!

Enter the hotel and stay the night. When the receptionist asks you if you're gonna go out at night, answer yes. Once it's nighttime, use the railcar to get to the casino, then go towards the theatre. Talk to the blond guy standing there to buy another Devil's Arms for 1,000g. Abyssion shows up... eh? Presea's gonna become a magic swordsman? But she's an axegirl! Ah well, whatever. Go back to the hotel and talk to the receptionist, who tells you that your room's the VIP room on the fifth floor. Go there... woah, niiiiice... Inspect the bed to go to sleep.

Temple of Darkness

Fly south of Meltokio until you reach the ocean, then follow the mountain range left until you come across a dark blue dome. Go a tad right from the dome and land on the small green patch of grass there. Go left to enter the Temple.

... I bet Zelos is enjoying this darkness... and thinking of various ways to molest Sheena... ^<__<^;; Heh, way to fall onyer face there, oh Master of Slickness. Heh, Zelos cares more about his foot than he does about you. Poor poor you. Well, you heard Sheena. Enter Meltokio and head towards the lab. Uhh... Hi Kratos! ^O__o^ ... who completely ignores you and interrogates Presea about sacred wood instead. Why's he so interested in it, anyway? Ah well. Eh? Screw you Kratos, pacts are fun! :oD

Enter the lab. After explaining the situation, you learn about the Blue Candle, despite random people protesting about letting you have it. ... wait wait, Kate did who the what now? Executed?! Well, I guess it''s off to the Coliseum with us.

Talk to the receptionist and choose Lloyd. Raine bribes her, and you end up in the waiting room. Talk to the guard in the back to begin the challenge.

Run up to the first two guys and immediately use one of your Tempest attacks to get behind them. Take out the magic user quickly, then focus on the other two. Use a lot of techs and Guardian to stay alive. Watch it, cause you can't use items in this battle. In fact, the entire battle menu is gone.

Once back in the waiting room, go right and through the door. Go right, and you end up in front of Kate's cell. You break her out and end up back outside. Kate apparently wants to go to Ozette now. Eh. ... what what what!? Kate's the Pope's daughter?! Damn, talk about a poor candidate for Father of the Year...

After tripping the light philosohpical, you end up back in the lab. You get the Blue Candle now. Fly back to the Temple of Darkness and enter. Head north and open the chest to get an Ex Gem Lv. 2. Back at the entrance, go left into the next area. Go right to find... a blob of darkness? Ack, it's following Raine! Maybe it's in love with her. ^<__<^

Continue right and enter the door (it's where the light is on the ground). Go down the staircase until you get a "???" at the bottom of your screen. You go through... hey, there's a blobby above your head! Anyway. Use the Ring-changer, then pull the block you just shot at backwards. The block near where you came in now moves back. Go to where you found blobby #1 and use the Ring on the crystal Raine was inspecting earlier. Have blobby follow you all the way left and all the way south. It's blobby #2! A tad south of there is blobby #3, but you can't reach him yet. Use the Ring on the right block to make a mess of things. Push the block all the way to the back to make blobby #3 fall down. Use the Ring on the left block, pull it all the way back, then go north and right down the stairs. Go all the way left and south, then grab blobby #3's block and push it all the way right and north. Return to the staircase, then go down the ramp to pick up blobby #3. Go right and beat up the skull to get a Memory Gem. Right from the crystal and in the back corner is a chest containing an Ex Gem Lv. 3.

From the crystal, go down the ramp, and the blobbies congregate in the middle of the platform. Now you don't have to worry about losing them anymore. There's also an SP down here. Go right, then climb the stairs until you get to the hole again (there's a chest under the stairs along the way containing a Headband). Go through, use the Ring on the block there, then grab it and push it all the way back. Return to the SP, then go up the ramp, left, south, right, then up. You comment about almost being able to make it over there. Well, let's remedy that, shall we? Go back to the last active crystal (i.e., not the ones that're just there for decoration) you passed, and go down the ramp that's pretty much directly south of it. There's a block right there, even though it's kinda hard to tell that that's what it is. Use the Ring on it and push it all the way back, then go back to where you just were. Return to the first floor, then go south to find blobby #4 and a chest with a Shadow Dancer for Genis in it. Take blobby north til he passes over the block, then return to the Ring-changer and pull the block there back again. Find blobby #4 again, then take him all the way left and south til you get to the two blocks there. Pull the left one all the way back, then take the stairs you just passed, and from here you should know how to get to the SP.

Back at the Ring-changer, pull the block all the way back again (don'tCHA hate how these things keep resetting themselves?), then return to the entrance and push the block left of that all the way back. Return to where you commented on almost being able to reach blobby #5 (down the infamous long-ass staircase of DOOM, past the SP, up the ramp, all the way left, south, and right). Hello blobby. Take him to his blobby buddies.

*sigh* Nope, still not done yet (blergh). Gather up the blobby brethren and go down the ramp in the back of this area. The blobbies enter the next area... but sorry, you still have to lead them around after that. Go down the stairs and follow the path. Keep going straight when the path splits, then take the south path when it splits again. At the end is a chest containing an Ex Gem Lv. 2. Go back to where the path split and go right to find a chest at the very end with an Ex Gem Lv. 4 inside. Back where the path split, go north and follow the path. I'd suggest unlocking the SP, but it's your call. Heal, then enter the Seal room. Teh blobbies do their convergeance thingy again, and Zelos says something dumb, as usual. Shadow appears... damn, he's awesome-looking. Well, here goes nothing.

Boss: Shadow
HP: 30,000
TP: 800
Attacks: Dark Shower, Bloody Lance, Dark Sphere
My party: Lloyd, Raine, Sheena, Colette
My current level: Lloyd: 53, Raine: 52, Sheena: 52, Colette: 51, Genis: 52, Zelos: 52, Presea: 49, Regal: 52

Have Raine cast Field Barrier and Acuteness and Colette casting Holy Song right off the bat. Now have Colette and Raine keep hitting Shadow with Judgement and Ray, respectively. Lloyd's Rising Falcon is pretty good, but anything Beast-ish is better. Use a U-Attack when you can, and summon Celcius or Volt if possible.

Make your way out of the Temple of Darkness (up the stairs, left at the crossroads, continue left into the next area, up the ramp, south, down the stairs, up the long-ass staircase of DOOM, then out the door).

Now there's a couple of random things you can do, but they're really optional. Ifya wanna just keep going, then just click the next link. Otherwise:

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