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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!

Find the House of Salvation in the Asgard/Luin region, then fly south-southeast of there to find Nova's Caravan. Talk to Nova to review the memo, and your party discusses what to do. You've got Sylph, the Linkite Nut, the Unicorn Horn, Gnome, an Exsphere, and you say that you can make a flute, so you've already got everything you need for this. Fly to the Sylvarant Base, then go northeast of there. You won't have to fly very far; when you see a green valley, land there and approach the tree. Inspect it, and Sheena summons Gnome to make the soil fertile again. Raine then casts Resurrection with the Unicorn Horn and... woah! Prettyyyy... ^~__~^;; OK, now that was awesome. Anyway. You and Presea spend the night carving the flute, and in the morning Genis and Sheena do their stuff. ... ack, two-headed bird of DOOM! ^.__.^;; ... what is with Aska and Luna wanting to be together? Are they lovers or something? *sweatdrops* ... wait... if he knew where Luna was... THEN WHY WASN'T HE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?! *siiiiigh* Well, let's get to it.

Tower of Mana

Take the side staircase, then go left through the door, save at the SP, then cross the light bridges to get to the teleporters to find... er... ah gaddammit. *kix Kratos* Stop being annoying! ^>__<^! Yay, Yuan! And I'm only saying yay cause now they can fight amoungst themselves and not have to annoy us! Once topside, Luna appears. ... again with the asking of where Aska is. ^-__-^;; Aska shows up, and now... you shall be tested. Show me thy strength! [/corny dialogue]

Boss: Luna, Aska
HP: 18,000; 19,650
TP: 720; 600
Attacks: Limited Ray, Ray, Photon
My current party: Lloyd, Sheena, Raine, Genis
My current level: Lloyd: 57, Sheena: 56, Raine: 56, Genis: 57, Colette: 55, Zelos: 57, Presea: 54, Regal: 57

Have Raine cast Field Barrier and Acuteness as soon as possible, as usual. Turn off Photon and Ray in her menu, cause, well, you know, they're light attacks and yer fighting light summon spirits... ^<__<^;; Go after Luna first, since Aska's Overlimit attacks are pretty deadly. Rising Falcon is still good for Lloyd, but you'll be better off using anything Tempest-wise, especially Tempest Beast, since it hits her a lot and knocks her down. Have Genis cast Explosion if you have it, otherwise use Thunder Blade. Save your U Attack for Aska (Luna's gone fairly soon), and summon Shadow if you get the chance. Rising Falcon works very well on Aska. He's also not all that hard either.

After the battle, Sheena makes her pact and learns to summon... well, one of them. Yuan and Kratos show up... and the ground starts to shake. ... uh? Well then. Bye-bye Palmacosta? ^X__@^;; The Kharlan tree bursts out of the ground, engulfing the Tower of Mana. Hiya Martel! ^~__~^;; (Genis says: Is that... the Giant Kharlan Tree?) ... you know any other giant-ass trees? ^<___<^;; Nuuuuuuu, no eating Marteeeeeeeeeeel!! ... even though it's cause of her that people wanted to kill Coleeeeeette... (of course you know I only care cause I hate Colette, right? :op ) Aaaah, DOOM to the wooooorld! Yes, let's just deny all responsibility and toss the decision at Yuan. ... much ragging on Lloyd and many stupid questions later (Sheena says: Even if we did decide to try and set the summon spirits of Tethe'alla against it, how are we gonna go about doing that?) ... *gives her a blank look* How bout asking the only Summoner in the party? (Sheena says: Who? Where?) ... ^-__-^;;; (Regal says: You? Are you suggesting we should send you, our enemy, to do this by yourself?) (Kratos says: Yes, yes I am.) you decide to split up. (Lloyd says: You and the Renegades can take care of the Mana Cannon. Translation: Screw you Sheena, we don't want you in our party anymore. After all, Kratos is sooo much cooler. ^_^!)

Back on the Tethe'alla side, earthquakes are happening all over the world (funny how in Sybak the only one freaking out and running away is the dog, while everybody else just strolls calmly along. ... must be related to that one guy in Palmacosta... ^<__<^;; (Abyssion says: I'm too cool to freak out. *stand* ) ... yeahhh... have fun with that... ). AHH! Aahh again! And AAAHH, a rock falling towards Tabatha!! ... hrm. Mithos seems to be impersonating a pancake.

Iselia Human Ranch

... Colette has wings too, ya know... ^<__<^;; Stupid Colette. *kicks her* ^-__-^ Enter the Ranch and go left for a Rune Helm, then right and down the stairs to enter the building.

Defeat the guard, then inspect the Ring-changer. Go further in, dodge the red thingy (it takes off HP if you touch it), and continue forwards to get a scene in which your party decides to split up to deal with the reactor and save the prisoners. I'd say take Genis and Raine with you (i.e., Lloyd's party), then whomever else you want.

Directly north of your location is a Refresher (cept it's circular. Also, right from there is a vending machine). Directly south of your current location is what appears to be a panel. Directly right of that is a chest with a Lovely Mittens inside. Head north, then left for a Solar Spinner, a Cor Leonis, and a Muramasa, and right for a Rune Staff and an Ether Sword. Back at the Refresher, go left and use the Ring on the blueish-green stand-type thingies on either side of the door to open it. Go left, observe the red beams, then make a run for it along the top or bottom (depending on in which direction they were heading) as soon as they meet in the middle. The next group shouldn't be hard to dodge at all, then go through the door at the end to find Chocolat and some Desians. ... aaaand... you get the crap beaten out of you. ^O__o^;; One of the humans decides to help, and you get back on your feet and have to fight the guards. Blah blah blah, no big deal. Go down the steps and exit stage right.

Go left (when the second red beam you see starts to move down) and open the chest to find a Rune Robe. Head up the steps, all the way right, up and down some steps, right and south (ignore the hidden SP, since you don't really need it), and go right through the door. Beat up the guard for a Memory Gem, then open the chest to get a War Hammer. Don't bother with the elevator, since it just takes you to an area just south of where you got the Rune Staff and Ether Sword. Back at the hidden SP go north, up the steps, then south and down the steps. Wait until the first red beam is all the way on the left and the second one is in the middle and headed to the left, then run south to get past the beams. Use the Ring on the stands, then open the chests to get a Rune Cloak and a Rune Circlet. To get back, wait until the second beam (on this side) is all the way left and the first is in the middle headed left, then do a slow run north. Go up the steps and all the way left and use the Ring on the stands in front of the door. Open the chests for an Aqua Greaves, Rune Shield, and a Rune Mail. Go back, right and up, and open the door to get a Rune Gauntlet, a Hair Pin, and a Rune Guard. Back in the main hallway-ish thingy go right and up and open the door. Ack! Crazy! Scary! The beams of light, they move like they're on crack! ^@__@^;; Yer gonna haveta wing this one. Basically, wait until there are three beams in your field of vision, then wait for the crazy fast one to go away, dodge the other two, then just go forwards while dodging to get to the other side. Use the teleporter when you get there.

Look, it's Popsicle-Stick-for-an-Arm Boy! ... dude... the first time we get to see him up close. He's a pirate!!

Boss: Forcystus, Exbone (2)
HP: 20,000; 6,000
TP: 400; 320
Attacks: Down Burst, Air Blade, Cyclone, Force Field, Wind Blade
My Current Party: Lloyd, Kratos, Genis, Raine
My Current Level: Lloyd: 59, Kratos: 57, Genis: 59, Raine: 58

You should know the beginning drill by now if Raine's in your party: Field Barrier and Acuteness. Obviously you shouldn't use any wind-based attacks. Rising Falcon is really great against him. ... this has got to be the easiest boss battle in the history of mankind... ^<__<^;;

After the battle, Forcystus takes a dive off of the platform. Kratos takes over, dodges your questions, and disables the reactor. Go south and use the teleporter, then go into the room to the right of the SP, use the elevator, go north, left, then all the way south to leave. Aww, joyful reuni-- eh?! POPSICLE-ARM BOY IS ALIVE?! ... ouch. ... HE'S GOT A HUGE EYEBALL IN HIS ARM!! ... I'm scurred. ^.__.^;; ... why the hell was he aiming at Chocolat? Ah well. Death to Colette! ... I mean, uh... ^<__<^;; Oooh, stabbed right through the! ... uh... crotch? ^O__o^;; Yey FMV! Sheena summons the Tethe'alla spirits and fires the Mana Cannon at the Kharlan Tree, destroying it (as Martel screams...).

Back at Altessa's house, Mithos wakes up. Back at the Ranch, apparently things are a-OK. ... except for Colette's self-image problems. And she collapses... again (for, like, the mizillionth time in this game...). Ah well, back to Iselia!

The Secretive Elven Village

Angelic Awakening

Fire, Mutants, and Jail, Oh My!

Breaking the Fire Seal

To Palmacosta and Beyond, and Back Again

Breaking the Water Seal

Breaking the Wind Seal

Asgard Human Ranch

Maná Ain't Just the Name of a Really Cool Band, Ya Know...

The Tower of... Salvation?

A Whole New Wooooooooooooorld

Of Sewers, Forests, and Other Random Places

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's Off to Work We Go

In the LIGHTNING, in the LIGHTNING, in the Rain!

Fjords and Flying, and Damn, Alliteration is Cool

Giant Hamtaro Ripoff and Freezing Temperatures

More Fire and Beachside Resorts

Rodyle's Remote Island Ranch, So Many R's

The Nightlife and Even Darker Things