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Back in Iselia there is a meeting of the minds. Hurray for no more Tower! DIE TOWER DIE! :oD Yuh oh, Colette's gonna get the smackdown... yeeeeep. Well, time for a field trip outside, minus Kratos and Colette. You can't go upstairs to see her so just head outside and to the front of the school. ... where the Mayor practically blames Genis and Raine for everything. And Lloyd. *siiiiiigh* Somebody beat the crap out of this guy already, please?! Dirty prisoners? (Regal: ... I am not dirty. *pout*) Ohhhhh, go Chocolat! I may hate her but at least she stood up to this pompous windbag. Now everybody else lays into him too. Yeah party! Wait, he has a duty to protect the village? Then where was he when the village was being burnt down?! *kix him* ^-__-^;; Raine runs off, all emotional and stuff, and the Mayor storms off in a huff as Chocolat (finally) appologizes. ... ya know, ifya wander around you can see that the houses are all still burnt-out husks. And Luin is in what stage of reconstruction by now?! Jeeze, lazy lazy people here in Iselia... except for the Mayor's house! What's up with that?! The people from the Ranch are staying at the school for now (even though they're not actually there a wandering villager said so). Find Raine in front of their old house... hahaha, pig is right! Try to leave by the southern entrance to find your other party members.

Go towards Dirk's house to find him. He doesn't know anything about Cruxis Crystals, but he says to go talk to Altessa. Kratos wanders off for the night, and you run after him. He acts all confusing again, helping yet not. Sheena shows up and after some discussion you can talk to all of your party members (Regal, Sheena, Raine, and Presea are outside, and Genis is on the balcony). ... after talking to Raine I wonder if Yggdrasill even knew what he was doing when he split the two worlds... ^O__o^;; Whenyer done, talk to Genis, and after some heartfelt moments the scene switches to the party back outside again, discussing what to do. Whelp, to Altessa!

Altessa's House

Upon your arrival Altessa freaks the hell out. Huzzah, Mithos is a hero. Wait, wasn't there somebody called that once before...? Ah well. Head to Sybak's library (back of first area) and your party spreads out on the floor to look stuff up. Choose to trust Kratos... and Lloyd gets ragged on by his own party. Again. *sweatdrops* Poor Lloyd. Even I'm starting to feel sorry for him. Gaaah, from one place to another. Freaking Colette! *throws books at her* Heh, Zelos is pissed. To Meltokio! ... wha? Why are we still in the sewers? Vharley?! DIE! ... go Presea! Head out the stairs in the back then go to the church to confront the Pope. Enter the room in the back on the left... well, if asking questions isn't gonna work, you can try the direct approach like Presea... ^<____<^;; Gaaaaah, this guy is such an asshole. *stabs him* The Pope calls the guards and makes his escape into the castle. The guards try to follow you... er? Spiritua did who the what now? ^<___<^;; ROFL, go Zelos. *wonders why Colette started floating in the first place* Ehhhhh... yey new title for Colette! Wait, if he was poisoned... why didn't Raine just cast Antidote or something?? Sheesh. Go out the door, right, down the steps, right, and enter the double doors in the back. Your party splits up to look for the cure, but to no avail. Suddenly, Colette trips, as per her usual clumsy self, and a book written in ancient Elven falls from on high. Go out the door, down the stairs in front of it, left, and find the Princess in the back. She goes off to speak to her father the King, and your party speculates on the immenant trip to Heimdall. The princess returns with the permission letter thingy. First things first, though...


Enter and go all the way to the back to where you found George the first time (where Alicia died). Talk to the guy there... Wells?! Stupid guy who insulted your party in Ozette. ^-__-^ Seems he's had a change of heart, though. Presea also gains the title "Mature Kid." Enter the Lezareno Company and go up to the President's Office and talk to George. Take the elevator to the second floor... ack! Talk about ninja! ^@____@^;;;;; Sheena challenges him to a 1:1 duel and gives Kuchinawa Corrine's bell as proof of her promise. Gaaah, more running around! To Sybak! Again! ... and Zelos is getting more and more confusing... *thwaps him*


Enter the Academy and the dude there apologizes... uh, wha? *facefalls* After that... interesting... scene, enter the hallway and the first room. Open the chest to get the Zircon. Well, now that that's taken care of, we have a couple of things to do before heading to Heimdall, just to give Raine some peace of mind after her emotional trip back to Iselia.

Altessa's House

Enter and talk to Mithos, and Raine collapses. ... did I say peace of mind? ^@__@^;; The party splits up to locate a doctor to help Raine (figures Zelos would take the chicks...). Lloyd, unwanted again, gets left behind. Mithos takes Genis outside and tells him that he knows how to cure Raine's disease, but he doesn't want anyone else involved. Choose the second option, and you get to play ninja to take out the enemies on the mountains (no, you don't actually have to fight but it's entertaining to watch). At the top they pick up the flower and Genis has to make a difficult decision. ... or not so difficult? Genis obtains a new title! ... haha, poor Lloyd... talk to Mithos again afterwards and Genis gives Mithos a replacement flute.

Ymir Forest

No doubt you've seen this place as you flew over it. Fly directly south from Ozette until you reach a lake with a forest in the middle of it. Land and enter. Go north and use the Ring-changer, then go right and inspect the tree stump to jump up onto it. Use the Ring and, gah! *sweatdrops* Stupid pig! Anyway. Behind this tree here is a chest containing a Resist Ring. Take the right path, then go south when the path splits for a... chest you can't open. Fine. Climb up onto the stump with a flower on it and use the Ring to call a pig who unlocks the chest for you. Grab the Solar Guard then go north and behind the tree for a Gladius for Zelos. Back at the Ring-changer go left, north, up the tree root onyer left, and north into the next area. Continue north, then left down the tree root, then take the path right and climb the root at the end. Go south and follow that path to eventually find an SP and another hidden chest containing a Maid's Hairband. Now go north and talk to the kid. He apparently needs a Ymir Fruit to help his sick mother. Great, time to follow a bunch of bugs.

Head back to the Ring-changer (what, again? Yes, again) and return to where you found the Gladius. From here go left (not up the root) and follow the path into the next area. Take the first left, climb up onto the stum and use the Ring. ... no, that wasn't for my own personal amusement (fish: ...) Whaa? It wasn't! Fine, whatever, don't believe me! Moving on!

Back where the path split take the next left... yay fish? Anysay. Back at the split go right and keep going right until Lloyd notices a round, blue thing (I hope he's not talking about the butterfly... ^-__-^;; ). Open the chest behind the tree for a Crystal Shell, then do the whole stump-ring thing. Jump down and pick up the Blue Seed, then... back to the Ring-changer! (Aaahh, don't kill me! ^.__.^;; )

Check out the pink flower on the left and plant the seed. Random blue flowers start popping up all over the forest. Go left and enter the next area via the top path, then go down the tree root and left to find a lily pad with a blue flower growing next to it. Jump on and use the Ring. A fish appears and pushes a previously-inaccessible chest to the spot where the SP is. Thank you fishie! Grab the White Seed and plant it next to where you planted the blue one. Again with the random spontaneous germinations. Go right from the Ring-changer and up the root. Jump onto the branch with the flower on it and use the Ring. Ack, a bird! Oh, *whew* it's a nice bird this time... Hey, who put this box up here?? Push the box out of the tree (look out beloooooow!!) then use the Ring at the white flower. Jump off the branch, go down the tree root behind you, then take the path behind you left, then right when it splits. Go south, right, north, left up the root, north, down the root, right across the box, then stump-flower to knock the narfing fruit into the water. Farking fruit...

Go back two roots then go north and stump-flower to knock an enemy into the water to distract the big fish. Go south, right, north, then jump onto the lily pad at the end and use the Ring. The fishie... pushes the fruit to the other side of the forest. Well, what'dya expect? We're dealing with fish here, fer cripes' sakes. Return to the area where you first found the fruit cept go left instead of right and stump flower to knock a bunch of enemies into the water to push the fruit south. Go back two roots, south, left, then left again and stop in the middle of this little stretch to find a lily pad. You know what to do here. Back on the path head left and take the top path left. The boulder from earlier is blocking the fishe's path so don't lily flower yet. Back at the infamous two roots go right on the high-level platform and jump onto the branch with the white flower. Mr. Bird drops you off on a previously-inaccessible platform. Go right, stump-flower to smash the boulder, then bird-glower to get back to the previous area. Return to the fishie and lily-flower so the fishie pushes the fruit south. Follow him into the first area, return to the Ring-changer (last time, I swear), then head left, south, and follow the path around to lily-flower and finally acquire this damnable fruit (well, technically you have to jump onto the lily pad behind the Ring-changer to do so, but that's completely and utterly besides the point). Return to the kid! He thanks you and gives you a Metal Sphere for all your hard work. Follow the path to finally enter the village.

Heimdall: The Hidden Elven Village

Upon your arrival you encounter Kratos (just how the hell did he manage to get in??) Hmph. And hmph+ cause Raine and Genis aren't allowed inside the village. Talk of Mithos is also prohibited. (Mithos says: What'd I do? *pouty look*)

Upgrade your armour (your Luin weapons are pretty much the best ones in the game if you bothered to restore the place). Go to the very back and hang a left at the inn. Talk to the one buy just standing there near the windmill for a short history lesson. Enter the Elder's house and talk to him. Apparently Kratos was in here earlier. He gives you his staff, directs you to Latheon Gorge, and refuses to speak to you anymore. Talk to the two kids near the entrance on your way out. Ha! Good luck convincing Lloyd that Noishe isn't a dog...

Exire: The City in the Sky

Remember that peace of mind I promised Raine? Well, this time it's for real. And won't result in her almost dying. Really! Fly around Tethe'alla til you rind this floating city (it's never in the same place or else I'd giveya directions). Wander through the city til you reach the third platform then enter the house there and talk to the guy (he's the Elder). He apparently knows Raine's mother. Continue on into the second area of the city and enter the house from the top door. Head down to the first floor and exit the house. Keep going until a woman stops your. Enter the house anyway. *sigh* I miss the psych ward... woah, enraged Raine ^.__.^ No yell at the crazy people! ^;__;^ Raine rushes out and the Elder shows up with an interesting story to tell. Ah, so that's how it all started... (the "Ah!" of discovery!) Return to the Elder's house to pick up Virginia's diary and choose to read it. See? Peace of mind! It may take me awhile, but I always deliver. Now, one more thing to do while we're here... Standing from right where you end up when you leave the Elder's house go right and around behind his house. Now follow the path back there and inspect the obelisk. Equip the rings you got from Gnome, Undine, Sylphs, and Efreet (Ruby, Aquamarine, Opal, and Garnet, respectively), and inspect the obelisk again. Sorry fledgeling, can't make a pact with him yet, but you will soon enough. Away with thee!

Latheon Gorge

Return to Ymir and fly directly southeast til you see a little house (House of Guidance) nestled up against the mountains. Right on the other side of those mountains is the Gorge. Enter and talk to the guy there, who lets you by. Go up the path and your party stops to observe some flowers. *sweatdrop* Haha, poor Zelos. Go north and open the chest for an Ex Gem Lv 4, then go right and south for a Ring-changer. Go north for another chest containing some Rare Pellets, then go right and stand in front of the flower (i.e., so that the wind hits you). Use the Ring to create a bubble right when the flower blows out air and use the control pad to float left across the way. Inspect the flower here then head north and follow the path til you reach the tree. Inspect the tree as many times as you want. Hey, it's free! Return to the deadish flower and give it a Kirima so that it's healthy again. Use the flower then head right and follow the path until it splits. Go right all the way for an Ex Gem Lv 3, then south and left for another Ex Gem Lv 3. Go further south for another Nebilim-type weapon (Diablos for Presea) then head right and up for another Kirima tree and another deadish flower. Return to the other flower you can reach and use it to get across. Follow the path to reach an Amango tree. Take some more free fruit then continue onwards. In the next area go north and left for an Ex Gem Lv 3. There are different plants growing in this area. Revive the two dead ones then use the one on the right towards the back. Grab the Flare Greaves out of the chest and revive the flower (don't forget the Toroid for Colette), then use the other flower in this area. Use the big blue flower to reach a new area, then use the other big blue flower. Revive the flower down here and use it to travel behind the waterfall. Grab the Star Cap then use the other two flowers to reach a ledge with a chest containing a Rare Shield on it. Now use the flower here to return to the area in which you found the Devil's Arm.

Somehow the rest of the Lantheon Gorge section got deleted so I'm gonna haveta come back and finish this later. Sorry!

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