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Triet Ruins

From Triet, head southwest (this is what that compass in the top left-hand corner of the screen is for). When you get to a green area, keep following it and you'll find another Map Skit thingy. Anyway. The Ruins are back on the desert area, just a tad north-west of where the green area started.

Upon entering, you start complaining, and so does Noishe... cept for a completely different reason. Freaking... weird red thingies... er, yeah. Kratos complains as usual, but he teaches the rest of the party some useful defense techs. Huzzah? And Noishe seems to have run away... Ah well. After the Zskit go up the steps. Colette notices her family crest on some stone, and Raine goes all shoujo-heart-y again... aha. She kinda scares me sometimes... but at least it gets her a new title. Whee? (... not like she's really much good in battle right now... then again, she can heal, so maybe you'll want to switch Colette out...) Anyway. Raine tells Colette to place her hand on the stone, which opens the door. ... yes, yes we do already know that already... already already already... ^@__@^;;

Enter, then just keep going forwards. Once in the area that seems to be constructed on lava, grab the stone box that's a tad below you and push it up where the entrance is, then left down the small "path" til it falls onto the stone walkway. Do the same with the other boulder. If you go up towards the top of the screen and around, there are two chests there with a Bracelet and a Life Bottle. The one that was past the first block you took contains an Apple Gel. Alright, back in the previous area, go down towards the bottom of the screen. See the chest? Climb the rocks up to it, then use the Sorcerer's Ring on it to get rid of the rocks and obtain the Lemon Gel. Now, go through the doorway and beat up the bird for a Memory Gem. Move forward, and you find a torch. Go left and up the steps in the back and left again to find another one. Light this one first then the first one you saw using the Sorcerer's Ring and some pillars rise up. Well, that's all you can do in this area, so go back outside.

Back into the first area you entered (central area), walk across the two blocks you dropped down earlier and go up the ramp. Open the chest to get a Savory, then continue up the path and open the two chests at the end to get a Mumei and 1000g. Equip Lloyd with the Mumei, then go back outside and around to the other side (towards the top of the screen and left), IGNORE THE CHEST (it's a REALLY hard monster that can only be harmed by magic, and only two of your party members can actually do magic, so yer pretty much screwed if you open that chest right now) and go through the doorway. (*Tip: If you reaaally wanna fight this thing, it can be done at level 10... here's how: Give Lloyd two boots, and put everybody else as Hold Position under Strategy. At the beginning of the fight, run up to the Fake (the box) and hold down Y. Have it held down for the duration of the fight. Manually have Genis cast Aqua Edge and Kratos cast Wind Blade over and over, and have Colette use Apple Gummies on Lloyd. You get an All-Divide for defeating this thing, and a Spirit Bottle).

Follow the path around, beat up the baddies, then grab the block and push it right, down, and right again. Open the chest for a Stiletto, light the torch, then go onto the platform that just rose up. Follow the path, then go up when the path splits to find a chest with a Circlet in it. Go back and you'll find where you can unlock a Memory Seal, and a teleporter. I'd suggest using the Memory Seal, unless you want to go all the way outside and save, then come back in again. After saving, use the teleporter.

Raine goes nutsy-cookoo some more, then some sparkly red lights make an appearance. Fun. And yeah, you have to have Colette in your party for this... silly Seal people... ^>__<^

Boss: Ktugach, Ktugachling (2)
HP: 5,000; 1,500
TP: 50; 180
Weakness: Water/Ice
Attacks: Eruption (Ktugach)
Recommended level: 12 or 13
My current level: Lloyd: 10, Colette: 9, Kratos: 10, Genis: 10, Raine: 9

Make sure Genis and/or Kratos have Fire Ball disabled. Have Genis cast Icicle/Aqua Edge (yes, manually, even if he's on Auto) on the Ktugach (the big thingy) as often as possible, and use Orange Gels if he runs out of TP. Yes, Icicle is better, but some of us don't actually level up very much, so... yeah. Sword Rain and Tempest are a nice touch, especially since Tempest tends to land you behind the enemy (i.e., temporarily out of range). Just keep hitting the thing, but above all keep Genis and Lloyd alive. Don't worry too much about Lloyd's TP; just make sure Genis has enough. Again, let your other party members take care of the Ktugachlings, and have Lloyd and Genis go after the big guy.

After the fight, some more red lights appear, and a voice tells Colette to offer her prayers at the altar. ... well, OK then. Remiel also makes another appearance. Well then, Colette gets some nifty technicolour wings, and Remiel says to go east. ... why yes, yes she does. How observant of you. No, really. ... Colette annoys me... ^-__-^;; Anyway. You can go fight that Fake (the evil chest of DOOM I mentioned earlier) now if you'd like. Here's how to fight it: Have Lloyd go up to it and Guard the whole time, and manually have Colette casting Angel Feathers and Genis casting Lightning, and Kratos healing Lloyd (which he does anyway, but just in case). After about five Lightnings and two Angel Feathers (which takes her forever to cast), the thing is gone (*Note: My levels are Lloyd 11, Kratos 10, Genis 11, and Colette 10), and you win an All-Divide and a Spirit Bottle.

Leave the Ruins, and Colette collapses to the ground. Jeeze, what's with all the trials? How's making the Chosen sick gonna help with this Regeneration process? Beh. Y'all spend the night there. Talk to people (if you actually want to be able to talk to your party members, then talk to Colette last). Talking to Genis starts a conversation about cooking, including Raine's skills (or lack thereof). Your choice doesn't have any effect on anything cept what Genis responds to you with. Talking to Raine is pretty much her talking to herself about biostructures and you going all ?_?;; And it doesn't really matter what you answer. The second option gets you a tad more dialogue than the first, but you end up with the same conclusion. Talking to Kratos (he's waaay to the left of the fire) gets you into a conversation about Exspheres and your personal life. Answer what you want. Either choice gets you a pep talk from Kratos. ... sort of. If you talk to Colette, you finally give her her birthday present. ... which broke. You dork. Aaaaaaand you get a lecture from everybody else cause she coughed. ^9__9^;; Talking to her again has her going on a walk. By herself. ... shut it, Genis, ya monkey.

The next morning, you get another ZSkit in which you suggest going shopping in Triet first. Yeah, you go do that. Necessities: Apple Gels and Life Bottles. Yiss sir and/or madam. ^<__<^;; Upon your arrival, Genis gets all hyper and runs towards the Inn, despite Raine's warnings. He also trips and falls, and Raine gets her Sisterly Love title. Enter the Inn, and on the top floor go to the right end of the hallway and inspect the green thing on the floor. Ack, it's a weird chef dude! This guy hides in random places, and if you find him, he'll teach you new recipes. This list is found in the Recipe Locations section of this walkthrough. Anyway. Spend the night at the Inn, and during the night you yell out. Seems you've been visited... by some weird guy? ... AAAAHHHH, PERVERT ON THE LOOSE, AND HE LIKES YOUNG BOYS! ^.__.^;;

Well, before we hit Palmacosta, there's a couple of things you can do first: While in Triet, go towards the area where the fortune-teller is, but stop where the dog is. Change your lead party member to Colette, then talk to the dog. This opens up a whole sidequest thingy to get Colette one of her titles. All the dog locations are listed in the Sidequests section of the Miscellaneous section of this walkthrough (appropriate, no?). Head southwest to the "shore" and go along the green area all the way to the left. There's a new Map Skit thingy there involving Raine (ask her what's wrong). It's just more of her basically speaking aloud, but hey. Map Skit is a Map Skit, ne?

The Ossa Trail

From Triet, go directly east to find a greenish area at the edge of the mountains, and a bunch of rocks. This is the Ossa Trail. When you go forwards, a voice yells out for you to stop. Er? Friend? Not that I know of... ^<__<^;; Die? More like crash bang BOOM. Down the hole she goes. Doesn't really matter what you answer. Aha, "probably." ^~__~^;; Haha, you can close the trap door and lock her in. Go into the next area and fight stuff, keep following the path left, then go slightly left (before you see an animal running about) for a chest with a Battle Staff for Raine inside it.

In the next area, you'll eventually see a flower running around. South of that flower is an SP and two chests (Melange Gel and an Apple Gel). Next area, there's an Orange Gummy in the chest near the guy. Now, at the bottom of this incline, heal your party members and put Colette into your party (although I have beat the upcoming boss twice with Raine instead of Colette, but this makes things easier. Then again, two healers (Kratos and Raine) in your party isn't all that bad of an idea, but it's really up to you). Continue forwards, and *bang* the Clumsy Assassin (Sheena says: ... excuse me?!) makes her second appearance. And this time she's brought reinforcements...

Boss: Sheena, Wind Guardian
HP: 1,800; 2,000
TP: 131; 400
Attacks: Pyre Seal (Sheena)
Recommended level: 12-13
My current level: Lloyd: 12, Colette: 11, Kratos: 11, Genis: 12, Raine: 11

I say go after Sheena first, cause the Wind Guardian is tough, and Sheena just gets in the way and is all annoying. Have Colette cast Angel Feathers often on the Wind Guardian, and Genis casting Lightning. Kratos and Genis can both cast that, so have them use that on the Guardian. Have Lloyd use Sword Rain and normal attacks on Sheena. If she uses her attack and you go flying, be sure to press X so that you don't land on your back and take more damage. Make sure you don't use up all of Lloyd's TP on Sheena, though. When she's dead, use Tempest a lot on the Wind Guardian (very effective). Like, just keep pressing B over and over until either a) you run out of TP, or b) the thing dies. This fight shouldn't last too long...

After the fight, enter the tunnel Sheena opened, and you get a Zskit in which Raine explains what the tunnel actually is. Go forwards, then take a left, then go all the way right for a chest with a Fine Guard inside it. Go back to the entrance, then take the other passageway. At the bottom of the screen is another chest with Black Silver in it. Return to the entrance again, and this time just go forwards. In this area, ignore the laughing dark skull, and open the two chests in the back (one's hidden by a box on the right side of the screen, pretty much where the other chest is) to get an Ex Gem lv1 and a Beast Fang. You can't fight the skull right now (well, you can ifya really want to, but you'll just die. Sure, it won't be game over, but what a humilliatingly quick defeat...). I'll poke you or something when you're able to fight the thing. Anyway. Leave the tunnel, then as you leave the Trail, you get another Zskit, and Unison (or U) Attacks become available. Whee. Use the Z button in battle to do a U Attack.

Izoold: The Small Fishing Port

There's a bridge to the northeast in this area, and a Map Skit (go past the Map Skit circle, then left onto the beach, then double back to reach the Map Skit). Just try to dodge the enemies, cause the Velocidragons are pretty tough to beat. If you run into one on your quick (read: VERY QUICK) trip into this area, use lots of magic, cause that thing's defense against physical attacks is pretty high. Use Angel Feathers or even a U Attack (which works wonders, really). The Dragon Rider that comes with him isn't very difficult to beat, so don't worry about him too much. Just watch your HP, because they both do 100+ damage with each hit.

Anyway. From the Ossa Trail, go north and a touch west, and wander around the forest in there for a bit to find a Lemon Gel. Yay. Now, again from the Trail head south-east and you should arrive at Izoold shortly. You're probably low on HP/TP by now, so rest at the Inn (first building, first area). This also triggers a skit between your party... bye-bye Genis! ahaha... anyway. Back outside the Inn, talk to the fat bald guy who looks like my choir instructor to learn about Aifread, then go into the house in the very back and talk to the chick standing there. She runs out of the house. Well, follow that crazy chick!

Go right, past the Katz crew, into the next area. Go right and onto the docks, and you'll see another Katz crew dude. This guy starts a mini-game (EB). Unfortunately, the control pad options change each time you play, but for Normal and Hard modes, the happy/sad gestures are always happy => left and sad => right (I'm talking about the top buttons here). (*Tip: Try to memorize three out of the four directional emotions, left, down, and right. That way, when you see an emotion that you didn't memorize, then it has to be the up arrow):

EB game
5 Apple Gels
5 Life Bottles
5 Lemon Gels
Use this Katz guy to replenish yer stock of stuff whenever you need to (hey, it is free, after all...). The house on the docks there is occupied by a guy... apparently looking for his wife. She's actually behind the fishrack, in case you were wondering. Heh. Whenyer done, go out onto the dock that's more towards the bottom of the screen. There's the redhead again! She'll coerce Max into taking you across the ocean if you agree to deliver her letter. Agree, fer cripes' sake! You see any other way to get across the ocean? (actually, if you say no, Max'll be thankful, and will take you across the sea, but you don't get Lyla's Letter, which means that you can't do a sidequest thingy later). I'd suggest saving at the Inn before talking to Max again, but it's your call. ... aha, Raine doesn't like boats apparently. *snickers* Sailing sailing, sailing... Sailin along, havin some fish... eheh, sorry bout that.

To Palmacosta and Beyond, and Back Again

Angelic Awakening

Fire, Mutants, and Jail, Oh My!