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Rest here at the House of Salvation if you wish, then head for the Palmacosta Human Ranch. From there, go to the ocean in front of you, then go right and you'll eventually hit a town.

Thoda Island: Sightseeing Boat Dock

Enter the building and talk to the woman at the counter and answer Sure! Heh, Raine doesn't want to go. Ahh, girly scream! Hahaha! Anyway. Poor, poor Raine. Well, anyway, save, then go up towards the Geyser. Go left and up the steps, and we get a look at the stupid statue. OK, well, follow Genis' directions, and don't screw up, cause being boiled alive is bad, mmmkay? It's really not that hard, so I don't see what the big deal is... ^>__>^;; You got the Spiritua Statue!

Now, from where you are, go a little bit to the right and inspect the thingy there. Water Seal? Don't need the Statue? Well, oops... Boom, go the rocks, Ack, goes the Sheena, grr, goes the Noishe, and Excellent goes the Professor. ... wait, what? Sheena? ^<__<^;; Corrine? awwwwwwwwwwwww, it's so cuuuuuute!! Hee.

Once inside, it seems that Kratos is the only one who noticed Sheena. Haha. Well, anyway, after Kratos is confusing, go forwards. Ack, shark! Anyway. Continue towards the back, then down the steps, and get the Mermaid's Tear out of the chest. On the lowest level are two chests with a Life Bottle and a Circlet in them. Examine the glowing thing in the back. ... what, again? Wow, the Sorcerer's Ring in this game is really multi-purpose... ^<__<^;; Change the Ring back to normal, then exit the area to the south.

Go left and light the two torches (they're where the stone slabs with the picture of flames on them are). OK, where the shark is, at the bottom of the area is where you can unlock a Memory Circle if you need to. In this same area, go right between the pillars for two chests with White Silver and an Orange Gel in them. OK, go back to where the glowing thingy that changes the Sorcerer's Ring is. Change the Ring, then this time take the exit on the right.

In this next area, go down the stairs, then right. Under the arches are chests with a Stun Bracelet and a Circlet inside them. Go south down the stairs, then left into the next area. Here, grab the stone block and push it into the doorway that you just came out of, until you hear a click. OK, back to the torches! Between the torches is some scale-thing. Use the Ring on the scale on the one with some jar thing on it, and the scales tip, causing a stone slab to drop down onto the block you moved earlier. Now, back to the block! Slip under the stone slab, then follow the path to the end. Again, use the Ring on the scale on the right, which causes the platform on your left to rise up. OK! Back to the torches! Again! Heal, save, then step onto the platform and use the teleporter.

Boss: Adulocia, Amphitra (2)
HP: 10,000; 2,300
TP: 248; 120
Strengths: Water, Ice
Weaknesses: Lightning; Lightning, Fire
Attacks: Spread, Aqua Laser
Recommended level: 22
My current level: Lloyd 20, Genis 19, Colette 19, Kratos 19, Raine 19

Use Lightning a lot. If you're going to use a U Attack, make sure that Genis and Kratos are both casting Lightning. Also, instead of Angel Feathers, use Para Ball, since it's lightning-based. Have Lloyd take out one of the Amphitras first, while Kratos, Genis, and Colette cast Lightning and Para Ball on the Adulocia. Once one of the Amphitras is gone, concentrate on eliminating the Adulocia. Now you can let Kratos heal, and occasionally cast Lightning on the Adulocia. This is a pretty tough fight if you're only around level 20...

Colette does her prayer thing, and Remiel shows up again. OK, so we're goin north this time? *sings:* North, to Alaska, North... er... eheh, sorry bout that... ^<__<^;; Stupid commercials... er? I sense something in the way of a family disturbance thereabouts... oddish. Again with the smacking of Genis, haha. Use the teleporter to get back, then head to the entrance of the Water Temple.

Back outside, Colette falls over. ... Angel Toxicosis? Since when is being angelic toxic? ^O__o^;; Well, anyway, after the nighttime scene, inspect the washtubs to get back to Thoda. Now, to the Peak!

Hakonesia Peak

Enter the building and talk to grumpy old man. He lets you read the Book of Regeneration in return for the Spiritua Statue. Well, OK, the first one Colette reads is obviously the Fire Seal in Triet, and the second one is also obviously the Water Seal at the Thoda Geyser. Hrm... I'm guessing the next one is the Wind Seal, and then the Tower of Salvation. Raine says to Asgard, so, to Asgard we shall go! ... hey, that rhymed... :oD Anyway. Go up to the guards at the entrance of the Peak, and they let you pass cause of the, well, Pass, that Dorr gave you earlier. Yay! The guard on the right tells you that Asgard is to the west. Upon leaving the Peak, you see a House of Salvation directly ahead. Instead, go left and around the mountains, then continue southwest to reach Asgard.

Asgard: The City of Ruins

The first building you come across is the Inn. Up the nearby steps is the grocery store, the Shrine of the Rite (a cave), and the armoury. The Katz crew is up the ramp in the back. Back on the first level, tucked away under the ramp to the Katz crew is another cave (Mural Tunnel). There's also a huge-ass hotel in the back, which is twice as expensive as the Inn. ^<__<^;; The cave next to the kid below the hotel is just where they keep the even-weirder-looking-than-Chrono-Cross'-Viper-Manor-dragons dragons... man, what's with all the Inns in this city? There's another one in the back. Leaving this area to the left takes you to the residential area. You can talk to a bunch of people, but it basically sums up to this: Aisha (chick with blue hair in one of the houses) is gonna be the next ritual dancer. She was chosen cause she associates with a half-elf. Also, the ritual dancers are sacrificed to the Summon Spirit, and one girl wonders if anybody can get rid of "that monster." Aisha also wonders if Linar (her brother) is going to do something stupid... By the way, ifyer wondering where "Pete" (that kid all the other kids are looking for), he's inside one of the houses... not very creative, is he?

Anyway. After upgrading your weapons and armour (*Note: Upgrade Raine's equipment, because you'll need her shortly. This is why I had you buy that Battle Staff in Palmacosta earlier), head to the only place I haven't mentioned yet: between the dragon stables and the inn all the way in the back is a doorway that seems to be partly demolished. Go through there, then up the stairs and towards the huge stone dias. Raine runs ahead of the party, and goes all nutsy-cookoo again. When the camera zooms out and Raine starts talking, you can walk around. Go around to the back of the dias. There are two people there... Harley, and the infamous Linar. Harley apparently wants to blow the dias to smithereens. ... uh oh... seems psycho Raine overheard what Linar said... DUCK AND COVER!! ^.__.^;; "I am a half-elf!" Good for you Harley, ask us if we care. Um... um... anou... RAINESENSEI!! ^O__O^;;;; Harley gets the crap kicked out of him, and you somehow disarm the bombs... *wonders what the heck yer hobbies are...* ^<__<^

The Mayor and some cronies now appear and kick you out for trespassing. Go back up and approach the Mayor, who apparently thinks people like Raine are idiots (ahahahaaaaa...). OK, fine, we'll ask him! Go to the residential area and enter Aisha's house (second level, house on the right). Harley's there, as well, and tries to kick you out. Yes, sacrificed, weren't you paying attention? Wait wait wait, he opened the seal? I thought only Colette could do that... ^<__<^ But but but, OK, I'm confused... Anyway. Harley finally succeeds in kicking you out. OK, well, back to the Mayor! We must put a stop to this! Or something! ... orrrrrr Raine will volunteer to become the sacrificial ritual dancer. ^O__o^ *SMACK* Well, sheesh. Smack-happy Raine gets permission from the Mayor, and you get to reorganize yer party. I'd kick out Kratos, but that's just me. Woah, what's she wearing? Yay, pretty dance... yay, pretty lights... ... booooo, ugly evil monster...

Boss: Windmaster
HP: 10,000
TP: 220
Strengths: Wind
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Wind Blade, physicals
My current level: Lloyd 21, Genis 21, Colette 20, Kratos 20, Raine 20

Use Tempest constantly, and have Genis doing Stalagmite and Colette casting Angel Feathers, or Kratos casting Thunder Blade (Kratos is actually a better choice than Colette, at least I think so...). Leave Raine alone to do her healing spells, but don't completely rely on her, since this thing's physicals are pretty much exactly like Tempest. Use Guardian when you can, but be ready with gummies for Lloyd when needed.

After the fight, Raine gets praised (what are we, chopped liver? ^>__<^ ), and Linar and Raine wander off to translate the map you just got. ... awww, poor Genis... how'd I know they were really half-elves... no wonder he was so put off by the Desians... *huggles Genis, even if he is usually an annoying little kid*

In the morning, go to Linar/Aisha's house to fetch Raine, who's just finished translating the map. Aaaand nobody bothers answering Aisha's question. Haha. Re-enter the house and talk to Linar to find out that the Balacruf Mausoleum lies to the east. Go up to the really expensive hotel I mentioned earlier (Cool Breeze Inn) and spend the night there for 400g. Kratos will train you again if you do this (yes, you can leave Asgard, beat up some enemies, and then come back and do it).

Beware the Dragons in this area (I mentioned them a long time ago), but now there's something even worse: Insect Plants can KILL. If you encounter one, RUN AWAY! (they are beatable, you just need a really good U Attack, like Lloyd Tiger Blade, Genis Stalagmite, Kratos Thunder Blade, and Colette Angel Feathers) Visit the House of Salvation first and talk to the guy inside the building to learn about the Unicorn. The girl upstairs starts a very short word game with Lloyd (no, you don't have to do anything, it's just kind of amusing).

Well, before we head for Balacruf, it's time to explore. First, go north along the coastline. Eventually, you'll have mountains on your left, and then an area where you can go left. We're going there in a minute, but for now continue north and you'll eventually spot a Map Skit circle (Nova's Caravan is to the right of that, and you can learn a little bit more about the Unicorn, or go over the Aska memo). This Map Skit allows you to improve your points with Raine ("I see..."). Go back to that area I mentioned earlier and go between the two mountains up here (or go directly north from the House of Salvation and through the trees). Approach the lake.

Lake Umacy

When you arrive, you spot the unicorn in the lake... under a bunch of fallen trees. Apparently, this time Genis can't do anything about it. Aww. It seems you need a summoner, but Raine says that the art of summoning was lost long ago... ah well. Leave!

OK, from Asgard, go left along the mountain range. Keep following it, and you'll eventually find another Map Skit. You get more points with Kratos if you choose the first option. Anyway. From there, go north and you'll see a bridge. Right now, you're on a ledge, so follow the opposite edge that you've been following to get to this Map Skit, and you'll eventually be able to get onto lower ground. Now, head north to the bridge and cross it to reach Luin.

Luin: The City of Hope

You can get a better weapon for Raine here if you want to. This first area's road goes around the buildings in the middle. Take the top path past the Katz crew and into the next area to find Sheena playing with a bunch of kids. Answer whichever you want, but either way she runs off. If you put Colette in the front of the party and talk to the old woman at the end of the pier, the woman gets confused, haha. Stay the night at the Inn, and apparently Mr. Peeping Tom from the Inn in Triet paid Kratos a visit. Haha.

Leave Luin and go directly north. The large tower on your left is the Tower of Mana. Ignore it, and keep going til you reach the end of this landmass to find a chest with an Ex Gem Lv. 2 inside. You can "enter" the Tower of Mana for a scene in which Raine goes nuts again, but you can't go inside the actual tower yet. Now, on to the Balacruf Mausoleum!

Breaking the Wind Seal

Angelic Awakening

Fire, Mutants, and Jail, Oh My!

Breaking the Fire Seal

To Palmacosta and Beyond, and Back Again