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Balacruf Mausoleum

From the House of Salvation, go southeast, then cross the bridge and follow the path to the very end. Raine tells Colette to offer the map up at the altar. And no, sorry, the dog there in the courtyard refuses to be named, cause he's already got a name (the dude near him is his owner). Bad dog, no cookie! ^>__<^ By the way, go all the way left and open the chest behind that guy there for 1,800g. *wonders why that guy didn't take it...* ^<__<^;; At the altar, part of the stone opens up, and Colette puts the map in. An oracle stone appears, Colette puts her hand on it, and the back wall opens up. Go right, defeat the monster, uncover the SP if you really want to, although you could just go outside to save, and open the chest at the bottom of the screen for a Beast Fang. Examine the right wall, but it's too dark to see. Try lighting that torch next to you, and the wind blows it out immediately. Well, fine.

Back at the entrance, take the first path up, then go up the steps, and left (WALK, don't run across the metal part with holes in it. If you run, you'll be impaled by the floorspikes). Light the torch all the way to the left and examine the wall next to it. ... oddish. Anyway. Go down and left for another torch, then examine that wall as well. Push the block down onto the lower level, then go down the steps and defeat the worm thing there for a Memory Gem. Move the block you dropped onto the one already in the floor to turn off the wind, then go back to the thing you couldn't read earlier. Remember, walk slowly across the metal part on the right so as to not get HP taken off. Light the torch again, and examine the wall. Save (either here or outside, doesn't really matter), then take the path right next to the one you took first.

Stand right before the wallspikes, then as soon as they start to pull back, run forward, then stop before the next one. The last one goes a tad faster, but you can still make it. The torch in the back can't be lit yet cause of the wind, so go left and up the steps. Go north and read the wall, then go right and light the two torches to reveal a path. Before going inside, though, go right and down the stairs and read the wall. Go left from there and examine the glowing blue thing to change the Sorcerer's Ring. Anyway. Change the Ring back, then go south from the stairs and move the block right and onto the other one in the floor to stop the wind. Open the two chests in the back for an Iron Guard and a Blue Ribbon. Go south from the block, light the torch, read the wall, then open the chest to get a Beast Hide. Return to the torch that you couldn't light earlier, read the wall, then come back to the path you opened, change the Sorcerer's Ring, then enter the path.

Sheena apparently has arrived at the Balacruf Mausoleum, but again is stopped by Noishe. Yay Noishe! Oh, wait, no, Noishe is afraid of Corrine... hahaha... what, it's just a little blue-tailed kitsunechan... (Corrine: *CHOMP*) ... AUGH! ^X__x^;; Anyway, this is another puzzle. If you were paying attention earlier, then you already know the answer:

The door in the back is now open. I suggest healing now. Like, really... When yer ready, go through the door...

Boss: Iapyx
HP: 14,000
TP: 88
Strengths: Wind, Lightning
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Air Thrust, physicals
My current level: 22

Tempest does nothing whatsoever in this fight. As usual, have Colette casting Angel Feathers. Make sure that Kratos and Genis do NOT cast anything wind or lightning-related, although having Lightning in your U Attack actually works fine. Lloyd should use Tiger Blade a lot, and Genis should be casting Stalagmite. Let Kratos just heal people.

Heeeeeere's Remiel! [/psychoness] ... so how come she doesn't get a new tech after every seal? Bah. *shakes fist at Remiel* Oh, wait, she got one this time. Aha... ^<__<^;; OK, avoid as many enemies as you can while leaving, cause once you reach the door to leave the Mausoleum...

Boss: Sheena; Lightning Guardian
HP: 4,500; 5,500
TP: 164; 400
My current level: 23

Again, go after Sheena first. Land a bunch of physical attacks on her and a couple of Lightnings, then use Sonic Sword Rain or Beast to knock her back and away from the Guardian. Now, use a U Attack, and shortly after that she should be gone. Go after the Guardian now, again using Tempest frequently. Genis can cast Air Thrust and Colette does Angel Feathers, of course. This fight is a lot easier than the last time you fought Sheena...

After the battle, Sheena becomes quite confusing. So... if we save Sylvarant... some other world that Sheena's from will be destroyed? ... my brain hurts. Well, leave and stuff, and Colette, as usual, collapses. Apparently, she's bleeding. ... and can no longer feel anything. Awww, how cute... and slightly depressing. Anyway!

Luin: The City of Devastation

Head to Luin. Upon your arrival, you discover that the town's been destroyed. Use the top path to get to the second area, and you find Sheena in the same place she was in before. She's apparently been wounded, and Raine says that she'll heal her on one condition: Sheena has to tell them what happened to Luin. Apparently, the Desians invaded and destroyed everything. Oh look, Clara's back. Didn't I tell you people that you should be just a tad more worried about that thing wandering around?! ^>__<^! It attacks Sheena and Colette, then magically disappears to go wreak havoc on other people. Raine finally heals Sheena, who asks you to help her save the people of Luin. Agree, grommit! DESTROY THE RANCH! (What, another one?) Yes, another one. DESTROY THEM ALL, AHAHAHAHAAAA!! ... *ahem* Sheena joined yer party!

Talk to the guy by the fountain twice to learn that Clara stole the key to the Tower of Mana from him. Huh... seems that we'll have to go Clara-hunting later. Beh. Augh, Corrine talks! (skit, sorry...) Anyway. Head to the Asgard Human Ranch!

Asgard Human Ranch

This place is in a forest to the northeast of Luin. Huh... apparently the defense around here is pretty high. Um... disguising themselves as Desians? Wouldn't that only work for Genis and Raine, since they have the ears? Ambush! After defeating them, the party returns to Luin.

Suddenly, it's nighttime again... heh. Haha, Lloyd wants to play dress-up. Haha, he wanted to wear a girl's uniform... *snickers*

Anyway, the next morning, Raine and Sheena bring you all in as prisoners. Once inside, go to the right. Navigate your way through the boxes to the chest to get a Beast Hide. Now, head to the very back and enter the base. Enter the control room, which is the door on the left in the back, and the party is now out of their Desian clothes. Apparently, the Asgard Human Ranch is used to manufacture Exspheres. Fun. Huh? What next room? ... Botta?! Ack! ... not Desians? I'M SO LOST!! Soooo... many... emoticon... ballooooons..... ^@__@^;; Ack, more Desians! Botta and co. flee in terror, and Kvar makes an appearance. ... Botta's a renegade? *groans* Renegades, Angelus Project, mutant cheesecake... makes my brain ache. Hahaha, Kvar's scared of a little girly chakram.

Anyway. Open the chest in the back for a White Robe, then go down the stairs and beat up the Desian wandering around. Keep going, beat up the other guy, and go left. SP! Go left some more and up, then take a left and go down. Killing off the Desian there gets you a Memory Gem, and the chest contains an Iron Bracelet. Go up the stairs in the back to notice a bunch of humans on a conveyer belt behind a large window. ... um... wait, what? ... man... this is like in Chrono Trigger if you do that Mother Brain sidequest and find out that tabs are made from humans... *geck* Yggdrasill? What a name... wait... uh oh... looks like Lloyd's about to go berserker... his father? Looks like history kinda repeats itself, huh? Ohhhhh, so that's how Sheena pulls her disappearing act. Eh? Back to Luin? Again? *sigh* Back and forth, back and forth... well, you heard them. To Luin!

Huh, now everybody but Colette has an Exsphere. ... woah, Lloyd's pissed. Well, agree, cause you ain't gonna get anywhere without that thing. Well, besides six feet under, that is... anyway. The next morning, go right from the fountain and towards where that old lady that Colette confused used to be. Talk to the person there to find out that somebody escaped from the ranch and is now in Hima, and that the person probably knows a secret about the ranch. Back in the first area of Luin, talk to the guy there who's apparently a survivor of the Luin disaster. This triggers another training session with Kratos. Anyway. Try leaving Luin, and your party discusses what to do next. Raine reminds you of the guy that other person was just talking about, and apparently Sheena knows him. Well, OK, time to find Pietro!

West of Luin is a bridge. Cross it, then go north for a chest with a Technical Ring in it, and a Map Skit (you'll have to pull back to get onto the beach and reach it). Cept... remember that skull monster back in the Ossa Trail mines? Well, if you want to, you can go fight it now; after all, we are pretty close to the Ossa Trail... From the Map Skit, turn around and just keep following the beach til the end, then go up onto the grasslands and cross the bridge. From there, just go straight south and you'll reach the Trail. Ifyer not gonna fight the skull guy, skip to the next paragraph. Anyway. He's in the same place he was in before (although you might want to rest up in Izoold first). OK, your party for this fight should be: Lloyd (duh), Colette, Genis, and Raine. Now, usually when we fight tall enemies, I have you using Tempest, but unfortunately that pretty much does nothing here. Have Lloyd do Tiger Blade continuously, and have Genis casting Stalagmite. The Sword Dancer is weak against light, hence having Colette and Raine in your party. Colette's Angel Feathers and Raine's Photon do a lot of damage to this guy, so use those often, but make sure you watch Lloyd's HP. Use Lemon Gels if his HP drops below 800 or so, because the Sword Dancer does A TON of damage. He'll usually just go after Lloyd, so if Lloyd gets killed, be sure to revive him quickly so that the Sword Dancer doesn't come after the spell-casters. After the fight, you get the Yata Mirror. You can also replenish your stock of Apple Gels, Life Bottles, and/or Lemon Gels by playing the EB game in Izoold. To return to where we were before, just follow the coastline back.

OK, locate the path, and just keep following it til the end (yes, it breaks off once, but it continues on for a little bit after the break). There's another little break and another little bit of path. At the end of that bit, go southeast towards that thing that looks kinda like a brown wall. That's Hima. First off, though, go south, then east and around these mountains. Off in the distance, you should see another Map Skit circle. Whenyer done, enter Hima (you have to go up the "wall" a bit to enter).

Hima: The Village of Adventurers

Enter the Inn and talk to the woman on the stairs. She recognizes Sheena... and apparently Pietro's dead. ... ^-__-^;; Go up the ramp behind the Inn to approach the graveyard. Colette says they all should pray, and while you're doing that, some random guy (not .com) shows up. ... who's... apparently... Pietro... ......???? What is with zombie-dude? Ah, well, OK, so we have to heal him now. Eh, fine. But Clara took the key, ya know... anyway. OK, remember that huge-ass boulder we passed when we left the Asgard Human Ranch? Yep. That's the one. You dig up his "grave" and get the Desian Orb. Well, anyway, go up even further in Hima for a scene. So yes, later on there will be dragons. Fun, no? ... no? Eh. Well, anyway, time to destroy ranch number three!

Asgard Human Ranch

Angelic Awakening

Fire, Mutants, and Jail, Oh My!

Breaking the Fire Seal

To Palmacosta and Beyond, and Back Again

Breaking the Water Seal