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Asgard Human Ranch

Examine the big rock, and apparently it's too big to move. On the other hand, the Desian Orb works perfectly. Heh. You enter, and... immediately get attacked. *sigh* Well, after the fight, Raine activates the computer and brings up the map of the ranch. Apparently, you have to deactivate the guard thingy with two switches, but to do that you have to turn off the conveyor belt, and to do that there can't be any containers on the belt. ... ^@__@^;; The alarm goes off, and now you have to choose your team. Remember, your team is going to fight Kvar, so choose a healer (Raine or Kratos), and somebody strong in magic (Genis or Colette). Personally, I'm going with Kratos and Genis, since Colette takes forever to cast Angel Feathers, and you can only have three people in a group, so the chances of her being interrupted are increased. ... then again, I might just be a male chauvinist, who knows... ^<__<^;; Talk to the people, and choose where you want them to go (the group that fights Kvar is the infiltration group, of course).

Go south and inspect the blockish thing there if you need anything (this is the Refresh/vending machine). The doorway in the bottom-right corner leads to where the captives are being held, but you can't go in there. There's an SP on the left side of the room. Anyway, from the control panel, go left through the doorway. There are machines here putting containers onto the conveyer belt, and a chest at the end of the hallway with a Cleric's Hat in it. Go down to the bottom of the screen and go left, then up for two more chests (a Lamellar Leather and some Pellets). Head to the bottom of the screen again and go left, and examine the thing in the corner there. Choose Shutdown, then go back to the control room and towards the SP. Go left through the doorway, and examine the thing that changes the Sorcerer's Ring. Now, go all the way south, left, up, then take the first left and examine the thing towards the back of the screen to learn how to deactivate the conveyor belt. OK, so we need to shut off those switches. Go to the stairs near the top of the screen, and go right directly below them. Face the switches and shoot them with the Sorcerer's Ring as you go by, then get off near the bottom of the screen. Repeat this process on the switches on the other side. The conveyor belt suddenly jerks to a halt. Save, then go up the steps in the back left-hand corner of the room. Before the black hole for the conveyer belt, take the stairs to the left of it and open the chest for an Ex Gem Lv. 2. Go through the door, defeat the Desians, uncover the SP if you wish (although we just passed an SP), then use the teleporter. ... whiiiiiich apparently isn't working yet.

Switching back to your other party, refresh, then you might wanna switch Raine to Manual, unless you want her to just be standing around doing nothing during fights. Aha. You can change your party member order and control someone else in this matter (like Sheena) if you want to. Save, then go through the bottom-right door. This is the area you came in from the first time you were here. Examine the door that the Desian had been standing in front of to find out that it's locked. OK, fine. Go south and enter the courtyard, then go right into the first break in the containers. Grab the first block you come to and push (not pull) it as far left as you can, then grab the first of the two lined up on the right and do the same. Pull the block that was behind that one off somewhere out of the way, then go through the door you just uncovered.

Go right and up as far as you can go, then examine the blueish-green thing in the floor to... lock yourself in. Hrmmmmm... Open the chest in the back for a Card of Earth (weapon for Sheena). Enter the door to your left to fight off some Desians and free the humans. You find out that Chocolat has been taken to Iselia. ... and I still don't know why anybody cares, but OK. Go left from the stairs and through the door. Open the chest for a Stun Charm, then examine the green thingy. Go back to the previous area and go south, then south again. Go right, past the stairs back up into the courtyard, then go up as far as you can go. You notice the stupid machine there. Yes, you have to defeat the two that you gained access to earlier to be able to deactivate the guard system. Go back to the middle area (where the path leads to the prison), and go left this time. Defeat the second Raybit to finally deactivate the guard system.

Again, uncover the SP if you want to, or go back and save. Either way, use the teleporter to finally reach Kvar's room. ... Pronyma, I assume? Man, she's freaky-looking... Oh yeah, I was right, ph33r my l337 phychic powerz. :oD Blah blah blah, much Desian chitchat, as they ignore our heroes. Cause, ya know, that's a good idea and all. ^9__9^;; And here comes the rest of yer party. Mana Cannon, schmana cannon, whatEVER.

Boss: Kvar; Energy Stone (3)
HP: 10,000; 5,500
TP: 340; 100
Strengths: Lightning; Everything
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Lightning, Spark Wave, Guardian Shield
My current level: Lloyd 25, Genis 25, Raine 24, Colette 24, Kratos 24, Sheena 24

As you can see from my notes above, ANY spell cast on the Energy Stones will cure them, so don't bother using magic on them. Go ahead and get rid of them first with physicals, while Genis casts Stalagmite on Kvar, since Kvar does nothing but do the Matrix-hand-beckoning-thing and use physicals/Lightning while the Energy Stones are still around. Go ahead and turn all of Kratos' attacks off of automatic while fighting the Energy Stones; just don't forget to turn them back on after the Energy Stones are gone. When they're dead, Kvar starts getting serious, so attack him with everything you've got! Use a U Attack when you can, and just whomp the hell out of him. Pretty much all of Lloyd's techs have the same effect, but I prefer Sonic Sword Rain...

Lloyd rejoices over having avenged his mom... ACK, HE'S STILL ALIVE?! Noooooo, Coleeeeeeeette! ... oh, wait, that's right, I don't like her either... anyway. She collapses... again... Kvar tries to sneak off, and he gets double-stabbed by Lloyd and Kratos. Woah, Kratos gone mad. ^.__.^ Well, Colette's OK... sort of. And Kvar's finally dead. Huzzah. ... you'd think that people would've already figured out that becoming an angel means not being human anymore... but eh. Kratos runs off, and mystery man appears again.

Everyone decides to head back to Asgard, and the ranch blows up. Yay! Much tripping of the light philosophical, and then you can go do stuff. Enter the residential area and go visit Harley in his workshop (first level, house on the right, use the door in the back right-hand corner of the room). He gives you the Figurine book and six Pellets He gives you the Figurine book and six Pellets. Well, we have to go to Iselia anyway, so we can ask Dirk about the Pellets and stuff when we get there. Head to the stone dias... to find the impostors trying to pass off their stupid chick as Colette, name and everything! Augh, must. stab. impostors. ^-__-^;; Man, wtf, that really freakin pisses me the heck off. Well, Linar comes to your rescue, although I don't see why Colette doesn't just show her wings or something. Personally, I'd just set those assholes on fire, but that's just me. The fakes run off, but Fake Genis gets left behind. Man, how do they know Colette's name, bu not what she looks like? Anyway, no matter what you choose, y'all let him go anyway. ... hahaha, looks like Fake Genis has a crush on Colette... *snickers* Well, the old guy pays for a room for you at the most expensive hotel in the city after finding out that you're the real Chosen group. Haha. Buy a Yayoi for Sheena, then leave.

If you want to confront the imposters again, head to the Balacruf Mausoleum. As soon as you arrive, the imposters are ripping more people off. Sheesh... why can't you just set them on fire already?! Bah. Well, go to Luin and talk to the guy next to the pastor near the fountain. Choose to go with him, and you're all instantly transported to Hima. Move forward, and your party notices a disturbance in front of the Inn. Go there to find that Clara's being killed off by the people there. Raine gets whomped, Clara runs off, and the people chase after her. Genis notices that Clara dropped something... which turns out to be the key to the Tower of Mana that she stole off that pastor in Luin. ... although what a monster would want with a key is beyond me... Whelp, time to tackle that tower!

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