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Tower of Mana

We've been here before. Head north from Luin and enter the Tower, then unlock the door and enter. You notice an oracle stone, and a magical circle awakens in response to Colette. Huh... so you need three people to stay behind and keep the door open... dun dun dun... Well, choose your fightning party. Colette obviously has to go with you, so choose either Kratos or Raine to go with you (I say Kratos, cause he can attack, too, but that's just me. Plus, you'll need somebody who can cast light magic in both parties...).

Once inside, go forwards... er... around... and around... and arouuuuuuuuund....... ^@_______@^;;;; The second enemy drops a Memory Gem. At the end of the very long dizzying staircase is a chest with an Armet Helm in it. Go through the door! Use the Ring on the red curtain in the back of the room to destroy it, causing a beam of light to shine forth. Now, push the block into the very middle of the square to reveal some odd thingy and an exit. Go through the exit. To the north is a covered up SP if you need it. Examine the green box-thing just below the door you just came through, and Raine appears. Intriguing...

You gain control of Raine. Again with the switching of somebody to manual, cause that's a good idea. If you examine the "magic circle," you can control Lloyd's party again, but eh. Anyway. Examine the bookcase in the back left-hand corner of the room to acquire Boltzman's Book (the book you need to be able to save Pietro and Clara). Raine comments that she needs the Unicorn Horn... which we'll worry about later. You can read some other books around here if you want to. Anyway. Go up the stairs in the back to reach another similar puzzle room. This time, the curtain is on the left. Do the same thing you did with the last room like this, then go through the doorway. You're now in the same room as Lloyd, but on the floor below. There's an SP in the back which you might want to use, and a chest with an Ex Gem Lv. 2 inside. There are two chests on your left with a Lunar Guard and a Moon Robe inside. Go through the door in the back for a chest with a Stinger Ring inside, then go back.

OK, more puzzles, eh? Fine. First things first: go to the door where you first entered this room from, and go left for another red curtain. Set it on fire, then grab the box to the right of the door you first came in from and pull it into the light. OK, you have to put it exactly where I tell you to, so bear with me while I describe the floor pattern: OK, there's the door you came in from originally, and right in front of it is a row of two brown stones, half-sized. In front of that is a row of two complete brown stones, and in front of that is a row of white stones. Push the box onto the white stone on the right in that row. Now, grab the box to the left of the door and push it into the beam of light going towards the back of the screen. Pull the box backwards in this stream of light til you bump into one of those round white ball things. Now, locate the other white thing that's further towards the back of the room. Push this box until it's directly behind that white thing (i.e., it goes where there's another box right now, so move that box out of the way). OK. Go back and grab the last box near the original door and push it til it's directly to the left of the box you just pushed behind the white thing. OK, one last box. Grab it, and push it into the beam of light going down towards the bottom of the room (i.e., the parallel beam on the right), then pull it down towards the white thing you bumped into earlier (i.e., the one between the one in the back and the one on the left) to complete this puzzle.

Go through the door in the back again, then the right door, then the door at the bottom of the screen to encounter another long, winding staircase. Go through the door at the end, then through the door on the left. Open the two chests for an Ex Gem Lv. 2 and an Iron Mail, then go across the bridge of light you created earlier.

You regain control of Lloyd, and another bridge of light appears. Go across it, up the stairs, then across the other light bridge, up some more stairs, and across the last bridge to rejoin the rest of your party. You stand on the other pad, and the teleporter activates. Go back and save, then use the teleporter.

Boss: Iubaris
HP: 16,800
TP: 1,500
Strengths: Fire, Lightning, Light
Weaknesses: Darkness
Attacks: Force Ray, Photon, horse attack
My current level: 26

My party suggestions for this fight: Lloyd, Colette (both duh), Genis, and Kratos. Sheena's pretty much useless right now, and Raine's only attack spell is a light-based attack, so beh. Unfortunately, you don't have any darkness-based attacks right now, so... Angel Feathers, of course, is a light-based attack as well, so don't have her cast that. Have her do her regular techs, like Ring Whirlwind and Ray Satellite (no Para Ball), and turn off all lightning/fire spells in Genis and Kratos' menus. Have Colette cast Holy Song, and Genis and Kratos do Stalagmite and Air Thrust. Use Beast a lot, because it will knock Iubaris down and you can get a bunch of hits in. Again, a U Attack is a nice touch, as well. Watch it, though, cause this thing jumps around like there's no tomorrow and interrupts spell-casters often.

Er... Luna?! Well, Luna wants you to find Aska... odd. ^O__o^;; Ack, scary-faced Remiel! Colette gets a new tech, Sacrifice... and I wonder why she didn't get one after the Water Seal... ^<__<^;; Well, I guess our next stop is the Tower of Salvation, huh? Leave the Tower of Mana through Lloyd's route. Once outside... yeah, yeah, we know. She collapses. ... and loses her voice. ^O__o^;;

During the night, Sheena makes an announcement, although apparently Raine knew half of it already. Yep, Sheena's from another world: Tethe'alla. Moral dilemmas... they make things complicated. Strife, strife! ... anyway.

Lake Umacy

Well, you heard Raine earlier: in order to heal Pietro and Clara, she needs the Unicorn's help. The only problem is contacting the Unicorn. Sheena has an idea, though: summon Undine to control the waters. And yes, Sheena is a summoner.

Thoda Geyser

The receptionist lets you ride for free since you're with the Chosen. Enter the Water Temple and go to the room in which you broke the seal. Sheena goes and tries to do the pact, but Undine appears and says that she's already bound by a pact. Well, Sheena tries to get Undine to cancel her pact with that Mithos guy. And now... you get tested. ^x__o^

Boss: Undine
HP: 13,000
TP: 320
Strengths: Water, Ice
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Aqua Edge, Spread
My current level: 27

Sheena must be in your party for this. You should have a healer with you, and Raine is a good idea for that. Genis should be your last party member. An alternate (yet slightly suicidal) strategy is to have Sheena, Colette, and Genis in your party. Mega damage, but you need to be quick with those gummies. Here's what each party member should do: Raine should be left alone to heal people, and occasionally cast Photon, Kratos should be left to heal, and occasionally cast Lightning Blade, Colette should continuously cast Angel Feathers, Genis should continuously cast Eruption, and Sheena should continuously cast Pyre Seal. Lloyd should use Beast and any tech that includes Sword Rain often. Finish her off with a U Attack.

Sheena makes her vows, and she gains the ability to summon Undine. Woohoo! Return to Thoda.

Lake Umacy

Upon arrival, a huge discussion over pure-hearted maidens ensues. Haha. Sheena summons Undine, who frees the Unicorn and takes Sheena and Colette over to the Unicorn, who's asking for Martel. Well, he recognizes the two girls, and says a bunch of stuff, the end result being that you acquire the Unicorn Horn. The Unicorn disappears... because without his horn, he dies. Aww... that's kinda sad. Raine learns a new skill, and gets a new title. Huzzah!

Use the shortcut guy in Luin to get to Hima. Head to the Inn and enter the room on the second floor. Raine casts Resurrection on Pietro, and he's cured! Yay! Apparently, he's got something to tell Colette... about the Angelus Project and the Mana Cannon, although his information is sketchy at best. Well, anyway, Pietro promises to rebuild Luin. OK, try to leave Hima, and a scene occurs in which your party ponders on how to reach the Tower of Salvation. Yes, yes, that dragon tour guy from before! Well, first things first: you might want to get some more for Sheena anyway. Plus, it's EXP and g, right? Well, there are a couple of other things to do, as well:

The Tower of... Salvation?

Angelic Awakening

Fire, Mutants, and Jail, Oh My!

Breaking the Fire Seal

To Palmacosta and Beyond, and Back Again

Breaking the Water Seal

Breaking the Wind Seal

Asgard Human Ranch