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Tower of Salvation

Upon arrival, you find out that Kratos and Colette have gone inside already. Well, sheesh, thanks for waiting! ^>__<^ Enter the Tower, then move forward... the hell?! Wow, that's a lot of dead Chosen... Use the teleporter to reach the next level. You're just in time to see Remiel again, who tells Colette to... sacrifice her heart and memory?! ... I'm starting to dislike this guy more and more each time we see him... wait wait wait, she's gonna DIE?! OK, I know I didn't like her, but I didn't dislike her that much. OK, Remiel sounds really evil right now... ^.__.^ So... apparently if Colette sacrifices her body, and wants to save both worlds, it'll happen? Sounds REALLY fishy to me... You try to stop Colette, but Genis holds you back.

Colette goes forward to begin the process, and you finally free yourself from Genis' grasp. Aha! I knew he was fishy! Um... inferior beings? Sounds kinda like a Desian, don't he? Anyway. You try to stop Colette, but her voice rings out in your head. ... er... where the heck is Kratos in all of this? There goes Colette... red eyes?! She learns Judgement, although I don't know how useful that's gonna be if she's about to die. ^-__-^;; OK, I can laugh more evilly than that... give me a break. Four Seraphim? You make my brain hurt! DIE!

Boss: Remiel
HP: 16,000
TP: 258
Strengths: Light
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Photon, Holy Lance, Judgement Ray
Recommended level: 32
My current level: 29

Well, you don't have Colette or Kratos with you, but good thing you have Raine. Turn off Photon in her menu, and just let her heal. Have Sheena summoning Corrine, Genis casting Ice Tornado, and have Lloyd whoop Remiel's ass with his best techs. First off the bat, have Raine cast Field Barrier. Heal often, and don't always wait for Raine. Whip out your U Attack when you can! Lloyd's techs like Hunting Beast and Psi Tempest do decent damage to Remiel.

Remiel bitches, whines, and generally bemoans his fate, as you call out to Colette. Oh, look, Kratos is back... and starts making my brain hurt. You know what that means, don'tCHA. DIE NOW!

Boss: Kratos
HP: 22,500
TP: 1,500
Strenths: Light
Weaknesses: n/a
Attacks: Light Spear, Grave, Lightning Blade, Fierce Demon Fang
Recommended level: 33
My current level: 30

... cheeeeeeeeee, this guy is fast! Use the same strategy as you did with Remiel. When Kratos goes to cast Grave, RUN THE HECK AWAY! Use the beginning of the fight to replenish your TP (all party members).

KYAAAAA! ... fortunately, you don't have to win this fight... He's about to chop your head off... when some weird light comes down out of the sky. Errrr... who the heck is that? Oh. The infamous Yggdrasill, huh? ... looks like a girl to me. ... and the Desians?! I should've known... ^>__<^ ... oh crap!

Boss: Yggdrasill
HP: 40,000
TP: 3,000
Attacks: Holy Lance

... there's no way in hell you're gonna defeat this guy, whether you beat Kratos or not, so don't even bother using items. Just let yourself get killed off.

... um? Random sword? Ow. ... Botta?! ... the hell is going on?! ... don't die? YOU TRIED TO KILL US, YA MORON!! *stabs*

Sylvarant Base

... from the background music, it seems that you've woken up in a Desian facility. Your suspicions are confirmed when Raine tells you that you're at the Sylvarant Base. ... not... Desians...? Head... exploding... *death* Raine launches into a huge explanation of ongoing events, so try to understand as much as you can. Basically, the Renegades are not Desians, but are in fact against them, and the Desians and Cruxis (the angels) are on the same team. Some... Renegade... enters the room, still sounding evil, and tells you to go to the next room.

Yuan and Botta are there... yes, the same guy who tried to assassinate Kratos in Hima. Ohhhh... so the angels are actually Desians. Stupid Desians. ... wait wait, Yggdrasill created Tethe'alla? So yes, Yuan and Botta attacked your party to stop the revival of Martel. ... er er er?! Now what? Ack! ... although why they didn't disarm you in your sleep is beyond me. Yeah, kick the crap out of Yuan! ... wow, you're slow to realize things, aren'tCHA? ... ahaha, Sheena leaves Corrine to do all of the fighting...

... huh. You get to control Colette now. How odd. Well, you may know this base already, but not the part that we're going to. Go right, then north, then right into the next area. Use the Vending Machine if you need to, then use the SP on the other side of the room and go through the doorway. Use the ring-changer thingy, then go up the steps, left, then south and down the steps. Grab the two brown blocks and push them until they're between the steps and the platform with a gray block on it. Go back up the steps, walk across the blocks, and push the gray block onto the lower level. Push this block all the way to the right and into the niche below the two chests on a platform. Go back and drag the other two blocks directly right of the other steps in this area. Go across all three boxes to access the chests and obtain a Straw Hat and an Ex Gem Lv. 2. Back downstairs, move the gray block onto the blue square to reveal a staircase leading down. Move the two brown blocks onto the piece of floor outlined by pink lights. Have both of them lined up in a vertical-running line on the right-hand side of this square, then go down the stairs you just uncovered.

Shove the gray box on your right into the water, then go left and inspect the control panel there. OK, so you need to charge it up. Move to the electrical pillar in the back and shoot it with the Ring (it should say Energy charge confirmed). Inspect the control panel again and choose Yes to lower the square platform you pushed the boxes onto earlier. Walk across the boxes, go south, then up the steps on your right and inspect the thing with the blue plaque on it. Again with the insufficient power. Move down to the lower level and charge the pillar under the platform you were just on, return to the blue plaque, then flick the switch. The water is drained from the channel now, so go down the steps there and move the block onto the blue square. This lowers a wall, so go left and charge the pillar there. Go back up the steps (by the way, there's a chest hidden behind the blue plaque platform, which contains a Protect Ring), then go through the door at the bottom of the screen.

In the hallway, you angst for a bit, and then Raine suggests going to Tethe'alla. Apparently, you need Rheairds to do so, though, whatever those are. ... heyyyyy... we're in that room from before... the one you hid in the last time you were captured and brought to this base. So... the door to the south leads to where you were imprisoned that time, and an SP of course. Use the left door from the room you hid in before, go left, then up into the room in the back. Yay, Rheairds! Onwards, to Tethe'alla! ... orrrrrrr not...

A Whole New Wooooooooooooorld

Angelic Awakening

Fire, Mutants, and Jail, Oh My!

Breaking the Fire Seal

To Palmacosta and Beyond, and Back Again

Breaking the Water Seal

Breaking the Wind Seal

Asgard Human Ranch

Maná Ain't Just the Name of a Really Cool Band, Ya Know...