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Currently there're only banners here at the moment. I'll add in some buddy icons/avatars and possibly some music files later on. And yes, you can take these, but please save them on your own hard drive as bandwidth is expensive, and please give credit where credit is due.

Lyrics: "My Sweet Heart" Komatsu Rika (Tokyo Mew Mew Japanese intro theme).

Lyrics: "Standing Still" Jewel (This Way).

Lyrics: "Father of Mine" Everclear (So Much for the Afterglow).

Lyrics: "Nobody's Home" Avril Lavinge (Under My Skin).

Lyrics: "Tip Taps Tip" HalCali (Tip Taps Tip).

Lyrics: "Why Can't I?" Liz Phair (Liz Phair (self-titled)).

Lyrics: "1,000 Oceans" Tori Amos (To Venus and Back).

"Girls Girls Girls" Jay-Z (The Blueprint).