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When you get to the village, the guards tell you that Phaidra was looking for you. Well, go to Collet's house already! You get two skits on the way there. Hrm... maybe she was avoiding you? Did you take a shower? :oD Anyway. Upon entering, Frank gives you a letter from Collet. Ahaha, that expression was the closest thing to " O_o " I have ever seen in my entire life. Frank starts to tell you something, but then something else goes [BOOM] outside. Well, go check to see what it was! Have Frank heal you, then shoo! Out the door with you! Ack! Desians are setting the village on fire! Bastards! ... and there's that idiot with the metal popsicle stick for an arm again. ^>__<^ Use the SP that has magically appeared in Collet's front yard, then go south to confront the soldiers. Get ready to fight! They're just like the other Desian soldiers you've fought before. Now, head to the school and save that guy! He gives you an Apple Gummy and an Orange Gummy as thanks. Now, have Frank heal you, then take the path directly in front of the school. When you pass by Genius' house, he gets all upset, and you get even more pissed off. Keep following the path.

The guards call you out, and you get pissed. Then Popsicle-Arm-Boy introduces himself. Grand Cardinal, eh? Don't seem so grand to me. ... er... is that guard... vibrating? ^O__o^;; Anyway. So who the hell attacked Collet then?! Augh. Oh, look, it's all your fault. ... errrrrrrr...

Boss: Exbelua
HP: 5,000
TP: 38
Attacks: Insane Cell (dark energy force field), Impact Hammer (energy blast)
My current level: Lloyd: 6, Genius: 5

Watch this thing, cause it hits pretty hard. Like, really. Its hits also knock you really far back, so watch Genius' HP if he gets too close to this thing. Use the Y-button to air-escape from this attack if possible. When darkness starts emanating from under it, get away! That's its stupid force field attack, and it hits multiple times. Don't get stingy with Apple Gummys or TP, either. Its energy blast is hard to avoid, since the beginning of it looks a lot like its physical attack. The best thing to do in this battle is to run up to the enemy, land a couple of blows, then run back again, Tales of Phantasia-style. Your "couple of blows" should be three hits and Demon Fang, then fall back. If Genius is too close to the thing, use Sonic Thrust instead of Demon Fang to knock it back. Sure, it takes longer, is riskier, and apparently does no damage, but unless you just want to go at the thing by yourself, don't ignore Genius.

After the fight, the thing falls to the ground, and the Desians discover your Exsphere. ... Angelus Project? Wha? Heck no, we're not giving this thing up, ya murderers! ... mom did what now? Errrr... err?! Marble?! Noooooooooooo!! Forcystus (フォシテス) goes down, and vows to pretty much hunt you to the ends of the earth.

The Desians run away, but the Mayor is majorly pissed off at you. ... exile? He doesn't even live there, fer cripes' sake. Ohhh, Genius is one pissed-off elfkin. You both get banished, and Phaidra beseeches you to go after and protect Collet. Genius, of course, is gonna tag along with you, so yay. You also suggest to Genius for him to use Marble's Exsphere. Good thing you got that Keystone Crest earlier, huh? Talk to Phaidra to learn that Collet and co. headed south to the Triet Desert. Frank tells you that Houses of Salvation have Inns in them that you can use to rest at when you need to. ... apparently he doesn't like you enough to heal you anymore. Well hmph. As you leave, you get the title "Drifting Swordsman." Leave the village.

Go south from Iselia, and you'll probably get a skit soon enough. ... anybody else getting the feeling that maybe Genius and Refill are actually half-elves? Anyway. You'll soon come across a white box-ish structure. Enter.

Nova's Caravan

As soon as you enter, some guy demands to know who you are. Hahaaa, you liar. He lets you rest there for free. Use the SP if you need to (it's on the right), then leave.

Range south (just follow the sandy path), and you'll eventually get a skit. Soon afterwards, it'll cut to you and Genius, and Noish howling. ^<__<^;; He's got a letter for you from yer dad. Aw, how sweet and touching and mushy mushy goo. His letter also teaches you about Ex Skills, so pay attention. Keep following the path, and you'll see a House of Salvation (one of those Inn thingies Frank was talking about earlier.

House of Salvation

Walk south, and Genius says that walking around isn't gonna help you find Collet. Well, fine. Genius talks to the guy, and Long-Range something-or-other now becomes available. ... whatever that is. Vague, isn't he? Well, now he explains it, so yay. ... items on the field? That's a new one... (check the Maps section, and the yellow squares on the map are the locations of the chests in the field) Anyway. The Guide Post Monument locations are listed in their corresponding sections in the Miscellaneous section at the top of this and every ToS walkthrough page. Enter the building and talk to the dude in the very back. He says you can rest upstairs if you need to. ... for 100g, that is. There's also an SP on the second floor. Leave whenever you want to.

Keep going south, and you'll hit a bunch of sand. Ergh. After wandering around for awhile, you'll get another skit, in which Genius mentions that there should be a gate around here that leads to Efreet. From where you entered, go directly south to reach an oasis-looking area.

Triet: The Desert Oasis

... Errrrrr... ack, Desian guards! Oh, great, now they've put up wanted posters. Wonderful. ^>__<^ Talk to the little kid wandering around, and he'll tell you that Collet was asking the fortune-teller a bunch of stuff. He also tells you that the fortune-teller lives in a tent near the oasis. Talk to the guy to the left of the entrance for a scene. ... stupid Desians. In front of that guy is another guy, and to the left of him is a booth. This is the Traveler's Mate, a shop. Buy stuff if you want, then continue down that street. A guy hails you. Answer Okay, and he says that he can make weapons and stuff stronger (this is a good thing). He doesn't like arrogant, showy swordsmen (... you mean like Kratos?) (Kratos says: ... I heard that. -_-). The guy wants a Beast Hide, which you should have already. If you have one, talk to him again and he gives you a Soft Leather, then says that he'll make you stronger armour. You get taken to a menu (listed in the Shops section of this walkthrough). And yes, it's free. All you have to do is acquire the items he asks for (and no, he won't let you leave until you pick something). Keep going, and talk to the guy in front of the house, who tells you to check out the impressive hole. Examine the hole (it's to his left), and Genius gets all pissed off at the Desians... but... of course. Collet. Hahaha! Anyway... there's another store next to that guy's house, with more of a selection than the other store. Back at the stone circle near the entrance, go north. There's a booth with three people in it. Talk to them to learn about the Katz Exploration Team. They sound pretty useful, but you probably don't need them right now. Talk to the cat-like person the farthest to the north out of the three, and you can buy Ex Gems from him/her/it/cheesecake if you wish. Continue into the next area.

At the very back is the grocery store, where you can buy food if you want to. Keep following the path, then enter the tent at the very end. Talk to the fortune-teller... who wants 100g before she'll tell you anything about Collet. ^<__<^;; Well, you came here to find Collet, so pay already! Apparently, at some point Efreet went berserk and destroyed an oasis... the same oasis that Collet is headed towards. ^.__.^ After that, she'll tell your friendship fortune for free if you talk to her again. ... tch. I think she got Genius and Kratos mixed up... or did she? *pokes Genius* (Genius: ... *whistles innocently*) Eheh. Actually, what Genius thinks of you depends on what you answered back at the ranch (hence why I put "If you answered 'Fine,' he'll like you better"). Ha, you can check out the wanted poster if you want... apparently the Desians can't draw to save their lives. Try to leave Triet, and a voice calls out to you. ... aw geeze, not these guys again. *sigh* Well, you know the drill. After the battle, Genius tells you not to let yer guard down... *bzzzzzzzzzt*! Augh! Abducted!

Sylvarant Base

Genius and unconscious you are taken off somewhere, and a pissed-off Noish follows you. You get taken inside, and the Desians decide to take care of Genius... who starts bawling. Jeeze... well, it worked at least (although it probably was mostly cause Genius is an elfkin...). Genius takes off and finds Noish, and decides to save you. The scene now switches to you inside of a cell. ... it's a wonder they didn't kill you and get it over with. You overhear some Desians talking about you... and one actually feels sorry for you? Go fig, one of them might have a shred of decency in him. ... or not. Most of the guards wander off, and yer left inyer cell to ponder your fate. Well... try to hit the guard with the Sorcerer's Ring as he passes by! Don't worry if you miss. When you hit him, he runs off... and your cell door magically opens?

Inspect the cell door next to you to get to the chest with a Beast Hide in it. The next cell has an SP in it. Now, go right and open the chest behind the security desk to regain your equipment. Nope, you don't have to re-equip it all. Continue right, fight off the guards (which sets off the alarm), then continue through the door in the back. Move forwards to inspect the weird glowing blue thing, and then you hear guards coming, so you jump into the... whatever that thing is. The guards come in, and apparently are blind. They decide to go back, and they explain how to work the doors. ... yes, yes it does Lloyd. Ya big weirdo. You should get a Zskit at some point about technology. Anyway. Go inspect the glowing blue thing again, and apparently the Sorcerer's Ring doesn't spark anymore. Instead of fire-type, it's now a lightning-type. How convenient... well, obviously the point of this is that you have to get those weird roving machines onto their blue pads, then electrocute them. So... yeah... you go do that. Remember, use the square button to fire. Also, if you get too close to these things, they chase after you and you have to fight them. Be sure to electrocute them when at least part of them is on a blue pad (there are two of em). Also, if you have to fight one, it disappears, but regenerates soon afterwards. Go through the door you just opened.

There are more of those stupid robots and more Desian guards in the corridor. Beat up as many as you'd like. You also get another Zskit. ... different how? They try to kill you and they try to kill you. I don't see a difference here, but OK... ^>__>^;; When you beat up the guard, you get a Memory Gem. Go down the corridor where the guard was (i.e., not left and up the stairs) then go through the door at the end. There's a chest on your left with a Beast Fang in it (what's with all this beast stuff in chests in a prison? ^O__o^;; ). Behind that is a vending machine where you can buy stuff if you need to. Another Zskit, in which you wish Genius were around. You can examine the thing on the other side of the room from the Vending Machine, but you won't understand it apparently. And apparently times two you can't get to the other side of the room, sooo... back to those stairs I mentioned earlier!

... um... in the GC version, there's a huge-ass GameCube in the middle of this room. ^O__o^;; OK, go examine the stand-alone blue thing near the top-left corner of the room. Yes, OK, volts and pillars, fine. Go directly left from there, stand on the weird thing that looks like a diving bloc taken from a pool, and use the Sorcerer's Ring on the pillar. Yes, the thingy moves. You'll notice that there are coloured balls on the outside and coloured points on the inside ring. Well, go towards the right side of the room, check out the silver skribble-type stuff on the floor, and you get offered an explanation of Memory Gems and Sealed Memory Circles. Well, anyway, use the middle "diving bloc" and electricute the middle pillar. The door to the south should unlock. Go through it. On the right is a chest with a Magical Cloth inside. The door further south won't open, so go back to the GameCube room. Use the "blocs" in this order: 1) the one closest to the door you just entered from (go through the door on the right side of the screen, and the area's now changed. Open the chest at the end to get 1500 g), 2) the one towards the back of the screen, 3) the one in the middle. The back room should open now. Go through it.

When you move forwards, another guard appears. You decide to make a run for it into some random room. ... ^O__o^;; ahaaa... Er... it's never a good idea to get cocky with somebody when you've just burst in on them and they're threatening you with a random energy blast... ^<__<^;; Er... he knows yer naaaaaame!! Mysteeeeeeerious... *wiggles fingers* Well, there goes the alarm, and Botta decides to make appearance #2. And... I don't know if Mystery Boy #2 is hitting on you or threatening you... ^.__.^;; Er... hi Genius! And... Collet and Kratos... ^@__@^;; And... a boss battle. Yes.

Boss: Botta, Desian guards (2)
HP: 4,200; 600
TP: 224; 38
Attacks: Stone Blast, Stalagmite (area), Rock Breaker (physical attack that hits one party member multiple times)
Recommended level: 9
My current level: 8

This guy hits hard. Let your other party members take care of the guards; you, meanwhile, need to attempt to kill off Botta. DO NOT get stingy with Apple Gummys. Watch your HP carefully. Once the guards are gone, and he's getting the crap beat out of him, Botta will start casting Stalagmite, which can hit all your party members within a certain radius, so watch it. If he goes into OverLimit, get the hell away from him! Don't forget to use your block button, even though I hate blocking... Use Sword Rain as much as you can, and don't be afraid to back off and heal when you need to.

After the fight, Botta says that he's underestimated your abilities. Well, no shit Monkey-face. He drops his weapon and flees, tail between his legs. Refill picks up his weapon (hiya Refill! Welcome to the fight, glad you could make it. ^-__-^;; ), but Kratos interrupts the conversation. Well, fine. Outside, you find Noish waiting for you. Refill asks about Exspheres, but Kratos again interrupts. ^9__9^ Back on the world map, I suggest you heal. If you go south towards a grassy area (and the ocean), you'll see a circle on the ground with light emanating from it. This is a Map Skit. You actually get to choose what you say sometimes for these, and they affect your relationship points (use the Maps section of this walkthrough to find the locations of all of the skit points (blue circles)). Haha, embarrased Lloyd. ^~__~^ You might want to wander around a bit, not just to level up, but cause two Zskits later, you get a conversation between Lloyd and Kratos, in which Combos and Status Effects are added to your training manual. Anyway. From the Base where you were held prisoner, go right and up to return to Triet.


Genius says he's tired, so y'all go to the Inn. You finally get to explain to Refill what Exspheres are... and she apparently wants one. ... shoujo-heart-bubble Refill scares me. ^.__.^;; Refill whips out a bunch of stuff, which you call junk. Er... you love pissing people off, don'tCHA there buddy? Oh look, she actually had something useful. Go fig. Well, now, aren't you Mr. I'm-Gettin-Out-of-the-Fryin-Pan-by-Bein-Mr.-Helpful? If you talk to Kratos, he just tells you to get some sleep. Leave the room, then go left and up the stairs. You can enter the second door for a scene between Lloyd and Collet. Enter the first door to get to Genius and Refill's room. Well, you can talk to Refill again ifya want to, or you can go bug Genius... ^<__<^ ... PINCH HIS NOSE! PINCH HIS NOSE!! AHAHAHA! ... ^<__<^;; Well, anyway, leave whenya want, and Refill gets all MARVELOUS-psycho again... FLEE IN TERROR!

Back in the hallway, you notice Kratos going off somewhere... follow that weirdo! ... ahh! Dun keel meeeeeeee!! ^X__x^;; Well, you two start on what actually seems like a cordial conversation... then you get majorly lectured by Kratos. Well, sheesh.

The next morning, you find that nobody is in their room. Run outside to find your party members in the middle of the square, waiting impatiently for you. Refill gives you the Monster List... as homework. ^@__@^;;;!! Anyway. Refill joined your party! Buy a Flying Disc for Collet, equip it, then have the customizer guy customize her Chakram into a Duel Ring. Also, buy some new equipment for your characters, like Ribbons and Berets, and some Mantles.

Breaking the Fire Seal

Angelic Awakening