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The game starts off with Tenchi, Ryoko, Ryo Oki, Aeka, Mihoshi, and Sasami in the living room. After the usual random antics between Ryoko and Aeka, Sasami and Ryo Oki wander off to look for Washu. Then the room goes all wacky, and Mihoshi notices a bunch of monsters. Whee, first battle.

You can only choose from Ryoko, Tenchi, Aeka, and Mihoshi at the moment (yes, you can have less than four people in your party if you want. Hell, you can have only one if you're really bored). The characters in this game don't level up in the usual way (i.e., by EXP/experience points). They level up depending on the number of actual kills they make. You'll want to level Ryoko up pretty quick, as she'll be your strongest character for the first half of the game, but she's the weakest one defense-wise at the moment. Aeka's your strongest hitter right now (... yeah, I know, doesn't make much sense), but Mihoshi's one of the most annoying characters to use in this game, because she misses a lot, even when using some of her more powerful techs. ^x__x^ Not good, especially when her attack could mean the difference between life and death for your party. So whether you want to level her up quickly (just to get it over with) or not is up to you.

For the first fight, I chose this order: Tenchi, Ryoko, Aeka, and Mihoshi. Move Tenchi forward all the way, have him attack, then move Ryoko behind Tenchi and have her finish off the Kusanagi. Move Aeka all the way forward, attack, then the same with Mihoshi (yes, Mihoshi has a long-range attack, but the point here is to distract the Kusanagi from killing Ryoko). This placement should have Ryoko getting hit only once, as opposed to the death she gets if you have her attack her own Kusanagi. Use the grid to find the Kusanagi with the least amount of HP, and have her kill that one off. Level up Ryoko! Now, do whatever you want, since Ryoko now has full HP again. :op

Finish off the Kusanagi, and Ryoko immediately glomps onto Tenchi and lays on the "helpless little girl" act, making Aeka pretty mad. Mihoshi then points out that someone had been waiting for them to stop for quite awhile...

Enter... the "villain." Shitsuki introduces herself, then captures Sasami and demands that they show her their powers. She promises to return Sasami if they win. Well, OK then.

Boss: Shitsuki, Kusanagi (3)
HP: Shitsuki: "84" (n/a), Kusanagi: 20

What you'll want to do if you want to get this fight over with quickly is choose Ryoko first when choosing characters, then have her move and attack Shitsuki. She's cheap, in that her attacks'll do a lot of damage, but one hit to her and the fight is over. If you want to level up, then go ahead and take out the Kusanagi first.

After the battle, Shitsuki doesn't keep her promise. Aw. Well, if she had, the game'd be over, wouldn't it? The game's short enough as it is! She tells you that if you want Sasami back, you have to go to her ship. First things first, though. Mihoshi mentions something about Ryo Oki being missing. Well, let's go find her! Map of the area.

You are now given a choice of locations to go to. Choose "Carrot Fields." Not only is this the easiest level in this half of the game (and therefore good for leveling up), but I mean, c'mon, where else would you expect Ryo Oki to be? ... hmm. Seems the carrots have turned the tables on her. :op The Ninjiin are pretty easy to beat, and Ryo Oki is now available to join your party.

Next place you should go is the "River" area. If you want to level Ryo Oki up, don't put her in your party just yet, because the enemies at the river will easily kill her. Go back to the Carrot Fields if you want to level Ryo Oki up (do with her what you did in the first fight for Ryoko, i.e., let her finish off the enemies that the others have kicked around a bit). Actually, I suggest going back and forth from the carrot fields and the river, at least til everyone's at lv. 3. If you just want to get this over with, then go to one of the other two places. Your aim is to get to either "Main Gates" or "Back Gate," which both lead to Shitsuki's ship. "Funaho" leads right to "Main Gates." You'll miss out on some extra party members if you just go for the gates, though.

If you go to Mihoshi's shuttle, then she won't be available for that fight. Ah well. After this stage, head to the Hot Springs so Katsuhito/Yosho can join yer party. If you make your way back around to Mihoshi's shuttle, then you can recruit Yukinojou, too. If you choose Main Gates, sometimes (SOMETIMES) Azaka and Kamidake will join you after the battle. ... I SAID SOMETIMES! So don't blame me if they don't show up! ^>__<^

At "Main Gates," you see Shitsuki again, but she leaves you to battle the robots.

At "Back Gate," Shitsuki isn't there. Destroy the robots, and say hello to Sasami. Oh, but you can't leave yet. Whee, blurry patch text... Aaanyway.

Whichever entrance you use doesn't really matter. What matters is that this is now the second half of the game (quick, wasn't it?) ^.__.^

Party at Shitsuki's Place, and Everyone's Invited