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Tenchi Muyo! RPG

Frankly, the Tenchi series (all fifteen million of them) confuse me to no end, what with the same characters/rather same plot/different storylines thing and all that. But it's a good series. And the game is OK, even though it's reeeeeeeeally really short, and the most you can level up to is lv. 8... (...) Anyway.

The game was made in 1995, in Japanese, for the SNES. There is a patch available for the ROM, floating around somewhere on the 'net, so you can play it in English if you don't mind bending some laws. :op (yes, it's also on the downloads page *points up* I'm so helpful ^~__~^ )

The battle system's rather interesting. Apparently, it's similar to Front Mission, or some game like that. I'm not sure as I've not played Front Mission, although it's on my "To Play" list... Basically, it's turn-based, and you move around like on a grid-type deal. Each character can move across a certain number of grid blocks per round. Like in chess, every character's move-ability (which isn't really a word) is different. This is not a hard game, but it's entertaining. So go on and play! Shoo shoo shoo! ^~__~^

Breakfast and a Kidnapping

Party at Shitsuki's Place, and Everyone's Invited

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