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All images, games, and whatnot copyright their respective owners and myself, since I took the time to actually take the screenshots and make the transparent gifs, not to mention the maps. All walkthroughs and information c. me and their respective owners. All banners c. me. Now, I'm not stupid enough to think that no one would ever take another person's images, but if you're going to take and use my images, at least give me credit somewhere, with a link back to this site, even if it's in text this size. I mean, some of these things took for freaking ever to make, especially the Tales of Phantasia maps. Seriously, does it kill you people to just put at the bottom in h6 text "maps c. Z Guerra"?? Thanks.
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I have ROMs available for download for all these games except the PSX/PS2/GC games (duh). Since people keep emailing me about it, I guess it's rather unclear: I do NOT have any PSX/PS2/GC ROMs. I own all of the PSX/PS2/GC games that I have walkthroughs done/lined up for. Nor do I know where you can get PSX/PS2 ROMs. Try Google ifya want or somethin... Anyway. I DO have ROMs for the SNES/SFC games listed below. You can find these in their respective downloads pages. Also available for download: zSNES, the most popular (and best-working) ROM emu(lator) out there (the latest version is up now!). Enjoy!

Also, if anybody has any questions concerning the walkthroughs, if something isn't clear enough, or whatever, feel free to contact me. Well, except for the FF VII walkthrough. That's not mine. Her email is now dead, so... I dunno.

Chrono Cross

Chrono Trigger

Final Fantasy VII

(up til part of Shinra HQ)

Persona 4

(Up to end of summer)

GuildWars Prophecies

GuildWars Factions

(Coming Soon)

GuildWars Nightfall

(Up to The Desolation)

Parasite Eve

(up to Day Two: Fusion)

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts:
Final Mix

(Up til Wonderland)

Kingdom Hearts:
Chain of Memories

(Coming Soon)

Kingdom Hearts II

(Up to the Pride Lands)

Sailor Moon: Another Story

Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Symphonia

(up til Latheon Gorge)

Tenchi Muyou! RPG
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